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Razorgore (Underground Hardcore)

Blackwing Lair, zoned in as we phased through/
40-man crew, with 8 classes in the raid group/
So we know whats in store, MT controllin the orb/
Breaking the eggs to bring him out to phase 2/
Lets get it happenin, Hunters kitin dragonkin/
Running up and jumping down ramps for the fake route/
With the last egg down, Razorgore gonna break through/
The MC, MT settin the pace to/
DPS him down, Line of sight the fireballs/
Stay behind in spite before it bakes you/
So Off-Tank, stand at your 90-degree angle/
So when he breaths, it doesnt conflagrate you/
Slow and steady, Razorgore givin his paid dues/
Tier 2 bracers from his grave loot/
Then we line up, 40-man raid group/
To move to Vaels room, BWL Take 2/

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt - (Midwest Story-Telling)

Now hold up hold up, Im rememberin
We need to kill some goblins for looting elementium/
Odd groups to the left, even groups to the right/
Attack the goblin mobs, dont lose them in sight/
Aight, Good Job, with a standing ovation/
Now line up on Vaels right in battle formation/
Tank 1s in front of the big 3/
Tank 4s got an FR of 315/
Vaelastrasz making one hell of a big scene/
Hes 30% life, do you wonder what this means?
Everyone ready? Lemme do a head count/
Aight, start the encounter, essence of the red now/
Tank 1 in line gotta agro manage/
A healer for every class, theres no bandage/
Tank 1 BA, max out on the low damage/
Ok everyone stop, Rogues Vanish/
Hunters feign, lemme see the priests fade/
Cant no one OT when we move to each phase/
Tank 1s dead, tank 2 face him to the east/
Tank 2 watch where you placing the beast/
20% and hes getting hostile/
Mage BA, so move to the tail and start throwin out frost bolts/
Vaelastrasz gives out some of the better loot/
So Warrior DPS it, lets see some executes/
45 seconds, somebody check the time/
Tank 2 BA, tank 3 youre next in line/
Tank down, tank 3 make him turn around/
Aight hes got aggro, everybody burn him down/
Ah geez, stop having a laugh/
Paladins keep your groups up! Stop casting the hammers of wrath!/
Vael down, we all here did well/
Now we can loot the body for our tier 2 belts/
Aight everybody line up, matta fact/
Our next agenda is the next 2 death talon packs

Broodlord Lashlayer - (Tupac Shakur Impersonation)

Aight MT you ready? Lets get this thang started/
Aight now MT move to the middle, it aint a riddle/
Son, you gotta get the hatcher situated and settled/
Uh, Need that AoE on the whelps too/
Mages do it, Paladin bops are finna help you/
Once every pack is down, move to the corner/
Quiet on ventrilo son, we need order/
Nobody can die, healers take it personal/
Aight we done here, take it out the first floor/
Lets move to the second, we be wrecking/
Warrior sweeping strikes and blade flurries with weapons uh/
Move in and counterspell the healing prayer/
Gather your lifesavers, its Broodlord Lashlayer/
Now we at the corner before him, priests get out forts and/
Shield after mortal strike, thats important/
Warriors charge him, you got heals, no stressin/
Rogues heres your lesson, get on the suppression/
AoE Knockback, aint no way to stop that/
Broodlord on a new tank, Druids get them HoTs back/
Mages and locks, youre the cloth pack/
The tanks at 30%, lemme get a healer to top that/
Do what the raid leader says/
If we get a warrior down, we need a druid wit a battle rez/
I pulled aggro, looking like he wants to kill me/
I'll move to the tanks so some of y'all betta heal me/
Broodlord at 5 percent, pierce him through/
With everything you got for our tier 2 boots/
and DPS zerg him, and hes at dead rest/
Random 1000 if you need him for yo head quest/
Everyone line up/
We finna clear the trash mobs in front of Firemaw before the times up/

Firemaw - (Dirty South - West Coast)

