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COmo InstAlAr El PsychOStAts

Esta es una discusión para el tema COmo InstAlAr El PsychOStAts en el foro Ayuda Técnica, bajo la categoría Tecnologia; Hola SOlo queria saber como se instala el pscyhostats o si tienen alguna pagina especial (español ) para que me ...
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    Predeterminado COmo InstAlAr El PsychOStAts

    Hola SOlo queria saber como se instala el pscyhostats o si tienen alguna pagina especial (español ) para que me lo puedan dar .


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    A) requisitos para instalar psychostats


    2.- InstMsiA (SI TIENES WIN95 o WIN98) no es necesario para WINME estos los encuentras en la misma pagina de perl asi como para otro tipo de plataformas

    3.- Psychostats 1.9.1

    A) abre tu archivo server.cfg con wordpad y pon esta linea LOG ON tambien haste un archivo cfg AUTOEXEC.CFG pon dentro del archivo LOG ON (apareceran logs en tu counter)
    B) Luego de instalar el perl extrae el psychostats y habre con un wordpad el archivo stats.cfg este archivo se vera asi:

    # PsychoStats main config file.
    # NOTE: This file is not case sensitive & whitespace does not matter,
    # unless noted. Set your tab size to "8" in your editor, if this
    # file does not format correctly on your system.

    # location of logs directory(s). 'logpath' can have more then
    # one directory listed. PsychoStats will parse through each directory
    # for the number of days specified and read all logs found into one
    # stats page. Note the "{", "}" are required, and each directory name
    # must be on its own line. The directories are loaded in the order given.

    LogPath = {

    # Destination HTML directory. This will usually be a path in your
    # webserver root somewhere.

    HtmlPath = /home/httpd/html/stats

    # Define what type of server you're running. Changing this affects how
    # weapon and map images are loaded. The word here is prefixed to all
    # images, ie: cstrike_mp5navy.gif for a CS weapon.
    # known valid options: cstrike, dod

    modType = cstrike

    # Control the layout of the generated HTML pages. The word value given
    # should be a directory name under the 'themes' directory. Make sure
    # you're using a theme that is compatable with the MOD you're using.

    HTMLtheme = cstrikehtml19

    # 'picspath' is where your thumbnail pictures are located for the
    # map names. These should be full pathnames, NOT URLs.
    # The 'dlpath' directory marks the location of where you store your
    # maps for download. If you don't provide maps for download, you don't
    # need to worry about it.

    PicsPath = /home/httpd/html/stats/images/mappics
    DLPath = /home/httpd/html/cstrike/maps

    # If a theme has a 'copy' option it will copy any files listed for it
    # to the HTMLPATH if it does not already exist. Setting this option to
    # 1 will force the files to be copied even if the file already exists
    # in the HTMLPATH directory. If you're having problems with images not
    # coping correctly, make sure this is set to 1.

    ForceThemeCopy = 1

    # Ignore log files that were not closed properly? A log file that wasn't
    # 'closed' properly means that either the server crashed during the
    # writting of the log file, or the log file is the most recent active
    # log. PsychoStats will still gather correct information from 'unclosed'
    # log files and there is really no reason to ignore them, So the
    # default for this is "0". This is provided for completeness only.

    ClosedLogsOnly = 0

    # Enable or Disable STATSME (v2.1) DAMAGE support. All other STATSME
    # statistics are always gathered if present in the logs, regardless of this
    # setting. CSTRIKE servers that use mp_logdetail 1,2 or 3 will end up with
    # inaccurate damage stats if this is enabled. All other servers that do not
    # report damage should enable this option. Note, its recommended using this
    # option instead of having mp_detail enabled. Since this uses a LOT less
    # space in the logs and the same amount of detail is collected.

