Hola todos ,
Welcome our promotion thread..
Original MYKO Skin !
Skills Balanced
Quest System / and more look at our game forum risingko.net/forum
Farm based
Quests working
Basic Starting items.
Classic Colony Zone (the one that belongs the castle on the middle)
Full Events.
Forgoten Temple.
Castle Siege War.
Every quest Works 100%.
Items limit upgrade to +8 as limit
Jewelry limit upgrade to +1 as limit
Anti-Cheat – automatic bann
Anti-Control Minor.
Anti-Nps Transfer.
English, Turkish and Spanish GM's
Anti-hack accounts (You can block your account through our website) As you know, when Knight Online came out, the level limit was 65.
Rate limit of game ( including Exp{medium} %70 hard
Reaching to the master degree (Master) you need to complete the master items.
You can reach to the master degree, thats also available for 62+70 skills.
Drobs; They are same as MYKO Drobs, for example using the old system of usko(Dts, Ash knight)
The creatures are giving Full plate items who killed by groups of 40 level players.
Bosses are same as MYKO bosses and has same hardness as drob.
Game has no new item our weapon.
Entrance effects and designs are made same as the first editions of Knight Online.
All characters are equal
All skills are smooth and has no problem.
Old maps included / Moradon / piana / breth / cz with old castle ? and more.
Forgotten temple and captain Kunubarl missions.Cloak mission caitross area and mores.
Describing shortly;
Almost same as Knight Online 2002-2004 but include %30 simplicity and without any bugs !
In addition
Beginner Quest ( helping to opening mission )
In wars during defeating, killing the loosers
Sellers are shouting ? Seeling Buying? (we know you missed them ) and merchant dialogs.
Shortly this game has everything what you missed in old Knight Online.
And I want you to know that; we created that server to revive the soul again, and the soul will be here in this server as long as you are here.
Connecting to the game
You need to download the game (only 436 MB) takes around 30 minutes.
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Forum : RSKO Forum