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Halo 3 - File Share

Esta es una discusión para el tema Halo 3 - File Share en el foro Xbox, bajo la categoría Plataformas; Aparentemente algunas personas abusaron del servicio para compartir fotos de Halo 3 y empezaron a publicar fotos con contenido inapropiado. ...
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    Predeterminado Halo 3 - File Share

    Aparentemente algunas personas abusaron del servicio para compartir fotos de Halo 3 y empezaron a publicar fotos con contenido inapropiado.
    Bungee a tomado las medidas necesarias y junto con ellas ha publicado un gracioso FAQ con respecto a las medidas tomadas.

    Q: WTF I only had a picture of Hitler Pikachu in my File Share that I’d renamed something hilarious to share with my friends and I saw these other guys had pictures of women doing unnamable things to each other. That’s dirty, mine is just a joke, unban me.
    A: It’s wholly subjective to dictate what is and isn’t offensive. As a result, there is no subjectivity in assessing how files are treated. If a file qualifies as modded content regardless of whether it’s a walrus or a cartoon drawing – it is removed and the authors are removed from Halo 3 Matchmaking.
    Q: Where was the warning for this? I just logged in and that was it? I’m banned?
    A: Sure, we realize that not everyone tunes in on Friday to read the Weekly Update and folks probably don’t read the entire Terms of Service for Xbox Live, but that ignorance isn’t met with sympathy.
    The issue of File Share abuse is a pretty serious one and we will continue to police it incredibly aggressively.
    Q: I don’t have anything in my File Share, but I did save this hilarious Walrus picture. Will I get banned for that?
    A: Currently, we’re not policing download activity. However, if you rename the file and upload it, you’ll be considered an author and banned from Matchmaking. If you upload the file to your Share, you’ll permanently lose the File Share.
    Q: I made some uh, Forge "nude art" using the Halo 3 Forge, what is going to happen to me? Am I permanently banned from Matchmaking too?
    A: Inappropriate content, albeit racist, pornographic or otherwise created in Halo 3's Forge can result in revocation of File Share use.
    Q: I took a screenshot of this modded map, can I be banned from Matchmaking for that?
    A: Nope, the screenshot of modded content isn't a bannable offense. Just don't upload the modded content to your File Share.
    Q: OK, I’m really, really, really sorry that I filled my File Share with pictures of naked women. I won’t do it again. Can I have my File Share back please?
    A: lololololol

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    Predeterminado Re: Halo 3 - File Share

    jaja, eso es algo realmente gracioso.
    Sobre todo la ultima :D

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