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Historia de Resident Evil

Esta es una discusión para el tema Historia de Resident Evil en el foro Action & Adventure, bajo la categoría Juegos; Holas, gente. Hace ya bastante tiempo vagando x la web 8) (aun no salía el RE Code Veronica :-? ), ...
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    Predeterminado Historia de Resident Evil

    Holas, gente. Hace ya bastante tiempo vagando x la web 8) (aun no salía el RE Code Veronica :-? ), me di con una pagina ke decia "Wesker Report Part 1" :-( , me pikó la curiosidad y leí lo k decia. Y grande fue mi asombro al leer k se trataba de ¡Albert Wesker! :-o , si el mismisimo ke vendio a los S.T.A.R.S. a la gente de Umbrella :evil: , y, lógico, segui buscando y llegue a encontrar otras (un diario del diseñador de la mansion de RE 1, pobechito :cry: ). Creo que algunos aun no saben (como yo) el fondo de la historia, asi que si algun REfanatico la sabe, q postee pls (te podria invitar a jugar RE4 una vez k salga 8) )
    Dragon Nacienteeeeeeee!!!!!

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    este es el wesker report con comentarios, de un walkthrough que encontre en www.cheatcc.com o algo así...

    Peligro post largo:
    =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=
    16. Wesker's Report + Notes
    =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=

    [NOTE: Anything in brackets was either edited or added by the writer,

    My name is Albert Wesker.
    I aspire to become a leading researcher at Umbrella, Inc., a pharmaceutical
    enterprise who covertly coonducted bio-organic weapons. Better known as B.O.W.
    for development. But at the leader development training ground situated in
    Raccoon City I met a brilliant and talented researcher who made me decide to
    take a different path--William Birkin.

    In time, I shifted my position to S.T.A.R.S. [Special Tactics and Rescue
    Service], a special forces unit of the Raccoon Police Department. Umbrella,
    for crisis management reasons of their illegal bio-organic weapons development,
    had many of its people working in the police department. I became the leader
    of S.T.A.R.S. and conducted all sorts of intelligence activities for Umbrella.

    As I continued to serve, I devised my own plans and waited for the right
    moment to execute them. Then at last, opportunity knocked.


    The freak murder incident that occured in a forest near the mansion started it
    all. The mansion was Umbrella's secret B.O.W. laboratory and it was clear that
    the indevelopment, T-Virus, was the cause of the murder. Initially Umbrella
    instructed me secretly to keep S.T.A.R.S. out of the case. But, with the
    heightened emotions of the citizens, S.T.A.R.S. had no choice but to move in.

    That's when my next order was given. Dispatch S.T.A.R.S. to the mansion,
    dispose of them, then report the situation to headquarters so that their
    combat with the B.O.W. could be used for data analysis, allowing Umbrella a
    comprehensive portrait of the B.O.W.'s combat abilities.

    From the 2 S.T.A.R.S. teams, I first pitched in the BRAVO team. As expected,
    the top elite of S.T.A.R.S. gave all they had and became useful sample data.
    Then following, I geared up the ALPHA team to 'search and rescue' the lost
    BRAVO team. The members of the ALPHA team also proved their worth and as
    expected, many died.

    There were 5 survivors from the initial 11 S.T.A.R.S. members. From the
    ALPHA team were Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Barry Burton. And from
    the BRAVO team were Rebecca Chambers and Enrico Marini.

    It was time to begin executing my plans. In the midst of the whole affair I
    could take Umbrella's ultimate bio-organic weapon, The Tyrant, and join forces
    with an opposing corporation of Umbrella. To buy into that opposing
    corporation, I would need the actual combat data of the Tyrant.

    The surviving privileged members of S.T.A.R.S. were just the perfect bait. I
    decided to have one of them play the Judas and draw them to the Tyrant. That
    Judas was Barry. Barry was the 'strong truth and justice' kind and cherished
    his family more than anything. His type is easy to manipulate. I simply took
    that most important thing away from him.

    My only miscalculation was the high potential of Chris and Jill. But with the
    family man Barry playing Judas, the scene went as planned. Then the winds
    turned unexpectedly. I had to eliminate Enrico, who had found out what was
    behind it all. I used Barry to get to him. After I had successfully gotten rid
    of that nuisance, I awaited the sample specimen that Barry would bring to me
    in the Tyrant's room.

    [The diaglogue from the cutscene here is below.

