Fortnite is teasing yet another special something, and fans are once more speculating like crazy about what it might imply. A missile launch looks imminent, because of a countdown clock connected to an evil lair that seemed spontaneously on screens throughout the map.

The clear conclusion is that the battle royale match is preparing to change the map again. After having a long tease of a meteor in the sky, it struck land and created a new area as well as several hidden secrets. This countdown may signal the same thing: once the timer hits zero, the missile launches and impacts some region of the map, leaving it altered and ushering in Season 5.

Then there are wilder theories. An individual on Reddit (through PCGamer) suggests that the entire event is tied to the Winter Solstice from the southern hemisphere and Inca traditions. Those sacrifices were frequently llamas, a de facto mascot at Fortnite.

It wouldn't be the first time Epic pulled a curveball, given that the neighborhood seemed sure the meteor could strike Tilted Towers. Epic confessed the spin and had some fun with the neighborhood over it. Ultimately, the meteor hit the Dusty Depot to make the new Dusty Divot. Whatever ends up happening this moment, we'll know exactly what this countdown clock suggests soon, since the timer is gradually running out.

Fortnite has recently turned into a field of battle in the console war, given that the Fortnite materials game's launch on Change. Sony was hesitant to promise a change in its coverage, and also a former Sony studio head recently came forward to state that based on his time in the company, the decision was about money.