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Entrevista a IceFrog

Esta es una discusión para el tema Entrevista a IceFrog en el foro DotA, bajo la categoría Top Games; con las disculpas del caso, pero no lo voy a traducir (adrede), pués a pesar que es un foro en ...
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    Predeterminado Entrevista a IceFrog

    con las disculpas del caso, pero no lo voy a traducir (adrede), pués a pesar que es un foro en español, los gamers de habla hispana debemos aprender palabras/frases/jergas en ingles. Con esto busco darles "motiveishon" =d .

    Entrevista de Dota-league con IceFrog

    DL: What is your motor in working on DotA and how much time do you spend on it?

    IceFrog: The primary motivation would be developing a game that has high replay value and that I can enjoy playing myself. I love playing competitive games. I spend about 6 hours on average per day on map development, sometimes more depending on what issues exist. I also spend time playing DotA with people from many different communities and researching the differences amongst players from around the world.

    DL: Why is DotA so different from all the other competitive games and what makes it so significant?

    IceFrog: It would probably be the very heavy team oriented aspect of it. There are a lot of ups and downs during a single match which makes the players become very attached to the game and giving them avenues to improve themselves. Another factor is how each game feels different from the next one.

    DL: Did you ever imagine DotA becoming such a world hit?

    IceFrog: It makes me very happy to see how much the game has grown recently. It has become much bigger than I ever could have hoped for and it gives me great motivation to continuously develop and improve it.

    What things in DotA do you plan on changing?

    IceFrog: Well I don`t want to reveal too many specific things before they are fully developed, but there are a few things I think can be improved upon design wise; one of these is how powerups work. I am currently exploring a few different concepts on how they can be changed for future version to offer improved gameplay and added depth.

    DL: What do you think about and how do leagues, tournaments and pro players help improve DotA?

    IceFrog: It is a friendly and growing DotA community that seems to be focused on improving things. It provides a place for people that are new to the scene to get their feet wet and gives them plenty of room to advance. Tournaments, leagues and pro players in general help DotA in many ways. For the casual user, they provide an outlook as to how some strategies can be used and for many of them it also provides a motivator to play more games and get their friends involved. As a developer, it is great seeing how things change from version to version on the competitive scene and the more leagues that spawn, the more it helps provide insight into changes for future versions.

    DL: Will your development on DotA focus on competitive eSports even more in the future?

    IceFrog: Absolutely. Competitive gaming is something that is always on my mind and takes extra attention in many phases of development. I am always looking for features and changes that can help improve the experience that competitive players have during their games. This will certainly be the case in the long term as well.

    DL: As a european league, we know little about the Asian DotA scene. It is huge, no doubt, but does it influence the creation of DotA and the changes you add to it?

    IceFrog: The Asian community is certainly huge and has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year. Every DotA community has influence in some form or another. I make it a point to know what the playstyles and needs of the players are from each country. This is something that is actually given more attention than some realize. Some players are much more vocal than others, so it can be easy to make the mistake of assuming that everyone wants the same things from the game. It is rather dangerous and inhibiting to the progress of the game to be influenced only by 1 group of players. While I do certainly pay attention to the American and European gamers, I also focus on the feedback and needs of players from South America, Africa and Asia as well.

    DL: DotA with all its different items, heroes and complexity is quite hard for newcomers to get acquainted with and can take months to start actually playing properly. Do you plan on making it easier for beginners?

    IceFrog: I am working on a tutorial/walkthrough mode to help beginners, amongst other things.

    DL: What are your future goals for DotA?

    IceFrog: To continue to improve it and help it grow. As a player, what I look for in a game is clean simple design but lots of depth. There is always more work to be done in these areas to improve both the casual and competitive aspects of the game

    Preguntas Adicionales
    DL: If you were stranded on a deserted island, which three DotA items would you take along?

    IceFrog: This is your hardest question..It depends if Boots of Travel worked or not because if they did I would just teleport out! Otherwise I`d probably get Power Treads, Butterfly and Satanic? I`m not sure haha.. it depends what kind of animals there are

    DL: You published your email address in the DotA loading screen. How many emails do you get there every day (roughly) and what is the craziest email you have ever received?

    Quite a lot of emails come through, but it varies a lot from day to day. Yesterday it was many hundreds. I do my best to read and reply to as many of them as I can. I feel that if a user takes his/her time to write an email and lets me know his/her thoughts, I should try to do the same. It also helps me to understand some of the concerns players have and new things they would like to see. There are some funny emails for sure, but i`m not sure it is appropriate to share these private messages

    DL: Any shoutouts to the community?

    I would like to thank everyone that helps to spread DotA and thanks to all the different DotA communities around the world for their support!

    Link de la entrevista:

    Regalo Navideño
    Screenshots del remake del "Storm Spirit" en el que esta trabajando icefrog para la 6.58

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    aun no leo la entrevista completa pero.. me parece genial que empieze a hablar la rana..

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    Predeterminado Re: Entrevista a IceFrog

    Ecx.josH Garena / Engeljosh Hon

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    sacro imperio de Britannia

    Predeterminado Re: Entrevista a IceFrog


    mi ingles no es tan bueno..pero esta entendible =D
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    luis hablando troladas x)

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    Me parece bien que no haga el juego mas facil para novatos...
    No es tan complicado y ademas da mas competencia

    Por cierto, el cambio al Storm Spirit se ve chanal x3
    Remember the Fifth of November

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    lo unico q me gustaria saber es x q la version 6.57b a tardado mucho
    :/ me asusta >.< como si dota se kedara azi
    Si escribes "le" antes de cada palabra esta le da clase... como lesbiana la mujer con mas clase de todas :D

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    Predeterminado Re: Entrevista a IceFrog

    No, tiene que hacer el juego màs simple de alguna forma para poder ser un E-Sport.

    El tutorial es algo bueno, sin embargo no creo que baste, tiene que lograr que una persona que no sabe NADA de dota llegue a entender el juego.

    Por esta misma razòn es que las arenas de WoW aùn no son e-sport, por ejemplo yo aùn teniendo una "nociòn" del juego, veo un replay de un 3vs3 y no entiendo NADA.

    Me alegra mucho saber que Ice està buscando que dota sea un e-sport y le da mucha importancia al dota competitivo.

    En fin, lindo tb el rmk del storm que es un asco.

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