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Tt eSPORTS Challenge - HoN

Esta es una discusión para el tema Tt eSPORTS Challenge - HoN en el foro Heroes of Newerth, bajo la categoría MOBAs; Tremendo evento en Julio!! y la inscripcion es gratis!! con un tope de 512 equipos y las inscripciones acabaran el ...
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    Tremendo evento en Julio!! y la inscripcion es gratis!! con un tope de 512 equipos y las inscripciones acabaran el 8 d julio, asi q apurense los equipos q quieran estar incluido en este torneo , los que se inscriban esperen jugar por lo menos 2 o 3 juegos por semana

    June 24th, 2011 – Tt eSPORTS Challenge announces Heroes of Newerth as July’s Feature Title!

    After a tremendous first season of the Tt eSPORTS Challenge, we are happy to bring our tournament platform to the Heroes of Newerth scene! After talking with our friends over at S2 Games, it was an easy decision for us to open up our gates to such an enthusiastic community. With a prize pot of $1,500.00 up for grabs, this event is open to all players from differing skill levels. Whether you play for a professional team or play a few games solely with your friends, the TeC is available for you to put yourself in a tournament environment and even have a chance to come out with some cash in your back pocket. The best part is, the event is completely FREE to enter!

    The prize list for Season 1 HoN:
    · 1st Place - $750.00
    · 2nd Place – $500.00
    · 3rd Place - $250.00

    We aren’t done yet! In case you didn’t notice, we love product giveaways. Not only will the crew be covering the event exclusively, but every broadcast will feature a product giveaway either based on trivia questions, liking an item on the Tt eSPORTS Facebook page, following us on Twitter, or even just randomly to someone tuning in! You will not want to miss the action this month, as it can land you some free Thermaltake or Tt eSPORTS gear to boot.

    The feedback from the community thus far has been fantastic; we look forward to continuing the development of the Tt eSPORTS Challenge with Heroes of Newerth and other game titles in the future, and we would like to encourage you and your friends to register and participate in the Tt eSPORTS Challenge!
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    Tengo entendido que es solo para teams de USA...... =S

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