MT, best be holdin' still,
gripping tight with a sword and shield, gotta keep it real, 9K AC with the plated steel/
gonna roll with Firemaw, how we gonna keep the fire off?
the first warrior gonna need more than 315 FR/
Now listen here dude, priests gonna heal you/
and after shadow flame, priests gon shield you/
Now I'mma say it plenty times up in plenty rhymes/
That Fire Buffet stacks up way up over twenty times/
Name of the game is LOS, if you hit, call an SOS/
Here's the test for Firemaw, y'all gotta be the best of the best/
MT's in the corner, step up to the border/
so you don't get hit by the fire buffet, keep that order/
and go slower, on the dps so you don't pull
and let me take a dura hit to make myself po'er/
let's get it on tonight, and stay organized/
when firemaw's beginning to cast wing buffet, then y'all taunt him right/
Offtanks get on Firemaw, cuz he deaggroes/
Now give him back to the main tank, I'm calling "DPS GO!"/
Let's make it happen, push to the front and y'all start casting/
But remember to move to the back when the fire buffet begins to stack 10/
We right in the action, He's at 5% let's drop this dragon/
And no homeboy, killing Firemaw does not increase faction/
Finishing blow, now we gon hear wassup/
Somebody link the loot, let's see them tier 2 gloves/
Done with that boss, y'all be like "that's all?"/
Nah dawg, now we finna clear some trash mobs/

Trash Mob Packs - (East Coast - New School)
Aight y'all cats in da raid group, y'all need to be with me/
And every warrior to the front, ready to assist me/
We ain't gonna stop till every boss in this place is gone/
So everyone take a breath, and put yo game faces on/
MT 1, 2 you're both on a warlock/
We'll DPS those first, assist using the fourth box/
I want a Hunter in the front that's armed with a full clip/
5,4,3,2,1, alright pull it/
MT 3, 5 you're on spellbinders, here's the reminder/
for MT 6, your mission is technicians/
The orc locks gotta die first, their AoE is savage/
Enraged Felguards, gimme a banish/
So keep the dps fast, and the heals competent
Melee on Spellbinders, the rest ta kill goblins/
There's an overseer that's still wobblin/
So let's dps him down, and now the real problem is/
Not enough MT healing, throw a shield on to them/
Kill the last technician, and now I feel confident/
We can move on to the packs of wyrmguards/
Y'all need to keep in mind that each one of these things hurt hard/
Clearing this trash can take close to one hour/
So we need a off tank that's ready for bronze power/
Another backup for green, get up a network/
of healing for the tanks, and we're dropping the red first/
Once the wyrmguards are down, it's all rinse and repeat/
Ebonroc and Flamegor gon be seeing defeat...

Ebonroc (Underground Hardcore)

Check, Check, Check.
Raid Group with 20 killers, armed with 20 healers/
Locked down with a strategy that's proven to be plenty iller/
So get them buffs out, hunters with them guns out/
MT run down, and put him between any pillars/
Yeah I'm talking about that Drake Ebonroc, dawg/
Don't make me scream at you until I got lock jaw/
I ain't got a repair bot y'all, so drop yours/
Everyone repair, no excuses because you're not poor/
We must use warriors plated from the knees up/
to please taunt every single shadow debuff/
In WoW, we trust, Ebonroc will drop some neat stuff/
to suck all of your DKP up/
So MT, put your back to the wall/
Before he puts a crack in your jaw, when wing buffet happens you need to be fast with the call/
Everyone who's playing bad with a flaw/
Your occupation is slaying dragons and all, not practicing law/
So be professional, this boss is the biggest of jokes/
And the strategy's fine, we ain't gonna fix what ain't broke/
Ebonroc is easy but before you think it's a hoax/
there's a rogue down, why? he ain't wearin' his Onyxia cloak/
So keep the Mortal Strike on him/
Warriors might taunt him? Nah, do it right before I make it my problem/
5 percent, dps til he's reduced to nada/
Loot the gold, that's enough to buy you out some gucci prada/
There's a mage afk, so I'm gonna boot him outta/
the raid to go to Flamegor, a.k.a. The Loot Pinata/

Flamegor - (Snoop Dogg Impersonation)

now when we step in the corner, it's real breezy/
Blizzard made Flamegor to be too easy/
We need a pally that can stay ooc/
so he can rez shaun dogg/
every dps in for the onslaught/
I'mma just watch cuz I'm a pimp, call me Shaun Dogg/
Tanks gotta taunt the wing buffet/
Then we can get ourselves a chicken wing buffet/
Or is it wing buffet, put the plates away/
cuz y'all smooth cats can't be afk/
and y'all zoom out, this ain't a fps/
Need the dps with the hps/
y'all healing cats, check the LoS/
So use that LoH, and the NS/
if the main dude starts droppin' HP/
Top him off using all up that MP/
single target damage, no AoE/
just instant attacks and some DoT's/
you can front like a balla in RP/
Or PvP to PvE/
But y'all cats need to listen up tho/
Cuz if you be pullin' a g g r o/
run to flamegor, or it won't be funny/
Gotta take him down so we can make that money/
So y'all hunter cats, bust a tranq cap/
Loot that gold to make the guild bank phat
celebrate, like what the hell/
pass that bread and the roasted quail/
we ain't sippin on the gin n juice y'all/
naw, we sippin' on da thunderbrew dawg/

yayuh, that's how a pimp do it...

