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Una pregnta

Esta es una discusión para el tema Una pregnta en el foro WarCraft 3, bajo la categoría Top Games; Qusiera preguntar si estos player siguen jugando war3 tillerman mike tayson (creo q asi era su nick un wen orc ...
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    Predeterminado Una pregnta

    Qusiera preguntar si estos player siguen jugando war3

    mike tayson (creo q asi era su nick un wen orc q lo hacia)
    8====D mierdon

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    4k.Tillerman, ex clan leader de 4K ahora juega Poker.

    When I logged in on IRC today, I noticed that 4K^TillerMaN was online. Since we haven't heard from him in a long time I asked him for a mini-interview and he agreed on it. So without further ado: here's the interview.

    Arse00455: Hello Tillerman, what have you been doing the past few months?
    4K^TillerMaN: Since Nov1st, soon after WCG, I took up Poker. I have been playing it ever since. In fact, the last game of Warcraft 3 I played was vs Grubby at WCG.

    Arse00455: You already were a croupier at a casino if recall it correctly, is that right?
    4K^TillerMaN:Yes, it was but it doesn't really have any real bearing on my choice to play Poker or even help me much as my Casino never offered any form of Poker.

    Arse00455: I see, what were your reasons to stop playing wc3 and start playing poker?
    4K^TillerMaN: I had always been slightly disappointed in Warcraft 3 to a certain extent. There always seemed like there was too much luck or imbalance in the game, for the last few months of War3 I felt I was only playing for money, through training on commentaries etc.
    4K^TillerMaN: I wanted to try something else and my friend NTT (famous from BW) was already playing Poker for many months. He had tried to persuade me many many times to try Poker but I always refused. I finally relented and tried and got hooked hardcore on it.

    Arse00455: Is playing poker a very lucrative business so far for you?
    4K^TillerMaN: Well, since I started in Nov1st I've made about $80,000. Most of that has come in the last couple of months tho as I now play much higher limits.
    $80,000 :-o :-o !! jugare poker!

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    lol xD

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