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Nuevo Squad de Sk-gaming CS

Esta es una discusión para el tema Nuevo Squad de Sk-gaming CS en el foro Noticias y Novedades, bajo la categoría General; Al fin se dio la noticia de quienes formaran el nuevo roster de SK-gaming en counter-strike. Desde la salida del ...
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    Predeterminado Nuevo Squad de Sk-gaming CS

    Al fin se dio la noticia de quienes formaran el nuevo roster de SK-gaming en counter-strike.

    Desde la salida del antedior squad HeatoN, Potti, ahl, fisker, SpawN y Hyper convirtiendose en Nip .

    Se esperaba que se desvelara a finales del mismo mes de enero, tal y como comentó bds en un comunicado que tardó en llegar en opinión de muchos. Según SK han tomado bajo su capa protectora al que ellos mismos consideran el mejor equipo de CS del año pasado (en contra de su antiguo squad), ganando la pasada ESWC y quedando segundos en la WCG contra Team 3D, se trata de The Titans

    Segun afirma Sk este clan tiene para mas y vajo la orga de ellos


    Jonas "calc" Gundersen
    Richard "Drally" Halgaard
    Simon "eGene" Kullenberg
    Mike "spx" Lutzhoeft
    Jonas "whiMp" Svendsen

    Al mismo tiempo se siente un vacio ya que Titans era lo mejor que le paso a Dinamarca en estos ultimos año desde ya deciarles suerte a ellos y ver q pasa con la orga de Titans

    El primer evento al que asistirán, como SK, será la Euro-WCG 2005 en Hannover comprendido entre el 10 y 16 de Marzo.

    Fuente: Media-vida
    - Profile en SK SK-Gaming Profile

    - Twitter @mauzzer

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    OMG no creia ke ivan a poner a titans como SK :-o

    P.D: Keria ver a SK|KK =P

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    Quien no; Depues de hacer publico esto salio la que vendria a ser la conferencia de prensa :-o

    Esta en ingles asi que el no sabe espere que alguien lo traduga o use google.

    CGA: As we all know that KK left The Titans a couple of days before is there any relationship between it and your team up with SK?

    SK|calc: I guess you can say that. Seeing we went down to 4 players and the rumors on whimp going active again, SK found the opertunity to add whimp in our lineup and make a solid team.

    CGA: The former SK has done a great job which was regarded to be another legend after NiP do you think you guys would go even further? How long it takes do you think?

    SK|spx: If you look at 2004 The Titans was the most winning team in the world. We all hope to live up to this in 2005, it will take some time to get the team play going, but im sure we will be a top contender to all of the major title's this year With your win last year at ESWC you had already an autoberth for the eswc 2005. So will you play at CPL or ESWC this summer?

    SK|spx: We will definitely attend ESWC and defend our title from last year. It was a great event and we look forward to participating again And what in details SK-Gaming will bring to you that you didn’t have before?

    SK|calc: We're a group of very close friends both inside and outside the game, who never experienced a large scale sponsorship in our backs. Titans worked hard in 2004 to achieve what they did, and got nothing back. We believe that with this opertunity we have so much more to give as a team, and will hopefully live up to the high expectations

    Fragbite: How does it feel to leave your old organisation behind? How is the relationship between you and your former managers? Do you think that they will rise again with a new team?

    SK|spx: The relationship is fine, I dont think any of us had second thoughts about leaving Titans for SK. We have talked some with the management and we dont think that they will make a new team, but I guess time will tell

    Fragbite: Did you have any other teams or players in mind when choosing your new team? Was The Titans your first choice? Was there ever any plans of a Swedish team?

    SK|gosey: Of course we had some other possibilities, but in the end this turned out to be the right thing. We are extremely happy with this new team and hopefully we will be able to achieve a lot this year together!

    Fraglider: As everybody knows it is a very complicated task to replace the old Counter-Strike team of Schroet Kommando Gaming. Not only in results as well as in pleasing all the fans and the environment that this worldwide powerhouse encircles. Although you had the known success in The-Titans, what do you think that will change with this modification, for SK, and how are you going to make it, so that you don't disappoint in none of the fields?

    SK|calc: I can speak personally when i say that ever since the danish 3rd place in Korea, everything has been a long uphill battle. Denmark never had any real sponsor opertunities, with Titans beeing the closest organisation to make it. With this new option playing for the biggest powerhouse in gaming, our motivation is on a whole different level. We're not the new NiP, but we're hopefully a team with so much more to give that it'll put us among all the top contenders in 2005.

