Name: Lineage II Mind (Grand Opening : Coming Soon...) (Website Opening : October 15, 2012)

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Server Machine:
Quad-Core x64Bit 3.2ghz
2x 1,000 GB SATA HDD (7200 RPM)
2x 74 GB Western Digital Raptor HDD (10k RPM)
1gbit Dedicated Connection

Exp: x10
SP: x10
PartyExpSP: x1.5
Adena: x10
Spoil: x5
Quest: x2

Safe Enchant: +3
Enchant Rate: 66% (Retail Like)

100% Retail like
Dualbox is allowed
Cursed Weapons
20 + 4 Buff Slots (Divine Inspiration)
6 Debuff slots (Retail)
No level gap (Retail)
No auto pickup
Weight limit x5
Subclass & Noblesse quest Retail Like

Custom Features:
- Offline Shop system (Free)
- Spawn protection (All locations)
- Free Gatekeeper (Only for players level 1 - 40)
- Mana drugs (10 mana/s) (30 sec effect) (45 sec ReuseDelay) (Can be buy in retail misc shops)
- Newbie Helper Lv1-40 (No grade & D Grade items) (1st [50k] & 2nd (450k) class quest items) (Lv1 Newbie Buff for players level 1-40)
- Dances & Songs duration effect 4 minutes
- Skills don't need spell books to learn it
- Griefbuff Protection (A toggle that blocks all buffs from other players)