[News] Ninja Waz – Lekool reveals the Mystic Arts of Ninjutsu

Stepping in the shoes of one the most popular anime characters of all time (choose from one and many), Ninja Waz is a 3D anime themed browser based MMO where players launch on a journey in the role of their favorite character manga characters (Naruto-Bleach) to save the lands while tackling challenging quests, fighting hordes of monsters, and competing in fierce PvP arena battles.

Ninja Waz is a free-to-play browser based brawler MMORPG that features anime characters from the famous Naruto and Bleach series. Chosen to save a world in turmoil, players step in the shoes of their favorite ninja anime character. Harnessing their powers learning new skills, completing quests, fighting an assortment of monsters, duel and battle others in arena, players launch on a journey to bring back peace to the land. Like Edragon, pets help out in combat!

Ninja Waz features 3 classes of ninjas:
  1. Fighting Ninja; a class of ninjas armed with blunt weapon which can easily wipe the enemies. Consider to be the strongest class.
  2. Dark Ninja; Masters of stealth and assassinaton, this class is notorious for their swift blows.
  3. Secret Ninja; With their fists as deadly weapons, this class learned the powerful techniques of ninjutsu.
With this unique class system, the game fluctuates according to hero attire. Each outfit represents a specific class with its own weaponry and fighting style. Users have the freedom to alternate as often as they like to.

Ninja Waz allows to explore an intensively visual environment with colorful landscapes and fun environments that allow more interaction in the game that just passing over it. Wandering the great outdoors come in many rewards with Ninja Waz world. The beautiful in-game scenery features special hidden areas which trigger random special events where ninjas tag up to complete them in order to be awarded awesome prizes such as pets, weapons, items, stone, EXP and much more.
Like the Zodiac Goats in Caesary, the Smashing Jar Lottery allows players to win bounty cool prizes.
A higher level ninja is more bound to win a greater prize!
To ensure players are heading in an anime inspired battle sensation, the Multiple Synthesis System allows players to experience the combination of items to get awesome rewards.
Time to Unlock the Secret Arts of Ninjutsu and write your name in Legend!
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Video Links -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7IP2bnZkSM



Site link -- http://ninjawaz.lekool.com/