    Jill: Wesker!
    Wesker: You did a fine job, Barry.
    Jill: Just as I thought. Why do you have to destroy S.T.A.R.S.?
    Wesker: That's Umbrella's intention. This laboratory has been engaging in
    dangerous experiments and recently an accident has occured. Anyway,
    this disaster cannot be made public.
    Jill: That's why having S.T.A.R.S. know anything is so inconvenient. So,
    you're a slave of Umbrella now, along with these virus monsters.
    Wesker: Barry, go up on the ground and wait there.
    Jill: Barry!
    Wesker: I just used him for my...personal purposes. Though both you and Barry
    seem to think I was just following orders from Umbrella.
    Jill: So you're planning something else?!
    Wesker: If you succeeded in producing the world's most powerful biological
    weapon, what would you do? What if you were in charge?
    Jill: So, you're going to steal all the research?
    Wesker: Better yet, I'm going to show you the Tyrant.]

    I injected the virus I obtained from Birkin in advance. If I made Umbrella
    believe I was dead, it made it far more convenient to sell myself to the
    opposing corporation.

    According to Birkin, the virus had profound effects. It would put my body in a
    state of temporary 'death'. It would then bring me back to life with super human
    powers. Therefore, I unleashed an awesome Tyrant from its slumber and let it
    attack me.

    As my consiousness faded away I was certain that the whole scheme would end in

    Never did I imagine that S.T.A.R.S. could slay the evil creation. I lost the
    Tyrant and that plan that I devised which had cost me my humanity ended in
    failure. Now anyone or anything that stood in my way would be terminated.

    It has been that way for a long time and it always will be. At all costs, I
    had to make S.T.A.R.S. pay.


    Two months have passed since the mansion incident. To regain all that I had
    lost in my new organization, I joined hands with Ada Wong, a female agent
    who's also sent to spy on Umbrella.

    I knew in my bones that the key developer was William Birkin, but what he
    didn't know was that Umbrella did not play games with anyone. Eventually,
    Birkin would be assassinated and the G-Virus would be in the hands of

    But the salvage team led by Hunk was ahead of us. By the time they got to
    Birkin, he had already injected himself with the G-Virus. He became his own
    creation and decimated them.

    Soon after, the T-Virus carried by rats spread throughout Raccoon City and
    Umbrella faced its worst scenario.


    The good citizens became zombies and the city had headed for its devastating
    fate. Humans were no match against zombies.

    In the chaos, Umbrella Europe applied a new type B.O.W. called Nemesis.
    The Nemesis would hunt down and destroy the surviving member of S.T.A.R.S.,

    It became imperative that our organization also obtain the Nemesis data.


    To cover up the whole affair, Umbrella jettisoned a Tyrant to take care of
    Leon and Claire, who were trying to unveil their secrets.

    Then, a new revelation. Birkin used to hide the findings in his daughter
    Sherry's pendant. It was very possible the G-Virus was there, while Umbrella
    was busy with their cover up, we had to capture Sherry before they did. I sent
    Ada undercover to seek the location of Sherry. I, the 'dead man' on the other
    hand, had to work in the shadows.

    A spy's obligation and priorities in the mission: to carry out the mission
    like a machine without any emotional interference. But through her interaction
    and involvement with Leon S. Kennedy, There had been an affection growing
    inside her. My instincts sensed danger. Something had to be done quickly.

    My instincts did not disappoint me. Even though Ada almost had her hands on
    the G-Virus, which Leon had acquired from Sherry, that affection of hers drove
    her to her death. But she was still of some use, I had to save her life.

    My people hurried to retrieve the G-Virus that Leon threw away. But Hunk, the
    only survivor of Umbrella's salvage team, was there before us.


    Our only option left was to bring back Birkin, the monster, as the sample
    specimen and have him finish off Leon and Claire in order to obtain his combat
    data. Although Birkin lost the battle with Leon and Claire, we succeeded in
    gathering samples of the G-Virus from his dead body.


    In the morning, the government bombed Raccoon City in an attempt to stop viral
    outbreak. This was of course their famed reason.

    Later Claire left to Europe to find her lost brother. Chris and Leon joined
    forces with an underground anti-Umbrella organization. Sherry is safe in our
    hands; I would never underestimate Birkin.

    There's something about this little girl...

    =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=
    17. Wesker's Report 2 + Notes
    =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=

    [NOTE: Anything in brackets was either edited or added by the writer,
    [NOTE: The following record contains spoilers about Resident Evil, part 2, 3,
    0, and Code: Veronica.]
    [NOTE: I will be spelling Birkin's name Birkin, as opposed to Burkin, due to
    the fact that in the game, it is spelled Birkin.]

    Wesker's Report II - Update on March 22 (Friday)

    Wesker's Report II

    Update on March 22 (Friday) (5) G Virus
    Before the "Resident Evil incident" occured, Wesker left a record of the past
    20 years and all of the events that occured between himself and "the

    He sent it to a "Eda Won" but we have no details on her. [Ada Wong]

    We have posted that record here.

