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YOURKO [The King OF MYKO Platform] Server New World MITHRA at 3rd MAY 19:00 CET

Esta es una discusión para el tema YOURKO [The King OF MYKO Platform] Server New World MITHRA at 3rd MAY 19:00 CET en el foro Knight Online, bajo la categoría Top Games; Hi YOURKO Family , We are together again with the new features! What we have done until now? What are ...
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    Predeterminado YOURKO [The King OF MYKO Platform] Server New World MITHRA at 3rd MAY 19:00 CET

    Hi YOURKO Family,
    We are together again with the new features!
    What we have done until now? What are we doing, I will give some informations about these topics. Especially I am going to answer this question; why the server MITHRA is going to be different than previous servers?

    ⭐Random Knight Cash Voucher, when you give it to Medusa NPC, you will be rewarded with a random cash point between 100KC and 3200KC.

    ⭐Ibex(1080 hp) and Crisis(2880 MP) Potions are added. (No weight)

    ⭐Maestro Voucher, can be exchanged from Medusa NPC, gives you a potion. It will spend your current coins since you use this potion.

    ⭐ You will have additional 48 slots in your invertory during 30 days.

    ⭐ Clan Premium Service, Specifications are not defined yet. Only clan leader can Exchange it and all clan members can enjoy the Premium.

    ⭐Fake Boss Drops are updated.

    ⭐ Garden Farm, will be activated in Colony Zone. Monsters will have the same HP,AC and DMG as same as Bi-forst monsters, such as Ego and Glutton.. Almost impossible to kill these monsters alone. There are 7 different fragments that you can drop. GardenFragment drops are Chitin, Exceptional Items, some kind of Middle and High Class items and

    Master-Skill items.

    ⭐Switch Premium contains three of premiums; EXP - WAR - FARMER . Price is 150 YB (Switch Premium Skin is still in process.)
    ⭐What is Farmer Premium? You can sell the items to NPC with higher coins and coins drops from monsters are 400% higher than original.
    ⭐With the Farmer Premium, the farm system will be adopted as collecting coins at some areas, such as ESLANT-2.

    ⭐ WAR Premium Bonus Loyalty 12
    ⭐ EXP Premium Bonus Loyalty 6
    ⭐ Clan Premium Bonus Loyalty 3
    ⭐ Gold Premium Bonus Loyalty 3
    ⭐ Silver Premium Bonus Loyalty 2
    ⭐ Bronze Premium Bonus Loyalty 1

    ⭐ESPOR, We are planning to start with Clan Vs Tournaments, later on JOB Vs is planned.
    ⭐Clan Hostes,

    ⭐Blue(60 Defense)

    ⭐Red Potions (Attack Increase 10%)

    ⭐New Border Defense War System, No need to have National Points, BDW Parties will be created according to your previous BDW scores.

    Beginning: Level 65 Cap
    Maksimum: Level 72 Cap
    Level Difficulty : MIDDLE
    ITEM Difficulty : HARD
    Coins Difficulty : HARD

    ⭐There will be 2 servers; MITHRA ve MITHRA -M, MITHRA-M is only to farm, Merchant and EXP.

    ⭐ESLANT 3 map is disabled in MITHRA server.

    ⭐MITHRA server will be based on Activities, PK, EXP and Farm.

    ⭐ Lunar War has some problems with the 2 server system, so it will be activated later.

    ⭐ Chitin Shield and Dread Shield drops are activated since the beginning,

    ⭐Chitin Shield Anti Defs are reduced from 50 to 25, Dread Shield DEF is reduced.

    ⭐Merchant EXP event will be activated since the beginning but the exp rate is reduced from 5% to 2% per hour.

    ⭐ Exceptional Item Drops will be activated since the beginning with the Gardem Farm System.
    ⭐ Forgetten Temple first survey was created.

    ⭐ Bi-Frost Event Time will be decided with the player survey.

    ⭐ Ardream and Collection Race Map (RonarkLand) entrance prices are disabled. Entrances will be free.

    ⭐ Colony Zone map will be activated as RonarkLand.

    ⭐ (GOLD,EXP ve WAR) Premium rewards(scrolls etc.) will be sent to your inventory after exchange.

    ⭐Colony Zone Chaos Stone Spawn Time is 2 hours. Drops are reduced.

    And for new quest level 65 details click here.

    Server Details
    Level 65 Cap (Maximum Cap Level 72)
    Items Drop Rate Hard
    EXP Rate Light
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    Predeterminado Re: YOURKO [The King OF MYKO Platform] Server New World MITHRA at 3rd MAY 19:00 CET

    In addition to these features you need to know these improvements also!
    As you know we are doing our best in private server market to provide you best service.Every day we add more improvements and extra quality to our server so that our customers enjoy the old knight online!

    1-Glitch disable

    As you know glitch definition is runing faster via clicking usable skills and items.We are proud to say that you can no longer do that annoying bug .If you try to glitch in game you will get instant freeze for 3 seconds.