Chromaggus - (Jurassic 5 Impersonation)

This one's a big dog, have you heard of him man?
I heard you gotta tank him facing down the circular ramp/
He looks nasty, make you blow a turd in your pants
But we gotta down Chromaggus, cuz we yearn to advance/
I'm a knight like Lancelot, exotic like Bangkok/
sword and shield armed, with a rifle that's hand-cocked/
So before this damn dog chews through me like ham hocks/
Every hunter gotta shoot him with tranq shots/
Hold the DPS, wait for first breath/
Healers LoS me when I take the first step/
Incinerate, but it ain't gonna hurt yet/
Wait for next breath, then we'll pass the verdict/
Perfect, it's frost breath, DPS in/
Run in, Run out, repeat it again/
I'm bleeding my friend, please make the healing ascend/
Watch the seconds rogues, y'all best be leaving at 10/
If you die, don't run, you'll encounter a locked door/
Just sit tight and play around with a mock sword/
Druids pass the innervates if you got more/
mana, then you need to be decursing the top floor/
Do it clean with the encores/
and our repair bill gon be cheaper than a Counterstrike awp [email protected]!#&/
Chromaggus down, someone check if he dropped hoards/
of loot that would make every one of us flock towards/
Take the gold, stash that in the sock drawer/
Pull my broadsword blacksmithed from a hot forge/
Nefarian is the number one boss for/
This instance, and we're making the top score/

He's C, H, R, O, M, A, double G, U, S
You gotta be the best ever yet/
If you want to beat him, you're gonna catch wreck/
Put on a kevlar vest, this dog will set you to the test/

Nefarian - (NYC Gangsta-ish)

Readied up in front of Nefarius with a Big Crew/
40 main raid turned into split groups/
20-man part moved into tight form/
Warriors plugging up left and right doors/
Locks set up blood pact, all because that/
We need the buff, hunters move, set up frost traps/
Lemme lay down some ground rules, keep your eyes glued/
Even heal the even, Odd heal the odd groups/
Ready up the swords, shields, staves, and guns y'all/
Nefarius said the game has begun y'all/
Y'all dps follow this system/
Each side has a main rogue, just assist him/
Popping off shots with an automatic burst/
Colors 2nd, we finna dead chromatics first/
If it's green, no problem/
If it's blue, every single caster move away from the bottom/
If it's bronze y'all, that's just a joke too/
Intercept that, a chromatic just broke through/
Don't get too cozy, yo matta fact/
Paladins turn on FR, for red and black/
MT get ready for the take down/
How many drakonids dead? 38 count/
Nefarian lands, here we go to phase 2/
MT back to the wall, you betta have him face you/
Finish both gates off or we might die/
When we done, casters stack on the right side/
Cut him down, buckin' shots till you're empty
Dwarf Priests, fear ward on the mt
Everyone stand by for the class call/
Paladin phase, dps take your hands off/
Let it run out, druids get them hots up/
Priests if you heal during your call, you'll get locked up/
You'll put the wrong dots up, Sit in the back row/
Hunter class call, use deequip macros/
DPS go, drop him real fast/
make him feel that, buckin' shots from mah steel gat/
Druid class call got us on the reverse/
I'mma say 3 words, mages please decurse/
Warrior call, don't make start me cursin' man/
Every overheal now, MT's in berserker stance/
Mage call got me nervous with a tense grip/
Every healer in the raid group gotta cleanse it/
druids gotta mend swift, when the tank's hurtin/
Rogue Class Call, MT gotta turn him/
Swerve him, Hurt him, now and it's payday/
Warlock Call, drop infernals with the melee/
20% percent health, Nef will take a clean death/
Zerg incoming, caster stack gotta reset/
Every warrior gotta keep it real y'all/
Stand with the caster stack, keep the spread real small/
Challenging Shout the zerg with a Shield Wall/
Cuz they'll run to the stack from the heals y'all/
Zerg over, spam with an execute/
Damn don't forget it dude, hand in the better loot/
Hang Nef in Stormwind when we run out/
BWL Clear, the instance is done now/

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