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(Farm) | The Resurrection | the Sound of War is Rising - August 7 !BéTA!

Esta es una discusión para el tema (Farm) | The Resurrection | the Sound of War is Rising - August 7 !BéTA! en el foro Servidores Privados, bajo la categoría Knight Online; BattleKO.COM | Turkish, English, español Knight Online New Server > Under construction... > Bajo construcción... CyberiaN > English ...
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    Predeterminado (Farm) | The Resurrection | the Sound of War is Rising - August 7 !BéTA!

    BattleKO.COM | Turkish, English, español Knight Online New Server > Under construction... > Bajo construcción...

    CyberiaN > English GameMaster
    Fantasma > Espanol GameMaster
    Andrei > Turkish GameMaster

    Hello Dear Knights,
    1534 countdown began for the first BattleKO on Turkey. Development project has ended, and now the game has become stable. Battleko coming for you! This game is your game.

    BETA Date: August 7, 2015 (21:00 GMT+2)

    BattleKO :: Beta
    Before you register "User Agreement" and "Game Rules" should read necessarily form. All users who register will be deemed to have read these rules.

    Located above the "Download" button BattleKO with the "Setup and Winrar" can be downloaded as desired.

    OTP System(Free)

    Widely experienced Character peeling, theft and so on. We save you in the process! Now, everyone can benefit from the free services of OTP. Your phone number that you enter the system you will be able to restrict entry to your character. OTP (assets - liabilities) modules you can also check the SMS number to your phone number. OTP is sufficient to make the entry to active members of our web page.

    Why are we forced to use OTP?

    The answer to this question is clear. For using the same ID-PW In each game, for example: for it is the same as your information in the X Games (70% part of) the X Games the owners or those who have access to this information it is trying to rob Or, to play your character. Therefore battleko never be registered with the ID-PW that you use in other games.

    Creatures Information (Which monster from what?)

    In our Web pages, "Game Guide" heading, you can provide input from the menu under your name. What monster could come from what you can see on this page and give my item features that come on the items. It replaces a kind of mini drop list.

    Maradon, Luferson Castle, Castle El Morad, Karus-Human Eslant, Ronark Land, Bi-Frost, the monsters are listed in the Hell Abyss and Abyss Dungeon Dungeon map.

    Finding Slot (which Monster Nature Where?)

    In our Web pages, "Game Guide" heading, you can provide input from the menu under your name. Luferson Castle, El Morad Castle, you can learn with this system of coordinates of the monsters in the map Karus-Human Eslant and Ronark Land. Bosses are also included in this list.

    Drop Search (in Detail Drop List)

    In our Web pages, "Game Guide" heading, you can provide input from the menu under your name. This item by typing the name in the search button in our system can learn which monsters appear. Item name is correct and complete letter compulsory.
    For example: "Rogue Chitin Shell Pauldron" This item lists that appear as you type from which my monster.

    Search Button (Character, Clan, Discovery News)

    Web page by typing in the search button in the right part of the character or the name of the Clan can directly access the profile. There is no need to type the full name. For example: battleko is to find the players, "West" are listed when you type the characters you beginners or those with Bat clan. You can access the mast profiles.

    Player Profile (Character Profile picture insertion, other characters are able to comment on the profile)

    Brace yourself! We told you a great feature. You can now comment at the bottom of the player profile .. Wait, it is not over! In the game with our page forum located within as well as panels could this feature if Clan leader If your nickname is underlined, you are the symbol NP, if you play in Premium user you are one of those color yellow, if you find you race the king candidate If you white, if you have a sheriff's jurisdiction in the game is your membership color red is. Forum nickname game level it is also a letter.

    is it over? It is not over!

    The characters reach a certain level on the panel to speak to chat with each other instantly! Clan heads to be aware of each other anymore! Off-Topic Forum and a section in which you can input the panel.


    Click to get more information about mining... (Coming soon.)


    Click to get more information about fishing... (Coming soon.)

    Events (Event Maps)
    Border Defanse War
    Juraid Mountain
    Lunar War
    Snow War
    Alseids Prairie
    Napies Gorge
    Oreads War
    Forgetten Temple
    Castle Siege War
    Chaos Dungeon

    Fragment and the Gem rediscount

    Click here for more information about drop of fragments ... (Coming soon.)

    Clan Notice System

    Clan heads of the clan page announcement, and they can not. The menu in the upper right seems all clan members.

    Quest System

    You can send tasks contained in the NPC in the game according to your level. In this game provides you with ease.


    Games in the "Buying Merchant" item you want my career by establishing corresponding price you can buy at your computer when you specify.

    Item Lock / Item Seal

    Now you can encrypt items are on your character. Encrypted items are not discarded. / Will not be transferred.

    Rebirth Scroll (+ 7 Item polishing)

    + 7 High Class reached your items "Charon" from Rebirth Scroll can dial +1 with Rebirth. + Turned + 1 to 5 can upgrade to Rebirth Rebirth Scroll.

