F you saved Dofus Kamas up on reflections to purchase something in the bazaar, you might want to rush up and spend those reflections since they will no more be used for that after the update. A patch for some alterations will be planned a few weeks following the 2.54 upgrade is set up. It will mainly concern costs and probabilities of particular bonuses and/or services appearing from the bazaar, as well as the cost of defeat.In this fresh version of Infinite Dreams, fantasy reflections are no longer and will be replaced by fantasy points, which are now the attribute's only money. Dream points may be used to buy upgrades or services. Reflections exist, but they're now a fantasy source like any other. Also, you need to obtain them differently.

When it's fantasy points or this brand new way of earning reflections, all your winnings in Infinite Dreams will be governed by a new feature: the difficulty score.The first new thing you'll discover in the Infinite Dreams will undoubtedly be the problem score. By being calculated like this, the score affects your quest in two manners. To begin with, this score and this score alone decides the purchases you will be available in the bazaar, meaning that the grade of the proposed buys will better reflect your own exploration. It goes for all keepers.

Your winnings are also determined by the score. From that point, you get +1% fantasy points for every point you score over the present level. Conversely, you get -1% fantasy points for every point you score below the current level.The last thing which will help determine the score is your loot in the end of Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro a fight. That's right: I said loot! The loot is where you are going to find aged purchases in fantasy things. But before we get started on that topic, let's review our geography a bit.