Our goal is to provide the MU Online experience that was lost due to the greed of WebZen, providing our players with a fair game where skill and knowledge will triumph. We invite all of you to the MU Online players of the old days and the new ones who have just discovered this amazing game. Our staff has played this game since 2003, knowing all its seasons and details, which will contribute to an excellent experience for you players.

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General Server Information:

  • Versión: Season 6 Ep X (Nuevo Mapas, Eventos, Monsters, Comandos & Bosses)

  • Server Type: Riberth (PvP)

  • Lv. Máx: 400 (Normal) | 250 (Masters)

  • Experience: 40x (Dinamica)

  • Item Drop Rate: 30%

  • Spots: 4 Mobs (5 Mobs are HOT Spots)

  • Elf Soldier: Lv. 200

  • Vitality Pots x20 - Mana Pots x25

  • MU Helper: Lvl 1 + Attack + OffAttack

  • Heaven Box y medallas: Items + 6 ~ + 9 (Luck y Add Opt son aleatorias)

  • Customs: OffAttack, OffStore, Autoparty, Disconnect a friend, Marry System, Account Lock

  • Character Creation: Todos Lvl 1

  • Events: Todos WebZen + 10 Invasiones & Customs Nuevos

  • Limit 5 Accounts: For Hardware ID (PC NOT IP)

  • AntiCheat, Anti-DDoS, Dedicated Server 24/7, Launcher Auto-Update.

  • Castle Siege Enaled & CryWolf Event

  • NPC Shops: Similar to WebZen

  • Jewel Rates: Soul 60%, Jewel of Life 60%, Jewel of Bless 100%

¿Why is EroxMU so good?

  • Great community with over 400+ fans and growing.

  • The configuration of our server is INIGUALABLE & ORIGINAL. Nothing has been left to chance.

  • We perform regular maintenance to keep the game updated and in perfect condition.

  • We carry out continuous payment advertising with the aim of increasing our user base day by day.

  • Our ethics meet high standards, which means you will receive the same treatment as others.

  • We do this as a way of life, failure has a great punishment for us. MU is in our veins every day.

  • Finally, we love this game as much as you probably. We made many friends here and we hope you make at least a few more on our Server.

Screenshots of our Server