    Fraglider: Which will be the sensation of being able to face NiP (former SK.swe), as SK in the ESWC, where will be defending your title? Will it be interpreted as a crucial test where will have to prove why had you been chosen to replace the old SK?

    SK|spx: I dont think facing NiP will be interpreted as a crucial test, they are a team like any other, and we will do anything in our power to beat them.

    SK|calc: That beeing poisoned food and voodoo magic!

    Gamelux: Looking at the reasons the 'old SK team' left, what made you guys think you won't face the same problems in the future? Have things been changed within the SK organisation? Do you have certain promises from the SK organisation?

    SK|calc: Discussing the NiP matter is pretty much pointless from our behalf. This is a new time for both us and SK and we feel that this co-operation with us and the management will be very successfull.

    Gamelux: Could you give us some reasons why the players from NiP should regret they ever left SK?

    SK|gosey: I guess we don't care about them anymore to be honest. They have their own new organisation right now that looks promising, if that turns out well, we are happy for them. Right now we are just focusing on the future and have already put the past behind us.

    Gotfrag: I mean no offence by this but you guys have been in a bit of a slump for a while now. What made SK take you guys on board rather than a Swedish team do you think?

    SK|spx: If you look at our performances from a international perspective I would hardly call it a slump. We performed well outside of Denmark, and this just gives us an oppertunity to further improve our game. I am sure SK made the right choice for 2005, and we cant wait to get on with this new co-operation

    Gotfrag: You're basically the same team as Titans was beforehand. What did SK offer you that was so irresistable? Was it just the SK name or was there something else involved?

    SK|calc: One thing is SK beeing a gamer dream with everything but our ingame skills covered. Another thing is the big step this is for a danish team like us. Denmark never really had a sponsored powerhouse, and now finally we've landed here. So to answer directly, its not about the name but about the whole concept of progaming :)

    pantheonES: Can you tell me the new SK line up and how did it come about after the break up of the former team?

    SK|spx: Gosey contacted us some days ago, asking us if we would be interested in becoming the new SK. We saw this as a great opportunity and werent long to decide that we would join

    pantheonES: Do you believe that this team could possibly be the new "superteam" SK once was and possibly be stronger than the now NiP team?

    SK|calc: We're not the new NiP. Every large scale tournament these days have various contenders for the gold, and holding on to a 1st place is much more valuable than earlier on. Of course we believe we're able to compete with all of them, elseway there would be no point in us beeing here :)

    rushed: To whoever is first to paste the arranged answer: How do you plan to handle the age of your latest addition whimp regarding international tournaments?

    SK|calc: First of, none of this is arranged answers :). We're still looking into the age rules regarding whimp, but no matter what he will turn 17 before summer comes.

    Played: When you were a part of The Titans, KK was the Tactical leader, who will have that role now?

    SK|Drally: calc will call the tacs.

    SK|spx: cALC will be our new ingame leader, but the team as a whole will be more involved in the playing style and strat making now.

    Played: For how long are you on a contract with the SK organisation and do you get a monthly wage as the former SK.swe did?

    SK|spx: Contract details aren't spoken about.

    ClanBase: What are your expectations for the ClanBase EuroCup XI, which is the next international tournament you are in with other high level teams attending? What do you expect from the other teams in your group (plan-B, suiGeneris, M19, ICE Gaming, aAa)?

    SK|spx: Our primary goal is to make it to the lan finals and if reached I think we have a good shot at winning. We expect to win our group, but with top notch teams like aAa and m19 anything will be possible.

    ClanBase: Will you keep on playing in online competitions under the new management in the future, given the tournament host offers a suitable environment (aka prize money, lan finals, etc)?

    SK|calc: We will play in anything interesting, but havent decided on anything particular yet regarding online events. We'll see what happens :)

    - Profile en SK SK-Gaming Profile

    - Twitter @mauzzer

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    Good Luck, SKitans :).
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    quiero ver al titans de antes q ganaba todo :D bueno ahora SK
    - ک . hadrOOOk
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    Cita Iniciado por NoobZaibot
    Good Luck, SKitans :).

    ¿qe pasaria si les pasa lo mismo a los nuevos SK (ex titans), lo qe le paso a los antiguos?

    no me gusta la idea de qe se hayan cambiado ...
    Lo Bueno para los que esperan, todo llega ;)

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