BETA Informations:
1. All the main farming mobs drop rates will be boosted
2. Experience Point boost 1000% for whole BETA
3. Power Up Store free for all
4. Merchant Event active all-time with Merchant Token every 1minute
5. Online gift's for all online users such as Gems,Fragments,Chests
6. All events will be active
7. Top 5 users overall ranking will be rewarded with 1000 Knight Cash
8. Top 5 KDR Ratio users will be rewarded with 1000 Knight Cash ( You need at least 100 kills to be in KDR Ranking )
9. Random 5 users from TOP 100 will receive 1000 Knight Cash

Offical Informations:
1. Max Level: 65
2. Master Quest: Disabled
3. Skills 70-72 no longer require quest. It will be automatic once you finish Master Quest
4. Drop rates for High Class items has been highly lowered
It will be easy to obtain Middle Class items such as Full Plates / Cleavers +5 and a lot harder for better weapons/armors
5. Active events from beginning: Border Defense War, Bi-frost, Death Match, Collecting Race

Helpful Links:
- All Server Changes/Updates
- Guides & Rules
- Power Up Store
- Drop List
- Item Quest
- Upgrade Rates
- Gem, Frag, Chest Exchange Probabilities

Check out our forum for more informations. Annoucement & Guide sections there you can find everything with specific explainations.
See you & Lets get some fun
Project-KO Team