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AoM Patch 1.05

Esta es una discusión para el tema AoM Patch 1.05 en el foro Strategy, bajo la categoría Juegos; - Fixed an exploit that allowed Armory techs to be researched twice. - Fixed some minor localization bugs. - Fixed ...
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    mi jato

    Predeterminado AoM Patch 1.05

    - Fixed an exploit that allowed Armory techs to be researched twice.
    - Fixed some minor localization bugs.
    - Fixed a crash caused by alt-tabbing out of the application.
    - The "Nomad" random map now correctly fires the "Ceasefire" god power at startup. In specific, god power triggers now work properly in multiplayer scenarios and random maps.
    - Detailed help text can now be provided in user-created random map scripts. The "detailsText" attribute is now supported in random map XML files, and allows plain-text setting of the detail help for that random map.
    - Unit Balance Adjustments (NOTE: Save games from all previous versions will not be affected by the balance changes. Recorded games from all previous versions are still supported and will replay as before):
    -Fixed a bug in which Flaming Weapons made Hammerships 10X too powerful.
    -Norse no longer get bonus favor from Longboats (this also means they don't contribute Favor for Loki's free summoning).
    -Throwing Axeman attack dropped very slightly (-0.5).
    -Valkyrie costs slightly more (+5) Favor.
    -Fire Giant normal attack does less damage, but his special attack does more.
    -Kraken normal attack does much less damage, and is -100 hitpoints.
    -War Elephant attack (+2) and hack armor (+5%) increased.
    -Priest does more bonus damage (+2) versus Myth Units.

    Asi q parece q ahora AoM va a ser Age of Set :lol: con la mejora de los priests
    BsK_tAnK @ BsKzone
    UL_King_tAnK @ UL_Kings

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    una pregunta :roll: :
    necesito el cd original para poder actualizarlo?
    en que pag puedo bajarmelo? y
    1.05 es la ultima version?
    :D :D :D

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    te bajas el parche y el crack, no puedo darte el link xq sta prohibido, pero t recomiendo q cuando t lo bajes le pases el antivirus

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