Hi everybody,

you mostly know me as a player, I used to play in same clan with Devile, NYchris and many other old players back in year 2004. From that time, I was mostly playing on official MYKO (then SEA MY KO) or some US KO servers (Diez, Carnac West). Now the time come and I decide to start own private server.

Please read the "Story behind"

Server will bring some new things into game.
1) Moneys
The server will run on LOW COIN ECONOMY model. The income of coins is very small in order to prevent a typical hyperinflation of KO servers. We added mechanisms that will allows us to control NOAH income and outcome to game, so it should make players easier to buy and sell their items in merchants (even a very advanced items). But even with low number of coins the players WONT BE POOR. The income of blessed scrolls is enough for upgrading and potions costs almost nothing. So there shouldn't be problem to play game without earning coins.

2) Upgrades
The upgrading rates are SLIGHTLY ENHANCED to +6, you would require not so much items to reach this level. However the +8 upgrade is very hard without trinas and it is nearly impossible to make it. On other hand trinas success rates are SLIGHTLY ENHANCED. TRINA PIECE is not available as drops or in PUS! It can only be exchanged for National Points. Therefore people have to PK in order to make any +8 items.


Compounding is possible to +1 or +2 but only with 30% success rate, in order to make it useful only for +9 accessory and low cost uniques.
+3 and more compounding is CLOSED IN FIRST YEAR OF SERVER

3) Zones
We decide not to add Bifrost, at least not in near future. The fragments are rare and can be farmed only in bowl or get in reward in BDW!
Colony zone using modified Ardream map. Smaller map with more complicated terrain. Bosses spawns everywhere, fight is faster.

This settings was taken in order to make LONGTERM STABLE ENVIRONMENT FOR OUR PLAYERS

You can read full list of server settings here


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