Hey guys
there Sulten From usko / osko i know someone remember me
I had played in bunch of private servers, although the taste wasnt the same with the good old days,i told myself ,well it is “better than nothing”…But after 3-4 days those servers had died as there werent any users left…
That was a huge disappointment for me as i was so pumped to play the good old Knight Online but it was extremely difficult to find a proper private server with tons of players like the old diez days.
I realized that those servers were dying because the owners were not putting enough effort on their product, just opening the server and leave it on its own…
The more money you put on a business the more you will get…
Better support for the server and for the users and the most important part is a decent security system which will disable all kind of cheats that killed the good old Knight Online.
I know some pretty decent private servers which are getting slaughtered by koxp and duped items as their security system is not enough to protect their server against the well-known cheats of Knight Online.
I know there is no way for USKO to go back to the old database, but YOURKO is out there to get back our good old days, memories and as a hard-core , veteran player i can easily say that YOURKO is the best in this business especially in terms of a legit game ,far away from any kind of cheats.

to the introduction of the YOURKO’s APOCALYPSE SERVER!

Server OPENING DATE : 18th SEPTEMBER 2015 (GMT+2)- 19:30 UK TIME ///// 21:30 TURKIYE TIME ///// 14;30 PERU TIME

Web : www.my-ko.org
Client Download :
Forum : forum.my-ko.org
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/YOURKOfficial

We have been in this business since 2010 and with all of our experience we are
presenting your our finest server.

1-Glitch disable

As you know glitch definition is runing faster via clicking usable skills and items.We are proud to say that you can no longer do that annoying bug .If you try to glitch in game you will get instant freeze for 3 seconds.

2-Middle-Low-High Class upgrade system

Feel free to upgrade your paper and middle class gears via original scrolls! annoying Bus waste is over ! Keep in mind that our upgrade rates are same with original knight!

Click here for details..

3-Medal of Brave

For every kill in cz you will get 1 Medal of Brave.3333 Medal gives you %20 hp, 6666 gives you %10 def, 9999 of them increases your attack %5 ! You can also sell these items.

4-New Quest System

In order to see new quests

5-Death Match Event

You can register via Moradon Furcia Npc, it lasts 15 minutes.You will get auto 10k hp, also int priests hits 750 with special skills.Kill the most get the random pus rewards!

6-In game Event Calendar

When you click the icon next to hp bar, you can check the exact time of events.

7-In game Colony Zone Rank System

When you hit the console button 1 seconds, you can see the np rank in colony zone just like USKO!
8-Ardream Event

Ardream map consist of original Npc and monsters.There are special Exp and Coin event slots also! When ardream event activated, Colony zone will be closed just like wars.You can use the moradon gate in order to join this event.

9-Border Defense War Event

You can join this Event from Moradon Furcia Npc, prizes are random pus items and lots of Exp!

10-Character Seal and Unseal

Now you can sell your characters via Seal Scroll in Merchant or trades with safety !