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Error cs.

Esta es una discusión para el tema Error cs. en el foro Ayuda Técnica, bajo la categoría Tecnologia; Código: Host_Error: DispatchUserMsg: User Msg TutorClose/118 sent too much data (200 bytes), 192 bytes max. Bueno utilizo steam y hoy ...
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    Predeterminado Error cs.

    Host_Error: DispatchUserMsg:  User Msg TutorClose/118 sent too much data (200 bytes), 192 bytes max.
    Bueno utilizo steam y hoy me han botado de sotano online por este error 2 veces. Quisiera saber a que se debe y como puedo evitar que suceda. Gracias.
    Fui retirado por no escoger bando
    i.squad LeGioN <3 rd

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    a mi tmb me pasa lo mismo en todos los server y no c porke :s .. alguien sabe ?

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    Parece ser problema de router. Necesitan actualizar su firmware.

    If you get any of these errors when connecting to Servers:
    Bad Parse in Client Command
    Bad Command Character in Client Mod
    Bad Command Character in Client Command
    Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Illegible server message - svc_bad
    Host_Error: CL_Parse_Version: Server is protocol -######### instead of 47
    Host_Error: DispatchUserMsg: User Msg CZCareer/130 sent too much data (195 bytes), 192 bytes max
    svc_bad Wrote erroneous message to buffer.dat Host_Error: UserMsg: Not Present on Client ###
    Memory Could Not Be Read Error (one cause of this)
    Host error: Cl_Entitynum: #### is an invalid number, Cl_max edicts is ####
    Host error: Bad server message
    Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Illegible server message - svc_bad
    and the most typical symptom is:
    Whenever I connect to a (Counter-Strike) server, I get booted after 30 seconds

    The #1 cause is the firmware in your router
    If the server you are attached to has a router problem, you may also see this error, but in this case it isn't you it's the server. If most servers give you this error, then it's your router. If only ONE server gives you this error, it is likely a problem with that one server. If you have a stand-alone router (that is, one not built into your modem), completely bypass your router and plug directly into your modem and see if you have the disconnect problem then.
    Linksys BEFSR11, 41 and 81 routers seem to be causing this a great deal with the latest firmware version available from their website. If you have the BEFSR11 or 41 router, you need to run the 1.45.7 firmware to solve this problem. The current firmware version that Linksys has on their website: (1.45.11) and some older versions (before 1.45.7) of the firmware can cause these same problems. You can download the known good Linksys 1.45.7 firmware for both the BEFSR11 and BEFSR41 V2 routers at:
    ActionTec DSL Modems, which have no firmware update available, also have this problem and the modem itself needs to be replaced. Please check this thread about Actiontec problems:
    Measures required:
    1) Disable QoS and uPnP. You need to go into the router and disable UPnP and QoS if it's there, and you should only have TCP/IP checked in the network properties for your Internet connection.
    2) Disable Wireless Zero Service (included in Windows XP). You can access these settings in Control Panel &gt;Administrative Tools &gt;Services.
    Actiontec DSL Modems
    Internal PCI Home DSL Modem (Model # PCI0839-01 )
    External USB Home DSL Modem (Model # UD800TP)
    USB/Ethernet Home DSL Modem (Model # ED800T)
    USB/Ethernet Home DSL Modem (With Routing Capabilities) (Model # R4500U)
    Actiontec ADSL Gateways
    Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway (Model # R1520SU)
    Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway (Model # R1524SU)
    Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway (Model # R1520SU)
    Actiontec Broadband Routers: Cable/DSL Routers
    54 Mbps Wireless Cable/DSL Router (Model # GT704-WR)
    Wireless Cable/DSL Router (Model # R3010SUW)
    Wireless Cable/DSL Router (Model # R3010UW)
    Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router (Model # R1020S(U))
    Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router (Model # R1020S)
    Dual Mode Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router (Model # R3020QU)
    Creative Labs BroadXent 8120 modem ( 17 November 2003)
    (Has a table limit where you won't be able to refresh the entire list of servers in the server browser. At ~ 8000 servers the router will go OFFLINE and reboot. Reducing your Steam connection rate might help this problem.)
    Linksys BEFSR11 and BEFSR41 V2
    BAD: Most Firmware Versions before 1.45.7
    BAD: Current Firmware 1.45.11, Jun 03 2004 is KNOWN BAD
    BAD: Latest Update also: 1.46.00
    Linksys BEFSR81 ver.3
    BAD: 2.50.2 May 19,2004
    BAD: 2.50.5
    BAD: 2.54.5
    May be Good: 2.43 or 2.45
    More information here:

    X6 1090T | M4N98TD EVO | 16Gb | N460GTX Hawk | SSD C300x2

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