El mítico servidor de habla hispana reabre sus puertas con una nueva crónica y un nuevo Staff.
OPENING DATE: 7 agostos 18:00 GTM+1
Servidor Privado de Lineage 2: High Five Guerreros del Caos

Crónica: Lineage II High Five
Game Rates:

Party xp/sp:x1.5
Raid Boss Drop:x4 (Boss Jewelry x1)
Manor: x2

Quest Rates:

Quest Drop:x3
Quest Reward:x3
Quest Reward Recipe: x1
Xp/Sp/Adena Reward:x10

Dualbox (3acc max + offline trader)
Flawless Geodata
Retail enchant success rate, safe +3 / +4 on one-part armor and max +25.
Auto Pickup (except RB)
Learn Skills: Retail
Buff Slots/time: Retail Except Dances/Song 5 min
Class Change/Subclass/Noblesse with quest (New Nobless quest hi5)
Vitality System
Offline Trade/Craft
3rd Class change without quest
Noblesse with quest
Subclass with quest
Vote Reward
Antibot System
Castle & Fortress Sieges
Castle & Fortress Dungeons
Siegable Clanhalls
Territory wars
Seven Signs Epic Quests
Hellbound working
Hellbound instances: Steel Citadel, Tully Workshop, Tower of Naia, Tower of Infinitum..
Dark Cloud Mansion & Crystal Caverns
Pailakas,Kamalokas & Rim Kamalokas
Seed of Destruccion, Seed of Anihilation & Seed of Infinity
Nornils Garden
Vesper/Moirai Crafteable: Spoil & Retail Quest.
Freya Instance
Zaken 83 Instance
Antharas Valakas Frintezza updated
Chamber of Delusion
New H5 hunting zones: Dragon valley & Antharas lair.
New H5 Skills working
New H5 Quest
New H5 Weapons & Cloaks