Hola Gente

Alguno esta teniendo problemas con el C-D v4.29 y WIN98SE?; Cuando lo saco logro entrar pero si lo pongo se me queda en el precaching resources y luego el servidor me kickea por timedout; Alguno tiene ese problema? :(

Bueno, respondiendome a mi mismo, esto lo encontre en el foro del C-D :

CLIENT (4.29.0):

- lagging/fps issues every ~2 minutes. No fix availabe. WORKAROUND: turn off all unneeded programs to minimize effect. NOTE: if you experience constant fps issues/lag "all the time", check that FPS_MAX is 100 and check that you are running OPENGL mode (not software or D3D).

- Invalid model with Trenches. Trences is not officially supported by C-D and therefore its suggested that you do not run C-D with it.

- HLAmp Reborn false code. WORDAROUND: don't use HLAmp. This probably won't ever get fixed because the way HLAmp operates.

- C-D does not always start-up propely on Windows 95/98/SE and with low-end (<1Ghz) machines. Just try restarting game until C-D gets loaded. Since 4.20.0 C-D will warn user if it has failed to load propely. Fixed in 4.29.x BETA (not availabe to public yet).
WORKAROUND: Use C-D to launch HL instead of having C-D to wait for HL to load (make shortcut with C:\Program Files\Cheating-Death\cdeath.exe C:\YourHalfLifeDir\hl.exe and use it to launch HL, or use 3rd party launcher). You can also try turning on "use highest priority level" in the CD options.

- Running C-D client under WINE/LINUX doesn't work. Server works of course. WORKAROUND: none, there are some tweaks that can be tried, but generally Wine support in current C-D is trashed. Sorry. Will try fixing if I ever have time for it.

- C-D 4.29.x BETA has been tested/fixed and works well with latest cedega (not availabe to public yet)
LinuxGamers C-D HowTO

- Hacked (non-steam) versions of CS 1.6 are not supported!

- Crashes with first shot or after playing some time with A3D (vortex) based cards. Not going to be fixed.

- possible issue when using BETA version of Kerio firewall. WORKAROUND: use RELEASE versions of Kerio. Also you need to allow C-D to inject, or it won't work.