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Greetings Knight Online Community!

I have some REALLY exciting news for all of you today! We have launched the Open Beta for the new expansion for Knight Online so that all of you can experience what is coming in the very near future. It is still a work in progress and there may be issues that you will experience. There is a section in the Official Knight Online Forums titled, "New Expansion Bug Reports" which was created so that the entire community can report any issues they encounter while playing the Open Beta.

To install the Open Beta, please read these instructions.

Before installing the Open Beta you MUST make sure that your current Knight Online installation is patched to the current version of 1483 or the Open Beta may not function properly!

The Open Beta can be downloaded from either of these 2 locations. The Pando link will require you to download their client to obtain the file.

Download from Pando

Download from GameDaily.com

First download the KOL Open Beta executable. Once you have downloaded the Knight Online Open Beta Installer to your computer, double click on the icon to begin the installation process.

After clicking the "Next" button you will be presented the Knight Online License Agreement. If you accept the terms of the license agreement, click to mark the corresponding bubble and then click "Next".

After accepting the agreement, the installation directory option is presented. It is suggested that the default directory be used but another directory can be specified. After the directory for installation is chosen, click "Next".

Click the "Install" button to continue with the final installation of the Open Beta.

The following screen will be shown after you click the "Install" button. Click "OK" to continue to copy the existing Knight Online installation to the new directory.

After the directory has been copied, click "Yes" to proceed with the Open Beta installation into the new directory.

Once the installation is completed, click "Finish" to complete the installation and return to the desktop.

When you return to the desktop, you will notice a new shortcut icon. Double click this icon to enter the Open Beta.

Login with your existing account and create a character as you would normally on a new server!

We will continue to update the entire Knight Online Community with information on this expansion through to its official release! The entire Knight Online Team is excited about this new content and we thank you for your continued support of Knight Online!

-The Knight Online Team

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