    1. The Experiment
    2. Alexia 1
    3. Alexia 2
    4. Nemesis
    5. G-Virus

    The Experiment

    July 31, 1978
    The first time I visited that place, it was the summer of my 18th year. That
    makes it about 20 years ago. As I got off the helicopter, I remember the
    sight of the swirling wind that the helicopter blades whipped into the air.
    When I viewed from above the old mansion seemed quite normal, but when seen
    from the ground there was something foreboding and unapproachable about it.
    Birkin (my junior by 2 years) seemed, as usual, to only be concerned with the
    document he was holding.

    We were assigned to the mansion days earlier, on the day that the "executive
    training center", we had belonged to, was closed. It all seemed like it was
    planned and too much of a coincidence. But probably the only person who knew
    the real truth was Spencer.

    Spencer was one of the main guys in charge of America's "T-Virus" research at
    the Arklay Research Facility.

    As soon as we got off the helicopter the head of the facility was standing in
    front of the elevator ready to greet us.

    I can't even remember the guy's name. Who really cares about formalities and
    figureheads like him; from that day on, the Arklay Research Center was ours.
    As Chief Researchers, we were put completely in charge of all aspects of the
    facility. Of course that is just how Spencer had planned it all out. He chose

    We ignored the facility head and got on the elevator. I had already memorized
    the building layout the day before, and Birkin, although he has no bad
    intentions, never really pays much attention to other people.

    Most people probably get irked from the first 5 seconds that they meet us.

    However, the facility head had no reaction at all.

    Back then I was a young-buck completely full of himself, so I didn't really
    pay the facility head any mind.

    But in the end, I was really only Spencer's puppet, and the facility head,
    whose boss was Spencer, at least actually knew what Spencer was up to, and
    what he was thinking.

    The whole time we were riding in the elevator, Birkin never took his eye off
    the documents he was holding.

    The document that Birkin was scrutinizing so closely was a report about a new
    virus that has shown up in Africa. It was called "Ebola".

    At this moment there were many people, all throughout the world, who were
    studying the Ebola Virus. However, I think there are two major reasons why
    they were studying it. To help people and... to kill them.

    As you probably know, the death rate of someone affected by Ebola is 90
    percent. In 10 days it quickly destroys the person's organs. Even now, there
    are no known ways to prevent it or cure it. It could, quite possibly, destroy
    a large part of the human race.

    Of course even before this, due to the "Biological Weapons Prohibition Pact",
    it was illegal for us to study the virus as a weapon. However, even if we
    weren't the ones to research it, there was no proof that someone else wouldn't
    be doing that same thing and so it was considered legal for us to research
    it--just in case. There is a thin line in "international law" between what is
    acceptable and what is prohibited.

    And so, it became necessary to research how the virus study information would
    be used as a method of prevention, not as a weapon. There really is no
    difference in the way in which you research a virus as a cure, from how you
    research it as a weapon.

    But since the two are very similar, it is possible to pretend you are
    researching a cure, while in fact, be researching the virus as a weapon.

    Even though, at that time, for whatever reason, Birkin may have been looking
    at the Ebola report, he wasn't really researching the Ebola virus. The Ebola
    virus had to many "weak spots".

    First of all, the virus could only survive for a few days if not inside a
    human body. It would soon "die" if under sunlight (ultra-violet light) for too

    Secondly, since it kills the host too quickly there isn't enough time to
    transfer/infect other hosts.

    Finally, the virus is only transferable through direct touch and so it can be
    easily prevented.

    Try to imagine the following: If a person who was heavily infected (the
    disease had spread all throughout their body) could actually stand and walk
    around? And, without knowing it, was in direct contact with other people, of
    their own accord...

    What if the RNA of the Ebola Virus could actually alter a person's genetic
    code? And if, through that, a person was able to carry the virus without
    dying? What if this person had the resilience of a monster?

    That is, wouldn't this person be a "living dead" whose body carried the virus?
    Something that could infect others, sort of like a "living biological weapon".

    I guess we are lucky that the Ebola Virus doesn't have the potential to do
    such things.

    I wonder if we will be successful in holding on to such a virus without it
    getting into the wrong person's hands?

    The Arklay Lab headed up by Spencer was built for that purpose, it seemed. To
    create a disease capable of the characteristics I listed before. Officially it
    was just pharmaceutical company researching cures to viruses, but the truth
    is, it was really a factory for manufacturing biological weapons.

    The origin of the company was to create new "starter" viruses by recombining

    In order to produce "biological weapons" out of these new "starter" viruses,
    they began studying "virus mutations" in order to "strengthen" the basic
    viruses they had created.

    This was known as the "T-Virus" experiment.

