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GamesPirate keeps growing, that's why we want to present to you our updates and news for the month of April/May.
We invite you to know our games and discover why we are the best choice on online entertainment.

Version: Episode 2.1 UP6 (FINAL)
Rates: X6 | x30 pvp soon!
Website: RF Online :: GamesPirate.com

RF ONLINE episode 2.1 up6 its the most new version of this legendary game. You can see thousands of updates and more flexible, balanced and secure game play.

If you want see what have this 2.1 up6, please read this post in our forum.

And of course, GamesPirate its the first portal to bring this to you, dont try find it in other place. Come and join Us now!

Version: GP version.
Rates: Low rates.
Website: Gates to Heavens :: GamesPirate.com

Gate to heavens its our more old game, the server its 8 month old and still grow very fast. IF you like GTH, this its your best choise.
A great community, a stable server and developers working hard to have a strong and updated server.

Come to play GTH with us, and forge your destiny!.

Version: Last Oficial.
Rates: x20.
Website: Mosiang Online :: GamesPirate.com

Mosiang Online is a great chinese martial arts world MMORPG that based on a Korean million sellers novel. Have already designed up to 75 different maps. All those maps are base on the real china places.
One great PVP system and complete character system, make Mosiang a good choise to take a look.

Come on and check this out!

Version: Season 2 - Pets!
Rates: x5
Website: Grandchase :: GamesPirate.com

GrandChase its launching his Season 2, and you cant lose the oportunity to check this new update!.
The most important? New dungeons, new game mode's, new pets!

Dont forget and Let go chase!!

Version: Kathana 4 complete!
Rates: x30
Website: Tantra Online :: GamesPirate.com

Tantra Online its our more new game and its running the most updated version.
Please check it now and be part of this great world!.

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