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RA Fast Heroic

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    Predeterminado RA Fast Heroic

    Ra Fast Heroic, se ha convertido en una de las estrategias mas usadas por los gamers de AOM, debido a que te permite llegar rapidamente a las edad Heroica y poder asi aprovechar a las unidades mas fuertes y sorprender al contrincante en un DM.

    Pero cuales son los pasos para poder realizar esta estrategia, bueno aqui una pequeña guia, solo que otra vez esta en ingles(diez mil disculpas), pero hay un resumen que da a entender los pasos a seguir para realizar un Ra Fast Heroic

    Ra Fast Heroic

    Although any civilization can go Fast Heroic, Ra seems to have the best reason to. I must point out that this strategy is risky, depending completely that your enemy won't rush before 8 min. Since that almost never happens, I'd only do this in team games, and even then its still risky.

    First off this is what your goals are. You want to be in Heroic by 7 min on the dot. You want to have 400g and 10favor the second you get there. You want to have a steady enough flow of resources to both build a constant stream of units and upgrade them.

    Since Ra needs no wood at all to advance to Heroic, don't put any villagers on wood. And unlike what a lot of people say you should do, DON'T FARM. Farming is slow, and your Rain only lasts for a min. Farming is also a large initial investment, and you achieve extremely slower times if you try to farm. Hunt the entire time. If you run out of animals, then go berries. Use you pharaoh and your priest to empower food and gold. This will let your resources last 20% longer. (since an empowered building gives you 20% more resource, not an increase in gather rate) This will help you get by without farming until Heroic. Build your Monument to villagers in Archaic, right before you advance, since you need 10 favor to build the Migdol Stronghold.

    You will want your first 9 villagers to hunt, and the next 10 to mine gold and build houses and a temple. Make sure you research hunting dogs too. If you have extra gold, build a priest.

    Once you made your tenth gold miner, (population should be at 21), advance to Classic. The second you hit classical, you should take a priest and a few villagers and build the armory. (use priest to empower) Hopefully by the time its built, you should have 800 food and 500 gold. The strategy is however, very dependent on the map. Some maps you are lucky, and can get there just a little before 7 min, others you won't make it until almost 8.

    Anyway, advance immediately when you have the chance. The second you get to Heroic, take several villagers and a priest and build your Migdol Stronghold. Also build a barracks, since I like the axemen camel combo, and that combo takes no wood.

    At this time, try to build a few villagers, and put them on wood, and perhaps gold. You need this wood to upgrade your econ, but concentrate on building you army first and foremost. You will also want to make some siege, but for now just raid with your camels.

    This is a hard strategy, but it can be effective if you opponent is playing a someone defensive game.

    Build Order
    Worship Sekhmet
    Villager/Builds granary at chickens
    Villager/builds mining camp mines gold
    Villager/mines gold
    Villager/builds house then goes to gold
    Villager/builds monument goes to gold
    Villager/chops straggler wood/Upgrade Husbandry
    Villager food
    Villager/build temple then go to gold
    Villager food
    Villager food
    Villager food
    Villager food
    Villager food /Research pickage /
    Worship "Bast-Goddess of Fertility"
    During transision take 10 vills off sheep and create farms/research pickaxe
    Once in Classical age research Plow and Sacred Cats both from the granary.
    Villager wood
    Villager gold
    Villager gold
    Villager gold
    Villager gold *Use the Rain God Power*
    Villager build house/then to gold
    Worship "Sekhmet- Goddess of war"

    Mas info :
    Nada Existe, Nada Existio, Nada Existira, solo somos un sueño de la nada

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    mi jato


    es cierto parece ser q esta strat esta de moda en ESO debido a q mucha gente ha llegado con relativa facilidad a un rating de 1800+ aplicando solo esta strat, aunq he escuchado q un norse rush puede vencerla, strat q tambien es muy comun es ESO...
    aparentemente no es muy dificil alcanzar un rating alto en ESO jugando AOM dado q es un juego nuevo y cualkier strat bien organizada da buenos resultados, lo cual no es asi en AOC debido a q es un juego harto dominado por sus miles de jugadores diarios, es mas he escuchado q mientras en AOM puedes llegar a un rating de 1800+ en un mes, en AOC cuesta por lo menos 1 año (ta ke me falta un huevo entonces :P )
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