    RNA based starter viruses can easily be mutated. Through those mutations, it
    is possible to "strengthen" their traits.

    The reason Birkin was so interested in the Ebola Virus was that he was
    thinking of recombining the Ebola genes into a starter virus to strengthen its
    attributes. By the time we had arrived at the research center there was
    already a sample of the Ebola Virus waiting for us.

    We changed elevators several times and finally reached the upper level of the
    complex. When we arrived even Birkin looked up.

    It was the first time we had met "her".

    We hadn't heard a single word about "her" before. She was a secret of the
    utmost confidentiality at the research center. And they didn't let any
    information about her out of the compound.

    According to the records, she was at the research center from the very moment
    it was first built.

    She was 25.

    But we didn't know her name, nor why she was here.

    She was used as the experimental subject host for the T-Virus. The day we
    began the experiment was November 10th, 1967.

    We did T-Virus experiments on her for all of 11 years.

    Birkin mumbled something.

    Maybe they were words cursing our situation. Maybe they were words of praise.

    In any case, we had come to the point of no return now.

    We had two choices: to succeed in out research.... or to lay here rotting like
    she was. Of course that meant we really only had one choice.

    She was bound to a "pipe bed" and something about her made me think....

    Had this been a part of Spencer's plan all along?
    (The report continues 3 years later)

    Alexia 1

    July 27, 1981
    Today, a 10 year-old girl was sent here, as a cheif researcher, from
    Umbrella's Antarctica Research Facility.

    Her name was Alexia Ashford.

    I was 21 and Birkin was 19.

    As annoying as it was, the whole Arklay complex was rampant with rumors of
    "Antarctica Alexia". Nobody talked about anything else.

    She had been at Umbrella for a long time. The older guys at Umbrella knew the
    legendary Ashford name.

    Before, if we ever reached a dead end in our research, one of the old timers
    would say "if only Professor Edward were still alive"...

    If I remember correctly, "Edward Ashford" was one of the people who first
    discovered the "Starter Virus" and who originally planned creating the

    However, he died soon after Umbrella was founded. It's been 13 years since his
    death. So is there really anything to gain by having high expectations of the
    "Ashford" lineage?

    And, in fact, the Antarctic Research Center founded by his son hadn't yielded
    a single result.

    Don't people know the limits of Alexia's smarts? She is only Edward's
    grandchild after all.

    But from the day she came, our worthless, good for nothing subordinates began
    to say "It's a good thing Alexia is here". She may be from a famous family,
    carry great "genes" within her, but nonetheless, I knew it was gonna be a real
    hassle having subordinates with such a lack of good judgement.

    It's idiots like that, who, if they accidentally stuck their foot in a bucket,
    wouldn't be able to move or figure out what to do unless someone told them.

    At least I could still tell the difference.

    However, if, at that time, I would have gotten upset about the whole thing, it
    would have just slowed down our progress on the T-Virus research.

    Unless you can keep cool and still be decisive no matter what the
    circumstances, then success will always evade you.

    At that time I was thinking this:

    By making good use of the "past", then we could definitely yield good results.
    And iff some of those "old timers", who feasibly could die at any second, then
    they would make great test subjects.

    After all, do you think it is possible to stand above the people, if you can't
    rationally use their "human resources" well?

    However, the problem was Birkin.

    The way he reacted to the Alexia rumors was terrible.

    He never really said it, but for Birkin, the fact that he was the youngest
    person to ever be a chief researcher was always something he was proud of.

    That "pride" was severely injured by having a mere 10 year-old become a chief
    researcher. It was probably the first time someone so talented as he had ever
    tasted defeat.

    He just couldn't accept the "younger, girl of good lineage".

    To be made a fool of by someone who hadn't gotten any results. Someone who had
    worked so far away.

    The face that he couldn't get over it, showed his immaturity.

    However, even though he was still immature, no matter what, I had to bring him
    back to his senses.

    It was during these three years that our research moved up to the 2nd level.

    It was at this point that we fixed upon the idea of making a "living
    biological weapon". We started to call the "T-Virus" by a new name--"Zombie".

    However, it was impossible to get a 100% infection ratio. Within people there
    is a subtle difference that the virus couldn't totally overtake. It seems
    "capability" was also a major factor.

    About 10 percent of the people who were injected with the "Zombie Virus"
    didn't get infected. And this was something that, no matter how hard we
    researched, we just couldn't overcome.

    A disease that would affect 90 percent of all humans seemed to me to be quite
    a powerful weapon. But Spencer didn't see it that way. Spencer said that he
    was hoping for a specialty virus that could "easily" wipe out EVERYONE.

    But, why in the world would he want something like that?

