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ayuda con el warcraft III

Esta es una discusión para el tema ayuda con el warcraft III en el foro WarCraft 3, bajo la categoría Top Games; hola a todos los miembros de este prestigios foro mi dilema es q instale el warcraft III en Pc y ...
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    03 mar, 04

    Predeterminado ayuda con el warcraft III

    hola a todos los miembros de este prestigios foro

    mi dilema es q instale el warcraft III en Pc y se paraliza cada 3 segundos y luego se pone normal y asi susesivamente y no puedo disfrutar de este juegazo

    aca algunas referencias de mi Pc

    mainboard msi ktv6
    microprosesador amd 2800
    ram 256
    tarjeta de video GeForce FX 5600 ultra

    weno ya revise mis drivers y todo esta bien
    tengo solo este problem con el warcraft y dialblo II con los demas juegos no tengo problemas

    agradeceresco de antemano cualquier sugerencia

    porfa :-( :-( :-(

    ayudenme masters

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    07 may, 04


    xD MASters!! Bueno la verdad ke no estoy muy seguro pero te puedo decir ke eh tenido miles de problemas con mi comp tbn ( sera ke blizzard hace hasta el #*&$# sus juegos !!! ) bueno regresando al tema yo les mande como 30 emails y lo unico que hicieron fue mandarme un email: (espero ke entiendas algo de ingles o sino bajate un traductor)

    If the patch does not correct the problem, please test the game after trying
    each item below. Each solution listed has been reported to solve these problems
    for other customers.

    1. Download war3.reg from and save it to
    your Windows Desktop. Once the file has been downloaded, double-click on it to
    import the registry info. This file will set Warcraft III to mute sound, run
    with the basic settings for video and set the refresh rate for the monitor to
    60Hz. Once the game has started, you may select the options menu and adjust the
    video and sound settings as desired.

    2. Add -Opengl tag after shortcut.
    a. Click Start
    b. Highlight Programs
    c. Highlight Warcraft III without clicking on it.
    d. Right click on the Warcraft III icon
    e. Click Properties
    f. In the Target field add -opengl after the quotation mark
    Example: "C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe" -opengl
    g. Click OK
    h. Try the game now with the icon you just modified.

    3. Make sure you have the latest DirectX and the appropriate drivers for your
    Video and Sound cards. For step-by-step instructions to identify your system
    components, please check here: Microsoft DirectX
    canbefoundat You
    will want to check with your computer manufacturer or the Video/Sound card
    manufacturer's website for the current drivers that match the model of card you
    have in your system. A list of manufacturers with contact information can be
    found at

    4. Before starting the game, make sure there are no other programs running in
    the background. Instructions for how to shutdown all background applications can
    be found at ("").

    5. If you have installed any video codec packs, such as Nimo's Codec pack, for
    video editing or playback please uninstall them and try the game. These codec
    packs, especially ones with DivX codecs, may conflict with the video codecs in
    the game causing the game to crash or not start properly.

    6. Download and install the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard. Check
    the motherboard manufacturer's website for updated chipset drivers, first. If
    you can't find updated drivers at the manufacturer's website, the next two most
    common locations for chipset drivers are and

    7. This solution is recommended for advanced users only. We have gotten reports
    of crashing, freezing, and memory read error messages being solved by removing
    bad or mismatched RAM from machines. You may want to remove one stick of RAM at
    a time and see if this corrects the crash. If you would like to test your RAM to
    make sure it is performing as it should you may want to run a RAM testing
    program. If you need a program to do this try doing a search onthewebor consult
    your local computer technician. Unfortunately we cannot provide support for
    using these programs but they should come with well documented readme's to get
    you started on how to use them.

    Advanced Users Only: If your system is overclocked, it may be producing too much
    heat which will adversely affect program performance. If the system is producing
    high amounts of heat, but is not overclocked, we would suggest you add a fan to
    your system to help distribute heat in the case.

    (Final Step)
    If you continue to have problems, we would appreciate more information about
    your computer hardware and drivers. Please attach any text files in the
    "Warcraft III\Errors" and "Warcraft III\Logs" folder to your reply along with
    two files, your dxdiag.txt and msinfo.txt, for further diagnosis. To obtain the
    systems diagnostic files, follow the instructions below:

    Important Note: Please reboot your system prior to creating the dxdiag and
    msinfo files.

    1. Click on Start then Run.
    2. Type in DXDIAG and press Enter or click OK, this will open the DirectX
    diagnostic tool. Run the DirectDraw, Direct3D and DirectSound tests found under
    the Display and Sound tabs before creating the dxdiag.txt file.
    3. Click on the Save All Information Button (save this file to your windows
    desktop and name it dxdiag).
    4. Click on the More Help tab and open the Microsoft system information tool
    5. Click on File and choose Export (save this file to your windows desktop as a
    text file and name it MSInfo). Please make sure to save this file as a .txt file
    and NOT as a .nfo file.
    6. Attach the dxdiag.txt and msinfo.txt files to a reply to this email.
    Also, it is VERY important thatyouincludethe brand and model number of your
    Motherboard and Video Card.


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    20 may, 04
    mi jato


    que menos traducelo, no?

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    24 feb, 04
    Miraflores (mi jato)


    Les sucede en battlenet, osea online o offline tambien?

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    10 jul, 03

    Predeterminado Re: ayuda con el warcraft III

    Cita Iniciado por GHOSTTI
    mainboard msi ktv6
    Cita Iniciado por GHOSTTI
    tarjeta de video GeForce FX 5600 ultra
    Cita Iniciado por GHOSTTI
    mis drivers
    Cita Iniciado por GHOSTTI
    ayudenme masters
    si sabe un poco,,,lol :D.

    PD.- no se sobre war3 pero cuando recien puse la ultima version de diablo a mi me pasaba lo mismo y lo unico q hice fue entrar a blizzard y ahi aparecia que se tenia q modificar el nombre d un archivo xq era un bug mal corregido. o una baina asi,,,como dije, no se si en war3 es lo mismo pero t sugiero re-instalar y bajarte d nuevo la version
    ])oing the impossible^walking thru walls
    |-|aving the unreal^living 2 lives
    5eeing an illusion^being an squizofrenic

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    20 may, 04
    mi jato


    si este problema te sucede cuando entras a battlenet o quieres jugar en Lan a lo mejor se trate de tu conexion a internet o en caso extremo de algun problema con tu router. Prueba reinstalando el warcraft y bajandote los patches correspondientes (si no sabes como ubicarlos reivsa los demas posts que ahi salen).
    Solo por si las moscas te recomendaria tambien una defragmentada a tu disco duro y una pasada de antivirus.


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    03 mar, 04

    Predeterminado gracias muchas GRACIAS

    gracias a todos por sus sugerencias en especial a peon_gone_wild muy acertato tigre eres un master .hoy aprendi algo nuevo :)

    tambien a DHS>Nas chevere sirvio de mucho tu tips

    es chevere contar con gente como uds

    por cierto juego mu online , mu peruano , gb internacional y gb latino

    mi id es ghostti

    gracias a todos se lucieron

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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