Since the beginning of the internets, man has wondered who would win in an epic battle: Goku or Superman? Much debate has been had on the internets (hell, even 4chan has argued on the subject) as to who is truly the greater superhero. It has been prophesied for that the epic battle will take place on the 21st December 2012, thus causing a rip in the Space-Time Continuum, creating an imbalance of matter and we're definitely all going to be fucked (except for Superman and Goku).

Y aun asi se demoro 3 semanas despues del 21 de Diciembre!

DEATH BATTLE! - Goku vs Superman |

Se ke aka hay muchos DBZ fans y a mi parecer muchas de las formulas estan mal. Sobre todo SSJ4 = 2(SSJ3) = 4(SSJ2) = 8(SSJ1) o algo por el estilo. Es un Supreman Fanboys hacen un video con todo su conocimientode COmics y usan Wikias de DBZ para sacar Info de DB

Lots of people got mad :p