    One important characteristic of biological weapons was that they could be
    developed cheaply. However, the "biological weapon" that we were researching
    started to become very costly.

    If Spencer was in it just for the money, then he probably wouldn't have chosen
    to spend the extra money on researching a specialty virus that infected and
    wiped out 100% of its victims. It just wasn't financially "worth it".

    Why would he want to ignore all financial concerns just to continue research?

    If by changing the idea of war (through biological warfare), he was attempting
    to monopolize all military industries then I would have understood that but...

    Even to this day, I have no idea what his true intentions were.

    But whatever Spencer's real reason was, Birkin was planning on making a
    biological weapon that would increase a country's military capacity.

    Not to just manipulate the genes of the "T-Virus", but also by adding other
    genetic code he was planning on creating "him".

    A military biological weapon that could annihilate those who went unaffected
    by the virus, as well as, people who were wearing anti-viral gear and
    equipment. This weapon was later named "Hunter".

    However, that experiment was temporarily put on hold.

    In order to protect the test subjects from Birkin.

    Birkin's pace was quickened by Alexia's existence. He began to act "out of the

    He would stay in the lab for 24 hours straight. Attempt experiments that he
    hadn't really thought out.

    I tried to use other researchers to get as many samples from the subjects
    before they died, but I just couldn't keep up with his pace.

    The head facilitator brought in a new subject, as if nothing had ever
    happenned. But she, too, soon died.

    It was [heck].

    And within that [heck] there was but one person living--The female test
    subject's body that continued to live on. [Lisa Trevor]

    She was already 28 years old. Having lived 14 of her years in this research

    Someone whose "consciousness" had been taken away by the "Starter Virus" that
    had been injected into her 14 years ago. Someone who, if their "heart" did
    happen to actually be alive, would only hope for "death".

    But she continued to "survive".

    Why was only she able to survive this long? Her basic experiment data and that
    of other subjects seemed to be the same.

    It would still take a long time for us to solve this riddle.
    (The report continues 2 years later)

    Alexia 2

    December 31st, 1983
    The winter of my sixth year at the Arklay Research Center.

    For the past 2 years, there were no significant results and time seemed to
    just stagnantly flow along, but before long we had a breakthrough.

    The thing that started it all was a report we got that morning.

    Antarctica Alexia had died.

    The cause of her death was that she accidentally got infected by a virus that
    she, herself, was researching. It was called the "T-Veronica Virus".

    Alexia was 12 years old. It seems she was just a little too young to be
    undertaking such dangerous experiments.

    There were many rumors to be heard. One particular rumor actually suggested
    that she injected the "T-Veronica" into her own body. But no matter what the
    circumstances I find that particular "theory" to be implausible.

    Probably she was just so shaken up over her father's disappearance one year
    earlier that she just made a mistake in the experiment.

    After that Alexia's last remaining blood relative, her twin brother [Alfred]
    who had worked in the Antarctica Research Center came and picked up where she
    left off. But no one had any expectations of him.

    In the end, the "Ashford" family was basically "dead"... without even yielding
    a single advance for the experiment.

    It was just as I thought. A legend is, after all, merely that....a legend.

    After the news of Alexia's death, Birkin changed. Or I guess I should say, he
    returned back to his normal self.

    But I guess the biggest thing was that all of his subordinates now had no
    choice but to think of him as the main researcher. Since, now, there was no
    one who could surpass his talents.

    However, with that, it became "taboo" for anyone to talk about Alexia in front
    of him.

    He fiercely opposed me when I planned on getting a sample of the T-Veronica

    I had no choice but to put finding the truth about Alexia's research on the
    back burner.

    In the end, even though the situation was at its best, Birkin, himself, failed
    to grow up and advance his research.

    However, at that time I was concerned more about a different question at hand.

    The Arklay Research Center was surrounded by a dense forest.

    I often hiked through the forest but since the center was located in a
    mountain region there was never anyone to be found nearby.

    The only method of transportation was by helicopter. And the center wasn't
    exactly the type of place people came to visit.

    One important reason for the fact that the center was located in such an
    isolated location was to prevent the virus from getting out in the instance of
    a "leak".

    However, "biological weapons" aren't that simple.

    "Viruses" don't only infect humans. The[y] can infect "other" things as well.

    Any virus is usually capable of infecting more than one host.

    For example, the number of species that the ordinary "influenza virus" (the
    common flu) is recognized as infecting birds, pigs, horses, seals, and humans.

    The difficult part is that not all types of animals/people within a species
    are affected. Even though, within the bird species, ducks and chickens are
    affected, all other birds are not.

    And, if a virus mutates, then the kinds and number of hosts it affects changes.

    So it is impossible to create a virus that is capable of affecting everything.

