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Entrevista a dsn (en ingles)

Esta es una discusión para el tema Entrevista a dsn (en ingles) en el foro Counter-Strike, bajo la categoría Top Games; entrevista que le hicieron hoy en un foro de suecia: English version translation by dailyLama Hi, Harley, how’s it going? ...
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    Predeterminado Entrevista a dsn (en ingles)

    entrevista que le hicieron hoy en un foro de suecia:

    English version

    translation by dailyLama

    Hi, Harley, how’s it going?
    Very well, thank you. I am a bit tired, sitting with cArn who is here at my place and are waiting for our early morning flight to India where we are going on a PR tour for a week. I wrote my answers once before but either my PC or I (probably the later) managed to lose the document so now, when I’m more relaxed, I thought I’d make another attempt.

    So, who is Harley Örwall?
    I am a rather nice chap 20 odd years old from Gothenburg who live together with my mother. I do not have any siblings or pets but some wonderful friends. Finished the Swedish equivalent of High School summer of 2005 and has since not really thought about plans to study in the future. As a student, I am really lazy. My seriously limited ambitions became a victim of my laziness during high school. I miss my friends an all but studying was neither stimulating nor interesting. It is lucky I found CS, which is very intellectually stimulating. Jokes aside, I love to travel and to compete and I have an exceptionally good team that I like a lot. For someone who does not like to drudge of everyday life and getting up early in the morning CS is pretty much the optimal “job”. You have great freedom and, as mentioned earlier, I love to travel which we try to do as much as possible in Fnatic. There was quite a bit of travel last year and we hope to get away as least as much this year. Can be a bitter cynic but am for the most part a happy camper who is pleasant (I hope) and enjoys life.

    What do you do in your spare time when you are playing CS?
    Right now, I am getting my driver’s license. I am making slow headway in that department but I have a huge amount of spare time so I might just speed things up a bit. Apart from that, I do stereotypical stuff like “hanging with friends”, “go out and party”. When I flee like rewarding myself for doing something good, I will bring home some Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Apart from that, a lot of television series and movies. I am gong to start working out a bit more. It works out pretty well working out with my team mates as our days are turned upside down and had a lot of spare time. I predict a hectic winter and spring at Fjäderborgen in Gothenburg.

    Dsn sounds like an abbreviation for something. Where does your nick come from?
    I picked the name when I started playing CS many years ago. From the beginning, it meant “design”. Nowadays one might not be to happy with the name one picked at first and did not think one would have to stick to that name throughout one’s gaming career. I mean, you can change it – Puff Daddy became P.Diddy but I haven’t seem to many gamers change names and, thus, I hang onto my three trusted consonants for a while longer even if I don’t like them.. I would be giving up a lot of street creds if I changed my name and people would not know whom the clown is they are watching on HLTV.

    Why did you decide to focus on CS full time?
    It felt like a natural progression after high school. I had good timing when more and more tournaments popped up as I finished high school. At the same time, I had managed to get a pretty good reputation and there were a few teams who were able to pay out some decent money and even offered trips. I am really happy about the fact that I had such good timing. There are plenty of young pros who have not finished high school yet. They will have a lot to do when CS dies or the game becomes boring.

    What would you be doing today if CS weren’t your choice?
    I have no idea. Probably studies or travel. Have not really thought about what I “would have done” if CS was not around. I suppose my former impulses would have led me somewhere, even if I do not know what or where.

    What do people say to you when they realize you play computer games in order to pay the rent?
    Most folks are happy for me. I’ mean, many of my friends are working hard at school and at work while I am at home sleeping. Some are envious but not resentful I guess you could say. Many probably thing it’s quite surreal earning a living playing computer games, but, I mean, there are many ways to earn a living nowadays. It is enough to be a good-looking idiot staying inside a house for 100 days to win a million.

    Is there lots of weird bias against CS players?
    I would not say so, no.

    You have played for both Begrip and Eyeballers. Personally, I was very surprised that Eye did not accomplish more at that time because you had, in my opinion, a really good team. Why do you think that was?
    We had some motivational issues and an organization, which had zero clues about money management. It started to fall apart fairly soon and I was not in Eye more than 6 months if that. We had painted a grandiose future for ourselves when we joined an acclaimed organization like Eye, but things sometimes do not turn out the way you initially thought.