    2-Middle-Low-High Class upgrade system

    Feel free to upgrade your paper and middle class gears via original scrolls! annoying Bus waste is over ! Keep in mind that our upgrade rates are same with original knight!

    Click here for details..

    3-Medal of Brave

    For every kill in cz you will get 1 Medal of Brave.3333 Medal gives you %20 hp, 6666 gives you %10 def, 9999 of them increases your attack %5 ! You can also sell these items.

    4-New Quest System

    In order to see new quests click here !

    5-Death Match Event

    You can register via Moradon Furcia Npc, it lasts 15 minutes.You will get auto 10k hp, also int priests hits 750 with special skills.Kill the most get the random pus rewards!

    6-In game Event Calendar

    When you click the icon next to hp bar, you can check the exact time of events.

    7-In game Colony Zone Rank System

    When you hit the console button 1 seconds, you can see the np rank in colony zone just like USKO!

    8-Ardream Event

    Ardream map consist of original Npc and monsters.There are special Exp and Coin event slots also! When ardream event activated, Colony zone will be closed just like wars.You can use the moradon gate in order to join this event.

    9-Border Defense War Event

    You can join this Event from Moradon Furcia Npc, prizes are random pus items and lots of Exp!

    10-Character Seal and Unseal

    Now you can sell your characters via Seal Scroll in Merchant or trades with safety !

    11-Bonus Knight Cash System

    Every purchase you made from virtual store you will get bonus KC points, you can purchase pus items with these bonus points via Bonus KC page in Power up Store!

    12-Reward for weekly National Point Champions

    Every friday at 00:00 Gmt+2 Each champion will get Blue Chests! ( Rewards may vary from week to week)

    13-Hera Scroll and National Point Increase Item

    Hera scrolls and National point scroll are working perfect and %100 original!.Np increase item gives you bonus %25 Np !

    14-Drop List

    You can access and search our drop list via our official site with ease! Click here for details

    15-Protect your character with MAC Filter

    After you log in our web site, you can easily protect your character from hackers with MAC Filter! After the implementation of MAC Filter only your pc can login game! Click here for details

    16-Protect your items with Item seal

    You can seal your items without premium also! You can seal your items at Moradon Furcia..

    17-The opportunity that sell your Gold bars to YOURKO server exchange of either money or KC!

    You can sell your Gold bars to YOURKO server all times! YOURKO will sell those Gold bars to other customers in order the maintain secure trades.
    How can i sell my Gold bars ?
    Its really easy! This process occurs in Furcia Npc. After 3-5 working days money will be send to your written bank account in Npc!
    Gold Bar sale is limited with 100 stocks,after 100 stocks are sold you can sell again! Also you can check the Power up store in order see buyer and seller!

    18-Gain Exp with Merchant

    In game characters will get %1 in all levels every hour!

    19- Sharing Scrolls with Party Members

    20- New Chest System and Collection Race Event

    21- You can change your weapons to old skin with "Change Old Style Weapon" at +7- +8. If you get bored of using the old skin weapon, you can also change it to new skin with "Change New Style Weapon".

    In addition:
    -Master will be closed first week for equality!
    -Class change active, your master will be erased in use!
    -1k hp, 150ac, Swift scrolls at Furcia Npc in Moradon!
    -Premium users can use stat and skill reset all times free!
    -Premium users can use cure Npc in Colony zone!
    -Your hp should be over %80 in order to use town command!
    -Potion of soul(1920) is only 6500 coins!
    -There are sale limit for Knight cash vouchers in game, over pricing is blocked!

    El-Morad Atilla Locations
    Karus Atilla Locations

    Also you have to register via Web site, Registiration is not auto! You can use old server Account IDs.

    ##You got in game problems and questions, what can you do about them ? ##

    You can ask every question and in game problem of yours to our Game masters, GM list is available in Web site all times! Also we got 3 different language support in order to solve your problems

    ## May i sell my account or items in game with real money ? ##

    In game real money sales are forbidden!

    ## I started in YOURKO Clan, What is this ? ##

    We prepared a special starter clan for new players, in order make parties and help each other in game.You can use this clan to find new friends and get experience!
    Also we prepared a compelete different YOURKO starter clan for foreign users in order to provide better communication and comfortable server experience! Foreign users will start in this clan automatically, arranged via their IPs!

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    Predeterminado Re: YOURKO [The King OF MYKO Platform] Server New World MITHRA at 3rd MAY 19:00 CET

    NEW Features

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    Predeterminado Re: YOURKO [The King OF MYKO Platform] Server New World MITHRA at 3rd MAY 19:00 CET

    Last 45 Minutes for BETA

    New Level 65 Personal Quest Features added

    Respawn time 15 Minutes

    El Morad side

    Karus Side

    Personal Quest items featues


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