    And that was the main problem--trying to adapt the T-Virus so that it would
    affect "everything" that it came into contact with.

    After Birkin became "useless", I started investigating the T-Virus's
    communicative infection rate.

    It was then that I found out that, it was a fact that the T-Virus could infect
    almost any kind of living thing.

    Not just animals, but plants, insects, fish--almost any species. The virus had
    the power to expand and disperse all over the earth.

    Whenever I would leave the center for a walk in the woods I would always think
    to myself...

    Why did Spencer choose this place?

    Because there were lots of different types of species concentrated in the

    If the virus ever did get out here, then what would happen to a place where
    there were this many types of living things present?

    In the case of insects, they are small so you might not think of them as
    "dangerous" even if they are secondary carriers of the virus.

    However, insects usually exist in "swarms" and that huge number makes them a
    very dangerous "carrier", indeed.

    If they were carriers then how far would the virus spread?

    If a plant was a carrier then, since they can't move, you wouldn't expect them
    to be able to infect many people.

    However, what about the "pollen" that comes from plants?

    Considering those factors, the center was an extremely dangerous place to run
    "virus research".

    And if you really think about it, the location of the Ashford's Antarctica
    Research Center was really a much safer and obvious choice.

    It would almost seem as if this place was specifically chosen, as a location,
    for the purpose of "spreading" the virus.

    But, I just can't imagine that would really be so.

    What is Spencer trying to get us to do?

    This was a major issue. So big that I couldn't tell the other researchers.

    At this time the only person that I felt I could have talked with about this
    was Birkin, but it was evident that telling him would be meaningless.

    I needed more information.

    It was at that time that I first began to feel the limitations of my position
    as researcher.

    I needed to get myself to a position that had more access to information that
    would reveal Spencer's true objective.

    I felt no love lost for throwing away my position as researcher in order to
    find out.

    But I couldn't rush things. Because if Spencer ever got wind to what I was
    doing then it would be all over.

    I jumped back into my research and it was "business as usual" so as not to
    call attention to my plans.

    During those times, the female test subject that continued to survive was left
    in some corner and forgotten.

    A living "could've been".

    We began to call her that, sometime after she stopped yielding useful data for

    At least, until 5 years later that is...
    (This report continues 5 years later)


    July 1st, 1988 [My birthday! Woo hoo!]
    The summer of our 11th year at Arklay was just starting.

    I was already 28.

    Birkin had become a father and already had a 2 year-old daughter.
    [Sherry Birkin]
    His wife was one of the researchers that worked at Arklay.

    You would normally think it [would be] hard to understand someone wanting to
    get married and raise a child, all while doing their research.

    But, it is said that only "non-ordinary" people ever continued to do research
    at Arklay.

    Only the crazy ones ever succeeded there.

    And so, after 10 long years, our research finally reached the 3rd stage.

    To create a living biological weapon that was a soldier that would follow
    strict orders, obey its program, and have intelligence.

    It was the so-called "Tyrant", basically a monster, that we set out to create.

    However, there was a major obstruction to our research back then. Finding a
    basic body for "Tyrant".

    The biggest problem was that suitable bodies for Tyrant were, at that time,
    genetically very limited.

    The source of the problem lay in the nature of the T-Virus.

    The T-Virus mutation used to create "zombies" and "hunters" could be used on
    just about any human but it would also cause a decline in the subject[']s
    brain capacity.

    If the subject didn't have a certain amount of "intelligence" then it couldn't
    function as a Tyrant.

    Birkin tried to solving the problem by picking out new mutagens that would
    keep down the "wear and tear on the subject's brain" so long as the subject
    fit the "Tyrant Profile".

    However the number of people that had "suitable" genetics to accept the tyrant
    cells were very limited.

    In a genetic analysis simulation it was found that only 1 in a million had the
    genetic make-up to become a "Tyrant", any other person would merely become a
    regular zombie.

    If we would have continued with our research then I'm sure we would have found
    a way to make a different type of T-Virus that could change more people into

    However, in order to do that research, we first needed people that were
    perfectly suitable for the new mutation.

    However, the odds of us being able to bring one of those few people, living in
    America, that fit the profile was extremely low.

    In the end, the only thing they were able to do was to, by force, bring a few
    "close contenders" in from other labs[.]

    Even before we had the chance to start our research, it seemed we had already
    hit an obstacle.

    At that time I heard a rumor about another location in Europe where they had
    already reached the "third level" of producing a biological weapon using a
    method that no one had thought of.

    It was known as the "Nemesis Plan".

    In order to change the stagnant working pace and conditions, I took it upon
    myself to get a sample of one of the subjects from that "plan".

    Of course Birkin first disagreed with me, but in the end I was able to get him
    to reconsider.

