[EP2] LC Global

Hi guys today I want to present Last Chaos Global EP2 Server

work daily to weekly updates, custom events, custom monster, Armors and Sword Custom, Custom Quest

"Server Rates"
Max Level: 200
Max Pet Lv: 165
Pet EXP: 1x
P2 EXP : 10x
EXP: 70x
SP: 100x
Gold: 50x
ItemDrop rate : 50x
Max Plus on drop: +30 "In Specials Boss"
Max Upgrade: +18

Web Page: LCGlobal Episode 2
Forum: LCGlobal Forum - Index

Cash Shop: System of Donations.
Cash Offert Item: In Web Page.

Customs Armor Necklace: Drop Boss Lvs 200 "for special Seals"

Kamira Drop TOK:

Soket All Upgrade % of Socket

Support in Forum.
feel free to ask your questions in the forum. respond as soon as possible.