Greetings everyone,

As you know the KnightOnline scene still has a lot of players, however through all those years the amount of private servers has been drastically decreasing due to new Server Owners have no chance to compete and don't know where or how to start a server. At we brought up a team that will help you achieve your goals and do what is currently one of the most profitable thing to do as Knight Online gamer.

Who are we?
A team of people that have an average of 8 years experience with hosting,developing and creating servers. We are determined and hundred percent sure in what we do, and would like to bring that to you.

What services do we offer?
As you can see on our website , we are offering everything you would need for creating your own server.
1) Over 30 different databases, as well as creating custom databases anything you would need.
2) Server Files and Licenced AntiCheats directly from original creators.
3) Licenced Web Sites / Power UP Stores / and different Web Files coming from biggest Web Developers in Knight Online community.
4) Coaching and guidance on how to create your own server and have loads of users and big chunk of profit.

If you are new, beginner coaching is possible in which you will learn how to become a good enough administrator to own a successful big server.
Everything that we do have a background, licence and is 100% refundable in case you did not get what you expected.

Our coaching and guidance package will refund 200% of your investement if your server doesn't make at least 300% ROI. (Return of investement)
Are you ready to take a step forward, in making not only a good server for all your friends and worldwide players but also make a primary or side profit by doing what you really love.

Visit our website and get in touch with us

We are currently looking for blog writer and content creator. The tasks for that job is writing reviews, and making stories about our customers opening a server or other servers in general. If you think you are good enough for this job you can apply through our website with 1 blog of at least 100 words describing current Knight Online Private Scene. Out of all participants we will choose at least one that will be writing blogs, and reviews for us and will be paid / per word. (Don't worry we will not use your sign up content, without accepting you to the team, it shouldn't take you long to write 100 words of content)