    Everyone had no choice but to recognize the fact that, until we found a
    suitable "Tyrant" subject, our research wasn't going anywhere.

    The "package" from Europe came at midnight, several days later, after a series
    of broadcasts, proposals, and counter-proposals.

    The box that contained "it" landed on the helicopter pad.

    It reads "Nemesis Prototype".

    I had to use some very strong tactics to get the incomplete "thing" where it
    was being researched in France, but all the while, Spencer was backing me up,
    pulling all of his strings and using his influence.

    Only Birkin showed no interest in "it" until the end. But he, at least,
    recognized it as an important part of the experiment.

    The sample was developed to create a never before seen, totally new "form".

    By manipulating genes, they had artificially created a "living parasite".

    That was what "Nemesis" really was.

    It could latch onto another organism's brain and then take control of the
    host's brain[,] bringing it a high-level of destructive power.

    By combining intelligence with a destructive body suitable for battle, they
    were able to form the ultimate biological weapon.

    And if they could complete the project then they would be capable of creating
    "warlike bodies" without having to worry about the intelligence issue.

    However, the problem was that the parasite containing "it" was not stable.

    The only thing written within the document that was attached to the sample was
    "Failure--sample died" over and over again.

    Anything that had been affected and whose intelligence was being controlled
    would die within 5 minutes.

    We all understood that messing around with the "incomplete" prototype was very

    If we could only somehow manage to extend the amount of time that the hosts
    would live then we could take control over the project. That was what I was
    aiming for.

    Of course we would use "her" as our test subject. [Lisa Trevor]

    Surely her unusually high endurance would be perfect for sustaining the
    Nemesis Prototype parasite for a long time.

    Even if she didn't last long, it's not as if we would be losing anything
    special anyways.

    However the experiment yielded a result that was opposite from what I was

    The Nemesis parasite that tried to enter her brain disappeared.

    At first, I didn't even know what was going on.

    I couldn't believe that "she" would be the one to mix with the parasite genes
    without dying.

    That was the beginning.

    Somewhere within that "undying" body of hers, there had been a change...

    We had to re-examine her from head to toe one more time.

    During our 10 years of research she had been totally and thoroughly examined
    but this time we ignored that previous data.

    For the 21 years that she had been here, for the first time, something was
    actually happening.

    After she had already survived longer than other subjects who had received the
    Nemesis Virus, it was only Birkin that started to realize what was happening.

    There was something within "her".

    That "something" was a deviation from the T-Virus plan.

    Something new that gave way to a new form.

    Something that changed our destiny.
    It was the beginning of the "G-Virus plan".

    (This report continues 7 years later)


    July 31, 1995
    It had been 17 years since I'd been back "there".

    When I come, I remember the wind. The scenery and buildings from the
    surrounding area hadn't changed a bit.

    I saw Birkin standing on the Heli-pad. He arrived before I did.

    Meeting with him somehow already seemed "nostalgic".

    It had been 4 years since I had left the Arklay Research Center.

    4 years ago, when Birkin's proposed "G-Virus" plan was approved, I put in a
    transfer request for the "data/information" section and my request was
    immediately approved.

    The fact that I had given up on being a researcher and need a change probably
    seemed like a natural change that most people go through.

    Actually, the truth of the matter was that "G" had already reached a level
    that was beyond my ability.

    And even if I wasn't really here to discover Spencer's "true intentions", I
    think that, at that time, I would have definitely realized the limitations of
    my ability.

    As the wind danced around the helicopter, Birkin was, as usual, fixated on
    some document.

    Apparently, he was coming to Arklay on a routine basis, but he was no longer
    assigned there.

    A while ago, he had been transferred to a huge underground research facility
    in Raccoon City. That was the main facility for his "G-Virus" research.

    But to tell the truth, 4 years ago, I really didn't think Spencer would
    approve "G".

    Because "it" deviated from the idea of "weapon" and it was created with too
    many unknowns left unsolved.

    The big difference between "G" and the "T-Virus" was that a body infected with
    "G" would spontaneously continue to mutate.

    Of course a virus's genes are unprotected so it quickly mutates.

    But the cells within a living organism are different.

    Even if the subject[']s make-up has been altered by the virus, the cells
    within the organism's body rarely can be mutated.

    Of course, by using other "stimuli", such as radiation, you can make mutations
    occur within a living body.

    However, a body that is infected with "G" continues to mutate, without any
    outer stimuli, until the host dies.

    Even that "T-Virus" has lots of attributes that are quite similar to "G".

    It has already been observed that the genetic make-up of one of the "living
    biological weapons" (a person infected with the T-Virus), who has been placed
    in a special setting, has continuously "changed".

