Hello Knights!
We are pleased to announce the opening date of OldWarsKO.
We know that you are tired of using the same system and infrastructure on every newly opened server and wasting your efforts!
Get ready! With OldWarsKO we start a new long-term adventure!
We join all knights in the relentless struggle of the two races...

Important informations
Version: 1299
LVL CAP: 1/72

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[REHBER] Drop Listesi

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Luferson & El Morad Castle
Karus & El Morad Eslant
Dungeon & Hell Abyss
Colony Zone (Located in the middle of the castle)

Event Information
Collection Race Event
Merchant Rewards
Border Defense War
Forgotten Temple
Juraid Mountain Event
Lunar War
Castle Siege War
Clan vs Clan
NP & Exp Event
Kill the GM Event

General features

  • Anticheat Guaranteed!
  • Original MYKO Database!
  • Mission System!
  • MYKO Intermediate Upgrade System!
  • Original USKO Slots & Drop Rates!
  • Active Chaos Move!
  • Facebook, Youtube y Forum Activo!
  • Skill and Characters Fixed!
  • New USKO Graphics Features Active!
  • Active BI-Frost!
  • Forget the Temple Activie!
  • Border Defense War Activite!
  • Colection Race Activite!
  • Castle Siege War Activite!
  • Item Locking System!
  • Windows XP - VİSTA ON!
  • Power Up Store Sales Only (No Item, Edit etc. Sales)
  • Colony Zone Exp and Drop % 50!
  • Koxp - Dupe - Bug vs All were Fix!
  • Saturday system with votes!
  • Various in-game events!
  • Battle Maps!
  • 24/7 Support Online!
  • Fair - A Persistent and High Quality Game Concept!
  • Professional working staff!
  • And more will be waiting for you at OldWarsKO.

Server in the game next to the Hp Bar (Calendar System can reach.)

Images from our server