    Then you decided to join fnatic. What made you decide to join fnatic?
    I joined as a stand-in for Singapore-CPL. I fell in love immediately. Fnatic seemed like a seriously cool organization with high but still realistic goals and today I know I did the right thing joining up with the team. I get along really well with the other players (WC3, Q4), the people behind the scene, but foremost, I get along with my own teammates.. After beating wNv in the finals in such a controversial fashion, I was offered a spot on the team. It was not a hard decision to make leaving the sinking Eye even if it meant leaving cArn behind who I have played with my whole “career”. When I realized he was busy with work and wasn’t that interested in playing on a serious level at that time it became an easy decision.

    What was it that prevented the first fnatic line up to reach its full potential?
    We were not good enough. You can twist and bend your words but in the end, you will just have to realize we were not good enough to reach the top. It was a great bunch of players but we did not accomplish much of anything. We had some problems practicing and it did not feel like we were giving it everything we had to make it work.

    You have apparently had great influence in the formation of the new CS team. You were part of luring f0rest and Tentpole from Begrip while at the same time bringing in cArn and Archi. How did you arrive at this line up and why?
    I had discussions with my manager, Sam, and we played around with different line-ups. I, of course, had the most say as I know the CS scene better but, at the same time, he came up with some very good points. Tentpole and f0rest were accomplished Begrip players. Archi was the new blood we needed and cArn was the in game-leader we needed. I was very pleased with the new line up on paper but that we would perform as well as we did during the year I could never have imagined.

    Are you extra proud due to you being instrumental in putting the team together and considering your success in 2006?
    That, I am not. I think everyone in the team is instrumental to our success. When we put the team together, we had not idea things were going to work out as they did. Everybody grew as a person during the year and it was a real team effort that bought us to where we are now. You could say that I am tremendously proud to be a part of a team like fnatic, together with four other players who I appreciate a lot.

    Describe 2006 together with fnatic.
    2006 was the first year in our CS careers that we really got to travel and compete a lot. It was a wonderful year in many aspects – we got to travel extensively, things went well for us but we made sure that we had fun playing and flying around the planet. The only negative memory was our slump while playing two events in China. They were the only tournaments we placed outside the top 3. Despite the poor results in china it was probably the most fun trip (Qing Dao for WEF, then back for WSVG and Code 5). Seeing the Chinese Wall was a powerful experience, at the same time, the evenings had some fun offerings.

    During the better part of 2006, it seemed like you and NiP had pretty well matched teams. At the same time, NiP won most matches between your teams. Did you get a feeling that they had a psychological advantage over you? Was that the case or why do you think they came out on top versus you?
    NiP played extremely well. During many tournaments, they were like Roger Federer and we were Rafa Nadal; we were playing at a higher level than anyone, except for NiP. We often placed second right after NiP. Their Achilles’ heel developed over the summer; they were not Federer and lost against quite a few teams. However, they always seemed to win against us, which was frustrating. It was probably psychological, while at the same time they knew our play very well and took advantage of that fact. I felt like the tournament where we were on fire, NiP dropped out before we got to play them. It was a tad frustrating not being able to take one’s revenge on then when we were at our peak.

    Congratulations to your victory at CPL. That must feel great.
    Thanks. It felt fantastic to finally win one of the “majors” with such a strong field of competitors and thus, finish the season with a bang.

    What specifically made you win that particular tournament?
    I think two things benefited us; we changed our setup mentally and focused more on our game instead of worrying about the opponents’ style of play. I also think best of three suits us very well as we do not, like some other teams, get frustrated easily. We had no problems coming back after losing the first map versus hoorai, which proved to us that we had the right attitude to make it far in the tournament. That was however, the only map we lost the whole tournament. We just took it easy the whole time in Dallas and, honestly, we did not think too much about CS or tactics outside the match area, which was very relaxing. I think we lost a lot of respect for teams and that way played more relaxed. We were not afraid of anyone but I think some teams were nervous when they had to play us.