    EnableSTATSMEdmg = 1

    # Config file locations.

    awardfile = awards.cfg # setup award values and rules
    clansfile = clans.cfg # Clans personalization file
    clantagfile = clantags.cfg # setup clantag strings
    denyfile = deny.cfg # deny players from ranking
    denyclanfile = denyclan.cfg # deny players from ranking in CLANS
    ignorefile = ignorelines.cfg # ignore lines from log files
    permitfile = permit.cfg # define players that will always rank
    playersfile = players.cfg # define players personal information
    rolenamefile = rolenames.cfg # define character roles/classes
    weaponfile = weapons.cfg # define weapon names and weights

    # server info.

    serverName = Your Server Name
    serverIP =
    serverDomain =

    # info on server admin/owner. leave anything blank to be anonymous.
    # You can also edit the index file(s) for the theme and just remove
    # these variables if you do not want them shown.

    adminAlias = Your Alias
    adminEMail = [email protected]ess

    # enable/disable reporting verbosity

    ReportErrors = 1 # If enabled, NON-fatal errors will be logged
    ReportCrashes = 0 # If enabled, server crashes (detected from logs) will be logged.
    # Note, ReportErrors must be 1 for this to report anything.

    # control how player stats are reported.

    RegisteredOnly = 0 # Only rank players that are registered?
    BaseSkill = 1000 # Base skill for all players. Do not set this too low (<750)

    MaxDays = 14 # number of days of logs to scan.
    MaxPlayers = 150 # MAX# of players shown in Ranking list.
    MinConnected = 0 # min# of players that must be connected in order
    # for stats to start gathering from a log file.
    MinSkill = 500 # Skill rank needed.
    MinKills = 1 # min# of kills needed to appear in list
    MinDeaths = 1 # min# of deaths needed to appear in list
    MinKDR = 0.10 # min Kill:Death ratio needed to appear in list
    MinTime = 1m # min game time needed to rank. format: "1d1h1m"
    # where d=day,h=hour,m=minutes.
    MinRounds = 0 # min# of rounds played needed to rank (not valid in DOD)

    UseAliases = 1 # Toggle the use of player aliases
    RemovePlayers = 1 # 1 = Remove players that have ZERO kills + deaths.
    # This is useful to save memory and to get rid of
    # all those useless names.

    AutoBanDeny = 0 # toggle auto denying for players that have been BANNED
    MaxKickDeny = 0 # total times plr was kicked before they are denied
    MaxCheatDeny = 0 # total times plr cheats before they are denied
    # set to 0 to disable

    DeleteOldPlayers = 1 # Deletes all old Player HTML files before new files are
    # created. This stops player pages from building up in the
    # HTMLPATH (only useful when PlayerHTMLtype is not RANK)
    DeleteOldClans = 1 # Deletes all old Clan files, same as above.
    DeleteOldWeapons = 1 # Deletes all old weapon files.
    DeleteOldAwards = 1 # Deletes all old award files.
    DeleteOldMaps = 1 # Deletes all old detailed map files.

    # How to create player and clan files.
    # RANK = use rank
    # NAME = use name
    # WONID = usr plr wonid (playerHTMLtype only)
    # MIME = encode name with base64 (recommended)

    PlayerHTMLtype = MIME
    ClanHTMLtype = MIME

    # PlayerID: How players are tracked and recorded.
    # NAME = use player names as the unique ID for each player. (case sensitive)
    # LCNAME = use player names (case in-sensitive)
    # WONID = use player WONIDs ...

    PlayerID = LCNAME

    # Create Clan HTML stat pages. PsychoStats can try and figure out what
    # clans have connected to the server and groups all the members in each
    # clan together. This has side-effects since PsychoStats can't be 100%
    # accurate as to what is a clan (it does a pretty good job, however).
    # But with the settings below and the help from the clantags file you can
    # help tweak what a clan is defined as.