    Click here to read the user agreement from the official page .. (Coming soon)

    1) Tax and Service
    BattleKO non-profit, entertainment portal, is subject to tax all sales transactions made on this site are conducted legally. The resulting gain Elil advertising server used for event programs and other things.

    2) Payment transactions
    At the end of a month for payments you have made no claims against the products you received are spent on game edemezsiniz.yap you pay expenses. Therefore, there can be no refund.

    3) User's rights
    After entering the member belongs to all the things he had done in the game within the game, the game officials the necessary procedures in case of illegal conversion of earnings is entitled to practice. Customers that all purchases made for personal use, agrees that shopping for the purpose of resale.

    4) Accounts created by members
    Members are responsible for their characters created in the game, in a rule results as in made herher Games reserves the right to battleko character transaction, each character is responsible for the person who created it in the game, [Poke Friends Brothers, etc.] that make up the character of the event occurring as a result of this and Games in that character will be held responsible.

    5) 3rd Party / illegal software use
    All sorts of in game 3. It is prohibited to use the Party program and the program allowed Software in Games Mouse / pedal-like hardware integrated are key combinations that software, as a result of illegal software used outside this battleko reserves the right user can take appropriate action.

    6) In-game TRY / Contour trade
    Game in game goods, battleko reserves the right to make the necessary actions in the game Exchange of character with serbesttir.battleko battleko Brokerage Brokerage trading operations carried out outside yasaktır.kural Violation results.

    7) Contract Changes
    battleko, entirely at its own discretion and unilaterally, this User Agreement and its attachments, at any time it deems appropriate, may change by posting on the Website. Use of the amended provisions of the present Convention, will take effect on the date they are declared; the remaining provisions will continue to bear the same terms and consequences remain in force.

    8) force majeure on
    Judicially considered in all cases of force majeure, to carry out this battleko late or missing any of the acts is not responsible for the contract, or due to non-performance. In cases of force majeure; delays, missing or not performing or not performing to my claim for compensation will not be deemed default under any name or by the user from battleko for this situation. The term force majeure; natural disasters, riots, war, strikes, cyber attacks, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, cyber attacks, improvement of the system or rebuilding efforts and failures thus might occur, power failure and bad weather conditions, including but not limited to them Planet birth outside the reasonable control and which can not be avoided despite the exercise due diligence will be interpreted as inevitable events.

    9-) Validation Service
    BattleKO a long time, has earned your trust by providing quality service, Accordingly paying taxes has become an official party institution is an institution that fulfills the requirements of our game to be reset as long as the players enough to run the game is not in question. If necessary battleko reset, holds the right to close.

    10) the acceptance of the Terms of Use
    In order to protect the rights of our game and we prepare our players Membership forms this contract, all entrants will be deemed to have accepted the game.

    Click here to read the official rules page .. (Coming soon)

    1) Give the game and the players Disorder
    Using the Chat screen spamming, players uncomfortable / harassing, abusive, aggressive or provocative conversations, spamming through private messages, private messages ways to deceive the players / swindle to work, GMs and rude way to talk or GM with a special message ' s a spammer 7 days, 30 days and will be punished with indefinite closure of accounts.

    2) Illegal Program Usage
    Stolen, dupe, to be taken on the character of illegal or bug goods, today the use of NP acquisition in violation of the rules, improper way to get money (Gold Farming) (as single or batch), bots, hackers or 3rd party software use indefinitely account It will be punished with the closure.

    3) Account Security
    In any way transferred or shared account battleko not be held responsible. Each user account itself is held responsible. Do not use the free safety systems introduced by the game management is mandatory.

    4) Playing files on Making Changes
    Game files change (TBL), play files in this game is punishable by 7 to benefit from the open and permanent account closure. (All game files are included in this rule.) Other players benefit with these files can be fined according to the discretion of the GM.

    5) Accounting and Sales Item
    Charged with imaginary product be sold in any game. Settlement in case of Power Up Store offered (Character Seal Scroll) applicable to swap characters. Other than that, no way to track the sale is shut down indefinitely account not result in a penalty.

    6) Style Against Assistant Director
    GM 's are there to help in the game. If you have a request or would you need to help them in the game, so please be patient and polite.

    7) vs. Player Style (entities curses)
    Slang to each of the players in the game for no reason (abusive) speech is prohibited. If punishable at the discretion of the GM who control both sides mutually If this happened.

    8) Item Distribution
    The game makes activities such as in (Example: 5 PM will be given Raptor) item style sharing is strictly prohibited and will be punished with permanent account closure.

    9) Game Management Initiative and Authorization
    All rules can be changed according to the GM's discretion. Penalties can be increased or reduced for each rule. Account of the term without any reason he wants the game management where necessary, has the right to shut down indefinitely. All players are deemed to have accepted these rules.

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    Predeterminado Re: (Farm) | The Resurrection | the Sound of War is Rising - August 7 !B

    BETA Opening Date : August 7

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