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Maple would be a character storage system

Esta es una discusión para el tema Maple would be a character storage system en el foro Ideas y Feedback, bajo la categoría General; What I think is a nifty tool in Maple is a character storage system that holds characters if you do ...
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    What I think is a nifty tool in Maple is a character storage system that holds characters if you do not have enough visual slots. The style storage system will enable storage of up to 100 universal characters (shared with all worlds except Reboot, which will have it's own storage of up to 30 characters), that Buy Maplestory Mesos may be switched out with currently placed characters. The Character "Cloud" as I'd call it, may also be used to store characters with deletion in process statuses and allow us to instantly develop a new playable character without needing to wait 24 hours because of the security reason.

    Could be used to move characters around worlds (except for Reboot and Scania.) . Characters from the storage could be transferred to any other world once per scheduled maintenance. Only 1 character can be moved per maintenance. Characters in Scania can transfer to other worlds but can not you can't move characters to Scania unless your character was initially created in Scania.

    Can be utilized as means to bypass 24 hour character deletion to produce new characters (characters anticipating deletion still have to wait the 24 hours, but will probably be from the storage instead of taking up slots). This removes a lot of the fuss with people needing to wait to create a new personality if they consumed their current slots.

    Can be used as an outside storage to store items as well as 500m maplestory mesos. Characters with over 500m mesos have to place excess ms2 mesos in the storage from the sport within their world. (This is to prevent individuals from heavily abusing world transfer as means to misuse different worlds' economies. You'll be abled to bring items over between worlds nevertheless to prevent a substantial rise of meso transfers, the transfer limit is restricted, and as mentioned above, the world transfer limitation is just for 1 character per scheduled maintenance.)

    That is a rough sketch of what the storage could sorta look like: I am not certain if this would be something players would want in the Maplestory2 Mesos game but it's something that I believe ought to be available to everybody.

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    information about Maple being a character storage system is something I have been waiting for a long time.

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