Heroes of Newerth Game Development 1-10

Match Making!
Our test client currently has a version of Match Making in it. It has a few issues that we are trying to iron out. Once we are pleased with its operation we will release it in the beta client.

Replays are currently fully functioning in our test client. HoN is the only game that has a searchable online index of all HoN games played. We are also the only game that has 100% automated backwards compatability of our replays. Don't forget you can pause, rewind, and jump forward and back as much as you like in our replays. You can view the replay from a specific players standpoint or from the spectators stand point. You should see replays go into the beta client VERY soon.

Once the ground work for the Tournament System is in place, we'll have most of what we need to very quickly get our League system operational, with a similar level of integration and support. As previously announced, we plan on having a $10,000 initial beta tournament for this upon completion (with more details down the road).

This is a pretty obvious one. We will continue to make the small tweaks necessary to bring more balance to the game.

We are also polishing art and optimizing code. You'll notice some of this in the addition of specific ramp setups for the map to identify where the ramps are and are not. Just one of many many many things being cleaned up.

Preparing for Open Beta & Retail Launch