Sennheiser + SK = New headphones

Sennheiser has recently officially announced their new headphones at the CES trade show in Las Vegas, the PC 160. It is a more advanced version of the PC 150 released last year.
The whole team of SK (including all squads) have been helping out on the development of this new product, and we all are very happy with the final result.

On the technical side the PC 160 has a much wider frequency response for even better sound and a lower impedance which means more power and the ability to perform better on all types of sound cards.

Sennheiser Communications Product Marketing Manager Maurice Quarré says: "It was a great time to develop this product together with the guys from SK-Gaming, they really know what kind of equipment they need."

Andreas Thorstensson says: "It is great when you really can be part of the development phase like this. We are all very satisfied with the final product."

Note: The PC 155 is the PC 150 with USB connection and integrated sound card.