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Te presentamos Toonami L2.

Chronicle: Interlude
Website: .: Toonami L2 - Interlude Server - Home :.

Xp/Sp: x80.
Party Xp/Sp: x2.
Adena: x250.

Enchant Rates:
Safe +4.
Max +16 (weapon) / +18 (armor).
Rate: 61% (weapon) / 63% (armor).

GM Shop (Armor/Weapon/Item from D to S grade).
Special teleport: Main town, necropolis, catacumbs, C5/C6 zones, and others.
NPC Buffer: prophet/dance/song/chant (not DOMINATOR BUFF'S)/hot spring buffs + PET BUFFER (click on your pet) / 22 buffs + Divine Inspiration (26 max) / Time: 2 hours.
VIP Manager NPC: access to special features from here (just click on it).
Class Manager NPC: a cat that will change you to 1st, 2nd and 3rd (needs 2 Coin of Luck) class!
Auto Learn Skills System: activated.
Spawn protection: 45 second(s).
Augment System: 10% chance to get any augment special skill (1 per weapon).

Special features (el por qué de unirte a nosotros - leer atentamente):

NO CUSTOM ITEMS: we haven't bought epic/vesper weapons/armors/jewels or others. We just have C6 Items.
Custom Starting: starting at level 40. If you are mage, you will get wind walk + acumen + armor/weapon + others, else you will get wind walk + haste + ....
Geodata && Pathnode System (GeoEngine.java reworked).
Quake PvP System: you will be announced every 4/8/12/16/20/24/28/32/36 and 40 kills!
Clan: no penalty for dismiss/leave from a clan.
Siege: time duration changed from 2 to 1:30 hours.
Noblesse Coin: festival adena will bring you this status.
Offline System: you can sit and sell a item, then disconnect. Your character will be stored ultil logging again! ATTENTION: you should have 10 PvP's in order to use this system.
SPECIAL && UNIQUE Vote Reward [Coin of Luck - 5 per top]: typing /vote, the system will show you a window to vote in Hopzone or Topzone. This system is also secured, and when you have already voted, you need to wait at least 12 hours in order to vote again. ATTENTION: IF SOMEONE IS VOTING AT THE MOMENT, YOU SHOULD WAIT 30 SECONDS AND TRY AGAIN!
Crest/Ally Castle Images: when you conquer a castle, all NPC and pets that are in close range to him, will show your crest.
Grand Bosses: Antharas, Valakas, Zaken, Orfen, Queen Ant, Core and Baium are operating properly under L2OFF Interlude standards.
Anakim/Lilith Raidbosses: they are spawned every 24/28 hours in Schuttgart Castle / Aden Castle!
Castle's siegable: Rune Castle, Giran Castle and Goddard Castle. Hurry up and take them!

Special commands:

/vote: this will show you a window to vote in Hopzone or Topzone. Make your choice!
/silence: this will block anyone trying to whisper you.

Ahora, que conoces todo esto. ¿Estás preparado para unírtenos?

Repetiremos nuestras vías de contacto:
Website: .: Toonami L2 - Interlude Server - Home :. (web principal) | [email protected] (msn/mail) | toonamil2.el-foro.net (foro de discusión).

Facebook: Toonami L2 | Facebook[color=red]

¡Te esperamos!

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