Dear WesterenKO Players!

As you can see we've been forcing few problems in our official launch. There has been an ko.exe bug and we managed to make it work, as well few other turkish servers opened their MYKO server on the same date as we did. We are working hard to perform a good server based on proffesional management and long lasting.

There is currently 150 users online due to all the problems we had on our launch, but we are commited to make our server the best out of all private servers, and we don't want to watch our server closing after just a month. It would be really bad from us to let you play on our server and donate and than we would have to close it due to lack of population.

We moved our sever back to BETA Stage! The server is now in BETA Stage and it will launch again!

BETA Informations!

There is no need to exp, you will automaticlly get level 62! All the bugs and issues are being taken care of and we are going to provide a hundred percent performance for our users.
Beta is going to close 20.6.2014, untill than you can have fun and prepare for the RE-LAUNCH! We ensure you a maximu fun playing untill 20th June.

There is going to be different events and tests during our our BETA Server, and we are sure you will have fun with Action on bowl!
During the beta you can report any kind of issues/bugs and it will be solved!

Official Informations!

Server is going to relaunch on Sunday 22.6.2014! There will be a lot more users, there won't be bugs, there won't be issues! We would like that you stay with us during the BETA as well, and we promise that we are going to provide you the best MYKO experience you ever had!

Having 150 users online doesn't satisfy us, so we are forced to make this step, we know that some of you worked hard for your levels and gears, but i hope that you had fun doing it, and won't regret the lose of your levels. We are spending a lot of hours working on server and we find it very fun and exciting, so we will never let you down!

Forum Westeren KO
Panel WesterenKO

The official release date of Westeren MYKO : 22.06.2015
We hope to see as many players that will show support to us and encourage us to continuesly work professionally without stoping.
We are worldwide international server, based on big turkish and peruvian background. Our server has english and turkish administration.

General Informations

  • The server is based on SOACS technology.
  • It's managed by English & Turkish Administrators
  • Proffesional Advertisements campaing for facebook,ko-cuce and the rest of places.
  • Our dedicated server has no lag and it's fully protected against DDoS attempts.
  • Clean client without bugs.
  • Support Staff is available most of the time.

Server Features

  • Game play based on oldschool MYKO experience
  • Master Quests,Skill Quests,51 Quest,Cape Quest and other old quest!
  • There are old styles of items which transform to new style after +7.
  • Item Seal system
  • Forgotten Temple,Lunar War,Castle Siege War,Kingdom Elections
  • Chaos Stone
  • Colony Zone Monument
  • Low Upgrade Scrolls,Middle Upgrade scrolls
  • Bigger and more exp places
  • Knight Cash Vouchers [1000,750,500,100]
  • Gold,Silver,Bronze Premiums
  • Border Defence War

Server Rates
The server rates are equal to old myko. The exp is hard, there are quests required to be done in order to unlock skills and master. It's hard to obtain items, and it's hard to upgrade them. Users has to work hard to obtain a good equipement and to enjoy the game to the maximum. The server is designed for players that likes oldschool gameplay with grinding and going hardcore! It gives opportunity to play cusually time to time as well. The maximum level in the begining is 62 which is upgraded to 65 and to 70 in the future.

Upgrade Rates
From +1 to +3 it's 100%
From +3 to +4 it's 70%
From +4 to +5 it's 50%
From +5 to +6 it's 25%
From +6 to +7 it's 10%
From +7 to +8 it's 0% and it's not available untill further upgrade.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can i use beta client for official server?

Yes, if you downloaded the client from our forums you can play the official with it.

  • Are the scrolls free? How can i obtain them?

The scrolls 1000 HP - 150 AC - Speed Potion are sold in Sundries! The cost is 1 Mil per pack. You can buy 1500 - 300 - AP - Stat scrolls in Power UP Store.

  • Do i need Premium to Log in?

You don't need Premium to log in, the server is Free 2 Play. Premium gives you additional experience points and some other privileagies. As well you obtain Trina and 20 Buses when purchasing Gold Premium.

  • How long it will take to get the max level?

To obtain the first cap 62 it should take you around 10 days. It might be a bit more or a bit less, depends on your activity.

  • Where should i go to get support?

You can visit our forums,facebook or pm a Game Master ingame.

  • Can i use Macro or AcTool for exping?

You can use auto attacking in El Morad Castle and Lufferson!

If you have any more questions about our server feel free to ask us. We are here to support you and take care of our players, the players are the one that makes server, without players there is no server!

Westeren MYKO is a innovative server that gives you the feeling of being part of something big. We are commited to satisfie our players and provide them a smooth game play in nice and fair environment, we are dedicated to our server and we contribute to make it the leading private knight online server. We are very confident that we are better than others and worth your time! Our server has a vision to recieve a good reputation with the stability and the longetivity. It is getting updated contanstly and you should not worry about the management of the server. We will do everything for our players, no matter what it takes.

Kind Regards,
WesterenKO Team