Los invitamos a todos a jugar este maravilloso servidor de Tales of pirates / Pirate king modificado totalmente para una mejor diversíon en el juego...


Solo Exp : 8x
Party Exp : 12x
Drop Rate : 8x
Pet Growth: 50x

* FC mini boss and DS mini boss drop Uq Gems and Ref Gem
* FC and DS Boss Master drop jade gem chest and dead zone gem chest
* DW customised drops
* No enigma or eva chest droped on DW or DS
* Skeletar & Incantation & Eva On Npc
* Enigma Chests Droped on Dead Zone Chest at Bounty Hunter
* DW1 Chests Drops Magenta Chest Lv50 & 60
* DW2 Chests Drops Magenta Chests Lv70
* BH custumised
* Winterland and aurora/dark area 100% working (Still Making Winter and Aurora & Dark Area Language Quest)
* Ca open es 4 hours BH ea 3 hours
* Woodcutting Money Making System
* Awsowme Event Reward System And Npc
* Our Own Edited Coral (balanced voy)
* Instead of Life Story Quest - Life Skill Npc
* Job changer 100% working
* Our Own Wood Merchant
* Item Mall on General Store 1 & General Store 2
* New Special Appearel Set
* Customised Sets (Will Be Lauched With a Future Hard Quest To Get It)
* General Teleporter ( ALL HEAVENS )
* Npc With Unsealed 55 Equips and Wepons
* Npc With Unsealed 45 Equips and Wepons
* Npc Exchanger 2 Morph Runestones For 1 Unsealed 65 Wepon
* DW 1 Boss Drop Chest Of Demonic World And Low Rate Morph Runestone
* DW 2 Boss Drop Chest Of Enigma And Low Rate Morph Runestone
* Azrael Gem Chest Droped by Fury Kara and Morpheus