    CreateClans = 1 # 1 = Create clan stats. 0 = don't.
    MinClanMembers = 3 # Min # of members needed to pass as a 'clan'.
    MinClanKills = 50 # Min # of combined kills needed to pass.
    MinClanSkill = 500 # Min avg skill needed for the clan to pass.
    MinClanKdr = 0.0 # Min Kill Ratio needed for the clan to pass.
    MinClanRank = 0 # Min avg rank needed for the clan to pass.
    MinClanMemberKills = 1 # Min kills needed for member to be included in clan
    MinClanMemberDeaths = 1 # Min deaths ...

    # Enable clan debugging. This should always be disabled unless you're having a
    # clantag or clanmember problem (like a 'valid' clan never appears in the
    # clan listing). This will cause PS to output the reason why a clan was denied
    # from the clan listings. So on large servers, this will OUTPUT A LOT of info.
    # All info is LOGGED, so you can simply view the stats.log after you update to
    # view the results.

    ClanDebug = 0

    # Create detailed map stat pages. PsychoStats will create detailed pages
    # for each map, showing the top players in many different views of the
    # map. Such as most kills, hostage rescues, or bombings, etc.
    # This requires some extra processing time and you can toggle this
    # option on or off. Toggling this off does not effect the creation of
    # the standard 'maps.html' file.

    CreateMapPages = 1
    MapAwardMax = 10 # Maximum # of players to list for each detailed
    # map player listing

    # Maps that should NOT be included in stats. Partial words can be used to
    # exclude all maps that match. e.g.: using "es_" would exclude all "ES" type maps.
    # format: one line, each mapname or partial word is seperated by a space.
    # e.g.: ExcludeMaps = cs_speedball de_suckmap as_

    ExcludeMaps =

    # default map used when the current map is unknown. This is only needed
    # if you use the command 'log on' in your server.cfg, instead of the
    # 'autoexec.cfg'. Its recommended you use the autoexec.cfg for the
    # 'log on'. If the server.cfg is used, then the HLDS engine will not
    # report the first map loaded, and thus this option will need to be set
    # to the map you use to start the server.

    DefaultMap = unknownmap

    AwardMax = 25 # Max number of players to list in "top10" weapon/award pages.

    # Toggle the display of some 'sensitive' plr info:
    ShowPlayerAliases = 1 # Player Aliases are visible
    ShowPlayerWONIDs = 0 # Player WONIDs are visible
    ShowPlayerIPs = 0 # Player IPs are visible

    # Map variables that specify what type of map images to use, and where
    # your maps are available for download (used mainly in maps.html)

    maplinkurl = /maps/ # relative URL path to map DOWNLOADS (zip files usually)
    maplinkext = zip # file extension for downloads (do not use a dot)
    mapthumbnailurl = images/mappics/ # relative URL path to mappics.
    mapthumbnailsize = 160x120 # image size
    mapthumbnailext = gif # image type (do not use a dot)
    weaponimgurl = images/ # relative URL path to weapon images

    ## FTP SECTION -----------------
    # If you need to have your stats uploaded to a website after a stats update,
    # fill out this section with the values required for your FTP server (website).
    # The host, user, and pass must all be specified in order for an FTP transfer
    # attempt to be made by PsychoStats.
    # Sub-directories are not supported. Only files within the HTMLPATH will be uploaded.
    FTPhost = # FTP hostname, ie:
    FTPusername = # username to connect with
    FTPpassword = # password to connect with
    FTPdir = # path to where the files should be uploaded to
    FTPautodelete = 0 # If enabled each remote file will be deleted before
    # uploading the newer file
    FTPdelete = # Specify filename wildcards (seperated by comma's) to
    # delete on the FTP server. ie: player_*, clan_*
    # ftpautodelete does NOT have to be enabled.
    FTPfiles = *.* # wildcard filenames to upload. Multiple
    # wildcards should be seperated by a comma (,)
    # ie: *.html, *.css, *.gif
    FTPport = 21 # FTP port to use. you'll probably never change this
    FTPpassive = 1 # If FTP doesn't work for you try setting this to 0
    FTPverbose = 0 # 1 if you want to see whats happening during
    # the FTP transfer. Note, this is extremely verbose!
    # But is useful for troubleshooting FTP problems

