Dear WesterenKO players, as you know we had few issues in the previous server and i take all the responsebillity for the things that went wrong.

You can get more informations regarding the last server on the topic
Knock - Xydonis! - News & Informations - Westeren KO

We are commited to bring you a good service worth to play and worth to support and be loyal to it. The support of the players and their donations are making us work harder, and we know what player wants and we are happy to be able to give you a good server to play on.

We are releasing a new server

Xydonis the Resurrection!


After few months we finally reached to the top of it, and we can provide a perfect myko server with perfect rates based on players suggestions!

  • Level Maximum is now 70
  • The 1500/300 scrolls are free
  • Exping is now in Colony Zone, Lufferson/EMC have a lot lower exp given!
  • Lower rate of buses in Lufferson/EMC and higher in colony zone!
  • Easier exping to level 55
  • Old Staff Team.
  • Exp Trees spawning around bowl!

There are more small details that will be changed in new server, as it's in constant developing!

If you played Xydonis in old years, we are trying to provide the same experience but better, so one of the thing is that we are not banning for macro in Lufferson/EMC, macro in Colony Zone is banable.

The server program and the style is not going to change, you can see all the upgrade rates and other informations here
News & Informations - Westeren KO

We will work hard the next 10 days before Xydonis server release, to make a good launch! - We never want to close the current server and open a new one, but we are commited to give players good long lasting stable server with good activity.

Those who donated to WesterenKO server can get 100% Knight CASH refund in Xydonis the Resurrection! All you have to do is to send a proper message to admin Westeren.

Xydonis the Ressurection coming soon - FRIDAY 25.07.2014


WesterenKO Team!