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Lunia:Fishing Guide

Esta es una discusión para el tema Lunia:Fishing Guide en el foro RPG & MMORPG, bajo la categoría Juegos; In order to start fishing you’ll need a fishing pole and some bait. Three fishing poles and four grades Lunia ...
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    In order to start fishing you’ll need a fishing pole and some bait.
    Three fishing poles and four grades Lunia of bait are available from the Merchant Susan in the Square. The fishing items can be accessed from the Fishing Equipment tab.
    Purchase the highest degree pole that you meet the level requirements for as it has the best chance to catch more rare fish.
    You’ll also need to buy bait. There are four kinds to choose lunia gold from. The more expensive bait allows you to fish faster, giving you more fish over time.
    Bait Cost Time (Sec.)
    Lowest Grade Bait x5 1s 60
    Low bait x5 2s50c 50
    Medium Level Bait x5 5s 40
    High bait x5 10s 30
    - How to Fish -
    You must:
    1. Have a fishing pole and bait.
    2. Be in the square and your character must be facing lunia gold water (there is only one body of water located directly to the south)
    3. Have the fishing pole equipped (it goes in the weapons slot on the lunia gold cash item page of your inventory).
    4. Right click the fishing pole while it’s equipped.
    5. Place bait in one of the 5 boxes (labeled 1 to 5) that appear.
    6. Press Start Fishing.
    When you’ve started fishing you’ll notice a little progress bar. The better the bait you use the faster this bar goes. High bait (the fastest) takes 30 seconds.
    Another thing you’ll see is some up and down lunia gold arrows. This controls how much bait you’ll use each time (up to 3). If you use 2 bait each time you’ll catch 2 fish; 3 bait, 3 fish.
    - Getting a Better Fishing Pole -
    In order to start fishing you’ll need a fishing pole and some bait.
    To get a better pole that can catch more rare fish you need to trade in fish you’ve caught or bought from another lunia gold player.
    Visit Fishing Master Hemingway near the water in the lunia gold square to get the quests for better fishing poles.

    It is offered by . I hope it can be helpful. :D

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    This post was very helpful for me. I love fishing and especially collecting guppy fish. This was an amazing fishing guide and I recommend this to you all.

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