    What did you think of the tournament as a whole?
    Too bad, we played on TFT. Other than that, it was great. CPL isn’t majorly spectacular but you know what you get as a player. They keep to the schedule rather well and it is nice to stay in the same hotel as the matches are being played. That leaves ample down time.

    You played the final in ESWC this summer and unfortunately lost versus mibr. If you compare the two tournaments, which one was more fun and why (disregarding the CPL win of course)?
    ESWC was more fun. There was an awesome atmosphere throughout the whole tournament and it’s a blast to say in a player’s hotel. It was awesome to play in a big arena with many in the audience. Of course, it was a disappointment to lose the finals but mibr played well on Inferno.

    Tentpole decided to take a break after CPL and now ins will take his spot on the team. Why did Tentpole decide to take a break from CS after such a successful year?
    He was tired of travelling. The rest of us wanted to attend as many tournaments as possible. Tentpole did not. He probably made his mind up prior to the trip to the US. Very nice that he (and we) got to finish it of with a win.

    What can ins bring to the team and what will his role be within the team?
    He is a lot like Tentpole in his play style. Both are excellent team players. He is incredibly good and underestimated and I hope and believe he will perform very well in fnatic.

    Do you think we will see Tentpole play again in the near future?
    Yes, in Begrip. I think it was a great way for him to slow down a little bit.

    Ins recently stated in an interview on fragbite he was eager to use the AWP? Is there a possibility you’ll want to give the AWP up to him?
    NO! NEVER! He was obviously being ironic, even if he, during a period, was very good with the AWP. We will see, perhaps he could be the second AWPer or something.

    If I understand things right it was you who stayed in contact with ins and lured him over to fnatic from NiP (even if Spawn’s and Robban’s decision to leave NiP played a part). Can you tell us how it all came about?
    I know ins best of us in fnatic as we live in the same city and all. We have always wanted to play together and we got our wish this new year.

    When do we get to see the team play together for the first time?
    I do not know which tournament it will be. I am going to Cape Verde after our India trip and cArn is going to Thailand for a few weeks. We might play SHG with a stand-in. We will see.

    You have won CPL Winter and are placed number one in the world ranking. Based on this, the pressure should increase drastically at the same time, as some would say it can only get worse, or how do you see it?
    I think it can get better. We only won one big tournament last year. This year we are raising the bar.

    What are your goals the upcoming season?
    Well, we were planning to perform even better than 2006. It would be great to win three or four major tournaments, even if that will be quite the challenge.

    What are your personal goals in your CS career?
    I want to continue playing with my guys in fnatic and have fun. I realize I will never be the best player in the world but I think it would be great if I became know as one of the better players in the world. To improve individually would be my goal this year.

    Many teams, for instance NiP and SK, have changed their line-ups since last year. Who do you think will be your most dangerous opponent this year?
    I think it will be a team from outside Sweden. A couple of American teams look strong and among the European teams, I guess mouz/noa/pentagram. SK will probably be our toughest opponent in Sweden.

    Many teams have, as previously mentioned, changed their line-ups for the upcoming season. You have pretty much the same line up as last year, which might signify comfort within the team. Can you describe the organization behind you and how it feels to play together with the others in fnatic?
    As I mentioned earlier, fnatic is like a family. Everyone gets along really well and we have fun when we play. Feeling comfortable is A and O (alpha and omega) when you travel to such an extent as we do. I’m thrilled that the team is almost intact as 20006 was the most successful and most fun year I have experienced playing CS.

    You have been in the world elite a relatively long time. You have played in quite a few good clans and performed really well. Still, you have not reached the same level of stardom as, for example, Walle, SpawN or f0rest. Why do you think that is?
    I do not know, presumably because I do not have a spectacular playing style. I work outside the lime light a bit. I might not have that little extra either but my worst if often better than most people’s best.

    Many teams have left 1.6 for CSS, latest example is compLexity. Is that something your are looking into in the near future?
    That depends on the tournaments available. It does not look that way now. First, I think the game is pretty awful. Secondly, there seem to be quite a few 1.6 tournaments during 2007. I think Promod can be good, and when that is released, I might have to re-evaluate my opinion on Source.

