Back2 Knight Online

Yes, dear knight online fanatics, the opening date of our Myko server
that we had been working hardly on for weeks to put in your service is clear now. We have theproud of doing a good work, together with the excitement of being together with you via B2KO.
As would be understood from the name, we hail you to add up new advantures to your past USKOmemories.together with this, we are taking you to the years 2005-2006, and giving you the opportunity to enjoyUSKO's neat and exciting times again.

B2KO ?

-Regarded to the survey results performed among the users, you will shape the server's future

-Principally we guarantee you a transparent, free of deceit server. So that, deceitful persons
shall know that they wont have a place among us.

-a neat game by fast, ambitious and experienced team.

-100% solutions to user's problems in the game.

- an online team 7/24 in your service.

Did you Liked?

The 2005-2006 term is accepted as the best term of Knight Online among the active users. We
have started out knowing this and worked hard.
We have asked ourselves how we could have the same taste, once we had in Usko 2005-2006 and in the database we have prepared with this idea, we have noticed that something was always missing in myko servers, which for us is an important lack. As you also know, the servers sarting out with the undertake of being a myko one, are turning almost to pk servers in
about 2 weeks.

We invite you to meet with us in our server which will be 100% the same of Usko 2005-2006 (exp ratios increased by 10%)

whom the B2ko calls for ?

Those i will point out here might be extraordinary for the presentation of a server. The users
we demand to see in the new world of B2ko are real Knight Online lovers who have nothing
to do with cheats and dupe, Who would challenge to everyone in this new world relying on his own skills. there is only one rule to be known. we dont want to see users who aim to abuse other users right via illegal and immoral methods. Because we love this game.

the legendary world Xigenon;

- Lv 70
- Drop rate 100% Usko.
- Items upgrade +8
- Accessory upgrade %100 Usko
- Border Defans War
- Forgetten Temple
- Castle Siege War,
- Lunar War,
- King Elections(as possible players comes on )
-Clan Transfer.

note :the adjustments done on basis of Usko is fulfilled according to KO 2005-2006

from kopanel and forum?

Under the light of some original ideas, a new forum and a panel system will be in your service
now that the forum and the new panel system innovated by our pioneering team is a product of a very original idea, as a precaution, i will not share any details at the moment.

about the ticket system

there will be Gms 7/24 ready to help the users ,
both for english/turkish speaking users.

Usko Coming Back Soooon!..