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Steam- Update?

Esta es una discusión para el tema Steam- Update? en el foro Discusión General, bajo la categoría General; 11.12.03 GAME & ENGINE CHANGES: Fixed a Steam authentication error ("Invalid User ID Ticket") that occurred when connecting to any ...
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    Predeterminado Steam- Update?



    Fixed a Steam authentication error ("Invalid User ID Ticket") that occurred when connecting to any server which was run from the Steam Games list
    Added check to make sure only one instance of the game is running
    Added code to try help diagnose the 'filesystem dll not found' sporadic error
    Fixed startup crash where the text file buffer wasn't always terminated correctly causing bad info to be parsed out
    Changed error string "BADPASSWORD" to be a friendly string
    Added some more info to help debug 'could not load filesystem' error
    Fixed mouse cursor staying visible when alt-tabbing back into the game when in windowed mode
    Fixed corrupted VGUI2 text when using the TriAPI
    Added fallback to software mode if selected video mode is not supported when game tries to start
    Fixed bug where singleplayer games were listed in the Mods list for HLDS.
    Fixed bug where the Mod previously used wasn't being loaded properly (and saved) the next time you ran HLDS.
    Fixed 'load failed' error causing players to timeout from server during level changes
    Fixed problem pulling crates in half-life
    Fixed mp3 volume slider not taking effect immediately
    Fixed changing the bitdepth in video options not making the apply button show up
    Fixed downloading of custom content from a server never saying 'complete'
    Fixed sponsor banner never being shown in the game
    Fixed game menus still be clickable even when hidden by game load dialog
    Added compression to server->client file transfers, reduces connection time downloading security module -- controlled by "sv_filetransfercompression" cvar.
    Fixed crash opening options dialog if "voice_enable 0" was in the config.cfg file
    Changed default player name to be the users' friends name
    Fixed timer graphic not displaying in Counter-Strike

    Fixed "condump" command
    Fixed corrupted VGUI2 text when using the TriAPI (only happened in mods)
    Added greater control of game startup background & layout -- controlled by resource/BackgroundLayout.txt, BackgroundLoadingLayout.txt
    Increase MAX_HUD_SPRITES from 128 to 256
    Added avi playback option to game startup - the text file media/StartupVids.txt contains the list of avi's to play
    Changed missing models to only be fatal error when developer cvar > 1

    __________________________________________________ ___________
    Este update me lo pidio hace 20 minutos
    Despues cuando me quise conectar a cablenet .... me salio este error :-?

    This server is using and older protocol ( 46 ) Than your client ( 47 ). If you believe this server is outdated

    Q paso? :roll:
    Tiene algo q ver el fix del HLDS ?
    entren al foro de drago.

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    Solo esperen a que el server updatee y listo supongo. :roll:

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    Si es un problema de protocolo(de la versión 46 a la 47).

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    No.. seguramente estas usando el truco de Instalar Condition Zero y luego Counter Strike 1.6 .. es por eso la diferencia de protocolos. Chekea el PostIT en el Area de Ayuda Tecnica y veras que dice algo similar.

    PD: Ayer el Update se hizo trankilo en la PC donde yo estaba :) .
    PD2: Siriaco 0wned by Glock.
    I am The Terror That Flaps in the Night.....
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