    You will be traveling to India January 25 for a PR tour. Can you tell me what is in the works?
    We are in India now actually. I am writing this on an airplane, which is taking us to India’s silicone Valley. So far, we have played some exhibition games, met with fans, written autographs and answered questions. We have also been interviewed by MTV Asia and Business Today and seen the Taj Mahal. So far it has been awesome. If you have further interest in the journey, tune into where we have published some bloggs and pictures of the trip.

    It seems like the pressure on pro gamers has increased dramatically with LANs, online tournaments and the fans while many fringe esports sites want to take up your time. Before, one would play the big LANs, and in between one practiced if need be. Has the pressure increased and if so, how?
    I think it has. We have set high goals in fnatic, from both players and the organization. We hate to fail and know that many have very high hope that we will perform well in all the tournaments we participate in.

    Earlier in 2006, you chose not to attend CPL Nordic. In a statement, it sounded like “the prize money is not worth the trip”. I think that sounds a bit strange as the honour and that it is so incredibly fun to compete should be the deciding factors to attend in any sport. Any comments?
    First, it would be a monetary loss for us, as we would have had to pay for travel and accommodation, even if that is not all that much in Sweden. Second, we would have shown out tactics before the two big tournaments in the US – WSVG and CPL. It just felt like it would be a minus sum game whatever way you looked at it and that is why we chose not to go.


    - Best player I have ever played with. Doesn’t have any real weaknesses and that is probably why he was votes best player in the world a few times, One of the few, if not the only one in the team who is weaker than I am.

    – Lethal AK (and awesome aim) and great willpower. Can play more than anyone if he feels under par. When he got to fnatic, he was very hungry and he has developed enormously as a player 2006. If we ever have to send someone in with an AK, it is Archi we chose.

    – Calm player with a beautiful sense for team play. Good with all weapons. Funny person outside of playing and does not mind throwing a few back. Has an incredible talent in anything he does and he wants to develop.

    – the team’s in game-chef and the player I have played with the longest. We know each other inside out. Seriously cool person outside the game who shares my bad sense of humor. We have laughed ourselves to tears many a time. One of the smartest situation players in the world, no doubt.

    – Great sense for the game and good with all weapons. A stable player who always does his part. When he plays at his best, I would not want to play against him.

    – The team sniper and clown together with cArn. Seen the most and killed the most. Love to travel and play tough matches versus good teams, that is when I play at my best.

    And the obligatory last question: Which is your favorite Whisky?
    I am very sorry, I hate whisky!

    Any additional comments?
    I want to thank all our fans for their support and our sponsors; Intel, Nvidia, Razer and Everglide. I also want to take the opportunity to thank Reliance world here in India for their whole experience. It has been awesome, fun, amazing in all ways. Also, big thanks to Whiskeyhörnan (The Whisky Corner) for this interview.

    All that is left is for me to thank you so much for this interview

    No, thank you

    tomado de:
    Can't you see I'm trying? I don't even like it.

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    Aunque sea hubieses traducido las partes mas importantes , para tener un mejor entendiemiento de lo que se trataba por que si bien es cierto algunos domina el ingles otros en su mayoria NO!

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    Cita Iniciado por MakzithO Ver mensaje
    Aunque sea hubieses traducido las partes mas importantes , para tener un mejor entendiemiento de lo que se trataba por que si bien es cierto algunos domina el ingles otros en su mayoria NO!

    Y los traductores para que sirven :S

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    Buena entrevista e interesante lo malo si un poquito larga pero vale.

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    la verdad q es larga, uno de los motivos por los q me dio pereza traducirla ademas q la entrevista es de hoy y me parecio mejor postearla rapido.

    algunas cosas interesantes

    - dsn es shorcut de design.
    - dsn no hace nada desde q acabo el colegio(2005) le dedica todo su tiempo al cs (quien como el).
    - dsn ha jugado junto a cArn casi durante casi toda su carrera: begrip, eye, fnatic. de ahi la quimica y la comprension ingame.
    - piensa q el cs:s es horrible y espera por el cspm como casi todos, pero mientras el y fnatic se mantienen en el 1.6 durante el 2007
    - no piensa soltar el awp por nadie =)
    Can't you see I'm trying? I don't even like it.

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