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[] Best Myko PK ▌▌70/1 ▌▌ 11 March 08:30pm !

Esta es una discusión para el tema [] Best Myko PK ▌▌70/1 ▌▌ 11 March 08:30pm ! en el foro Knight Online, bajo la categoría Top Games; We re developed tihs database for you Myko Users ! Did you still not boring to open myko Server each ...
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    Predeterminado [] Best Myko PK ▌▌70/1 ▌▌ 11 March 08:30pm !

    We re developed tihs database for you Myko Users !
    Did you still not boring to open myko Server each week?
    After work/school you wanna good pk and a lıttle farm?
    Cogratzz !You re in correct Post !
    Create your Teams ! Create Your Clans !

    Please Make Sure to Download Client Before You Login the Zone-PK !
    If you dont download client, you cant join our game.



    ReLaunch OFFICIAL : 11 March 08:30 PM !
    Who need weekend? Why? You dont need more tıme to play this Good Game ! Because you dont need level up and More Items !

    Old&New Skin Item System

    Exchange Master Item to KC System
    Medal System
    GiftPoint System
    Blood Of Revenge System
    Red&Black Chitin Armor Skin System
    Lunar War Invade Farm System
    Multi Client
    Screen Far Option
    Keep Reading For More Details.

    Lets look our game;

    Prestige Events:
    1) Winner of Delos war : Which clan will win the Delos, we ll give patch all users this clan picture in Loading screen !
    2) Whch Clan will win the ClanVS event we ll give patch all users this clan picture Login Screen !

    Starter Items;
    70Lv. Shell +8 Set - Shard Raptor Elixir +8( OLD SKIN )Classic Items
    You can drop New Skin Items from Dark Mare&Death Mare !
    Uniqe Items: ROL - ROC - ROM - WE - ME - CE - EP - WP - PP ve Old Bronze Belt

    Blood Of Revenge System:

    You will get this item from cz When you kill someone. You can Exchange BOR ıtem under the picture

    Gift Point System:
    CZ'de her kill başına 1x GiftPoint kazanırsınız. Bu GiftPointler ile Çeşitli PUS eşyalarına sahip olabilirsiniz.

    Master Items Exchange to KC System:
    You can exchange master items with KC.

    70 Quest Sınırsız:
    This quest is repeatable. When you loot 10x Personal Stone, You can exchange with 70 Quest Item. Thıs slot in CZ.(Homeko slot)

    Lunar War İnvade Farm System(Medal Event):
    When you invade Karus/Human you can farm in Medal slots(Blue Green Red Chest, Medal,Red&Black Chitin) Cordınats : Old Ape Slots.

    Isıloon Floor Active:
    You can drop +8 Dagger Defanse Items(17 DD) Old Iron nec - Belt - Ske Belt - Chitin Shield etc. items. And If you wanna join Felankor Room, you Must kill Isiloon to drop Dragon's Marble !

    Felankor Room:
    If you wanna enter Felankor Room you need 1x Dragon's Marble and 1x Gold Bar. Drops are same with Isıloon but percent is different.

    Ultima Room:
    Ultima Room in Bi Frost. If you wanna enter here, You need to join Bi-Frost and collect 7 different Fragments from Bi-Frost Monsters.

    Event List:


    Blue - Green - Red Chest:
    Dark Mare %1 Just in CZ.
    Death Mare %5 Just in Bowl.
    Events like BDW CR DM LM.
    Lunar War Farm System(Medal Event)
    Ardream Event Special Slots in Bowl
    Bowl Bosses %15.

    New Skin Classic Items:
    Dark Mare %10
    Death Mare %15

    70 Quest Items:
    In CZ in Front of the Nation Towns(Homeko Slot)
    Collect 10x Personal Item=Exchange 1x 70 Quest Item
    (Repeatble - Sınırsız)

    Fragments :
    Just in Bi-Frost Event.
    3 Days in a Week.

    Juraid Event
    All Day.

    Bowl Bosses and Red Chest

    Anti Defance Items:
    Bowl Bosses
    Dark Mare %1 - Death Mare %2
    (Drops are +1) (Upgradeable)

    Some Unıqe Items:
    P.E - SSE - EME vb. Bowl Bosses

    Old Iron Nec - Belt - Skeleton Belt - Bronze Belt - Chitin Shield - DD+8
    Isıloon - Felankor - Ultıma

    NOT: Shells and Red&Black Chitins has same defanse and stat points. Red and Black Chitins just skin !
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    Predeterminado Re: [] %20 FARM %80 PK ! ▌▌70/1 ▌▌ %100 MYKO PK Very Light Farm !

    Up to date !

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