    # If you want to have PsychoStats DOWNLOAD logs from a remote game server,
    # automatically, before any local logs are processed then specify the FTP settings
    # here. They are the same types of settings as the FTP options above.
    # A file will not be downloaded if it exists on the LOCAL machine already.
    FTPlogHost =
    FTPlogUsername =
    FTPlogPassword =
    FTPlogDir =
    FTPlogLocalDir = # what directory to store the downloaded files into
    # (on the local machine where is running)
    FTPlogFiles = *.log
    FTPlogPort = 21
    FTPlogPassive = 1
    FTPlogVerbose = 0

    ahora lo instalaremos

    1.- la linea donde dice:

    LogPath = {

    es donde se ubicaran tus logs por lo normal es asi

    logPath = ubicacion del disco (C: o D:)/ubicacion del juego(SIERRA)/Juego (Half-life)/El mod (cstrike)/Los logs(logs)/

    te debe quedar mas o menos asi :

    LogPath = C:/SIERRA/Half-Life/cstrike/logs/

    las letras mayusculas o minusculas son muy importantes y cierra tus logs con / tampoco no dejes dobles espacios

    2.- La linea:

    HtmlPath = /home/httpd/html/stats

    es donde ira instalado tu ranking

    HtmlPath = C:/wwwroot

    yo lo tengo asi =) si no te gusta ponlo donde te plasca :lol:

    3.- la linea

    modType = cstrike

    es muy avio que no lo moveras :D es el mod que vas a usar dejalo asi
    pero si te aburres puedes instalas otro ranking para otro tipo de mod (SOLO PARA HAlf LIFE)

    4.- la linea

    HTMLtheme = cstrikehtml19

    estas son las imagenes del ranking color, iconos, fondo,etc si te aburre ese tipo de ranking ve a la pagina de entra a contribuciones y puedes hacer que tu ranking se vea mas boneto :lol:
    no seas tan tonto de descargar themes php (son para linux) descargalos html

    5.- las lineas

    PicsPath = /home/httpd/html/stats/images/mappics
    DLPath = /home/httpd/html/cstrike/maps

    bueno esto es lo mas dificil si lo has instalado igual como te escribo solo copia esto:

    PicsPath = c:/wwwroot/images/mappics
    DLPath = c:/wwwroot

    es para giar la instalacion de las imagenes e iconos del ranking tambien es para las actualizaciones del mismo

    6.- la linea

    # server info.

    serverName = Your Server Name
    serverIP =
    serverDomain =

    ponlo a tu gusto

    serverName = NO ME GUSTA EL COUNTER

    serverIP = 200.45.y tu que digistes ya

    serverDomain =

    la linea

    RegisteredOnly = 0

    dejala asi por que si la mueves nadie va a verla

    BaseSkill = 1000

    es el nivel de los jugadores para aparecer en el rank

    MaxDays = 14

    el numero de dias que cargaran los logs

    MaxPlayers = 150

    el maximo de jugadores que apareceran en el ranking

    MinConnected = 0

    el numero minimo de connectados en el servidor para que el ranking funcione

    MinSkill = 500

    el minimo de nivel para aparecer en el ranking

    MinKills = 1

    minimo de matadas para ser incluido en el rank

    MinDeaths = 1

    minimo de matadas para aparecer en el rank

    MinKDR = 0.10

    matadas por minuto o segundo para aparecer en en rank te aconsejo que no lo muevas

    MinTime = 1m

    tiempo minimo que se debe jugar para aparecer en el ranking

    bueno el resto te aconsejo que lo dejes asi como esta cuando tengas mas experiencia podras alterarlos pero para comenzar lo que te puse sobra y basta

    espero que te sirva :lol:

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