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Esta es una discusión para el tema - Re-Launch of Dramasticus! 14th September 2014! en el foro Servidores Privados, bajo la categoría Knight Online; With previous launch of Dramasticus we reached 200 online players and a sucesfull gaming enviroment, sadly with the attacks revieved ...
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    Predeterminado - Re-Launch of Dramasticus! 14th September 2014!

    With previous launch of Dramasticus we reached 200 online players and a sucesfull gaming enviroment, sadly with the attacks revieved from we were unable to continue our official service.
    We are happy to announce that all the security holes has been fully fixed!
    Relaunch of Dramasticus
    14th September 2014
    20:00 GMT +1
    We've deisgned a brand new Power UP Store and a lobby place.
    Hope to see you this Sunday!

    The Dramasticus is going to be available untill 2015 or more untill the next server launch, it's a light farm edition with new things and new innovations for our dedicated players.

    Our goal is to perform 24/7 service for all our players, to be able to log in at any time! We are reaching sucess with our servers and our dedicated players are only making us work harder and with passion..So far WesterenKO is running for 4 months and we are looking forward to celeberate 2015 together in our new light farm version starting 14. September 2014

    Due to the database being wiped 2 times you are losing your gear, but keeping all your dignity,friends and most important all your knight cash, so everything you invested in to the server will never be lost. With a simple pm you are able to get 100% knight cash refund.

    The new version has few important changes that will keep the activity high and new users joining. It's more orianted to the PVP and newcomers has easy way of catching up.

    General Features

    • Hera Scroll,Cougar Scroll! [New]
    • Death Match Event [New]
    • Last Man Standing [New]
    • Premium Zone [New]
    • Chaos Stone [New]
    • Special Selith [Store] - Vouchers,Premiums,Begginer Quest
    • Colony Zone Monument - Green Treasure Chest + 15 NP Bonus for nation!
    • Castle Siege War
    • Lunar War
    • Boss War
    • Online Reward, NP Increase in CZ.
    • Rival & Domination System
    • Kindgom Elections
    • Original myko drop emulator

    General Informations

    • You start with begginer items and it will take you a day or two to reach maximum level 70!
    • Begginer items : Full Plate Goblin Set + Solid weapon.
    • The exping,farming and gridning part is all in Colony Zone, you must farm BUSES there too.
    • The scrolls are free droping by moradon monsters
    • Maximum upgrades on armors & weapons is +8 and you can compound acceserios to +1!
    • You have to collect items for your skills and master quest!
    • The drops are working as original myko emulator but bosted.
    • New events and features are fully working!
    • Exp trees and etaroth are spawning in BOWL.
    • Atross drops trina, riotes drops lion scrolls.
    • The server is using updated SOACS Anticheat system!


    WesterenKO Home Page
    WesterenKO Forum
    WesterenKO Facebook


    WesterenKO Team

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