    But in order for this change to occur it is necessary to use outer stimuli as
    a catalyst. And one can mildly predict which changes are likely to occur.

    However, there are no such "laws" concerning a body infected with "G".

    No one can predict just how someone infected with "G" will change. No matter
    what kind of method you use to try to cope with "G", it continually changes,
    making that "method" ineffective.

    7 years ago Birkin noticed a little bit of this effect in the female test

    There wasn't the slightest change in her appearance, but deep within her
    something was constantly changing and she continued to co-exist with the virus
    used in the experiments.

    And so after 21 years of inner mutations, even the "parasite Nemesis" just
    became one more mutation within her body.

    The "G-Virus Plan" was a plan to push those "characteristics" to the utmost

    However, the thing that lay ahead could be an evolution to the "final form"
    for mankind... or it could be a "finale" in which the organism merely dies...

    Could we really call that a weapon?

    What was Spencer thinking when he approved this plan?

    Even though I had been working in the information section for these 4 long
    years, I had still been unable to figure out what Spencer was planning.

    And now Spencer has stopped coming to Arklay.

    Almost as if something that he has been eagerly awaiting and expecting has
    begun to start.

    Spencer, like some mirage floating in the desert, had begun to grow farther
    and farther away from me.

    But I was sure that a chance would present itself to me eventually.

    That was, of course, if I lived long enough to see that day.

    Birkin and I got on the elevator and rode to the top floor.

    To the place where we had first met "her".

    A man named John, Birking's successor and new chief researcher, was waiting
    there for us.

    He came from a research center in Chicago and was supposedly a very talented
    scientist but he was a little too "straight" to be working at a place like

    He began to question the "inhumanity" of what was going on in the labs and
    made his opinions known to the upper-level executives.

    I had heard rumors about him at the information section.

    Everyone seemed to agree that if any information ever leaked out, he probably
    would have been the culprit.

    We ignored John and kept on walking, and then began the final "disposal"
    procedures on her.

    "You must kill her".

    Due to her being infected with "Nemesis", although only a minor account, she
    started to "think" and become conscious. She started to act in "grotesque"

    Her behavior has continued to escalate and now she wears the face of another
    woman that she "peeled off" just like a mask.

    According to reports, she acted the same way after they gave her the first
    "Starter Virus".

    I don't know why she began to act in such a way, but because she recently
    killed 3 researchers, "they" have decided to "dispose" of her.

    Now that the "G" research is on the right track, there is no real use for a
    "test subject" like her.

    After constantly checking and re-confirming for 3 days the fact that she was
    dead, her corpse was, as per Facility Head's order, taken away somewhere.

    In the end, I never did find out who she was and why she was brought here?

    Of course, she was merely a test subject.

    But still though, if she hadn't been here then there wouldn't have been any
    "G Plan". And Birkin and I would probably be leading different lives now.

    I left the Arklay Research Center, thinking that very thing.

    I wonder how much of this was according to Spencer's "plan".
    (3 years later the "incident" began)

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    Sherrrrre man!! Io lo habia encontrado x la mitad nomas :cry: :cry: . Te pasaste, ta bueno pa practikar el Inglich :lol: 8)
    Dragon Nacienteeeeeeee!!!!!

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    Lock this post
    Buscaste un grupo de msn, enterate de todo de lo que diferencia a un verdadero amateur de un especialista en la materia de shinji

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    Wesker Report1
    Wesker Report2
    Ambos en español. tmb puedes buscar mas en www.residentevilsh.com

    Sherry está sana y salva en nuestras manos.
    no sabia que wesker tenia a cherry

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    ptm q chvr!!! no sabia esta historia.... algunas partes pero ahora todo me queda claro xq ada salia en RE4 ?? no tenia ni idea ahora todo me queda claro chvr el reporte he!!!

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    :-o xuxa, simplemente alucinante, bien man

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    Pos sospecho que la intención de Spencer en todo momento era saber si un humano puede llegar hasta donde Lisa ha llegado. Honestamente, nunca he completado ningún Resident Evil; pero estas vacaciones parecen una excelente oportunidad para comprar el RE1 y empezar.
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    Cita Iniciado por -Hk-
    Pos sospecho que la intención de Spencer en todo momento era saber si un humano puede llegar hasta donde Lisa ha llegado.
    mmm Quién es Lisa? La mujer en la que experimentaron y que absorbe el virus Nemesis? Qué más se sabe de ella?

    PD: cuándo sale el RE4 para PS2? yo lo gané en el Cubo pero en la casa de un amigo, y ya no quiero ser camarón y mejor lo juego en mi casa :P

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    Ha absorvido todo; y sin embargo como dice en la notas al final adquirió un comportamiento hostil. Personalmente NO creo que esté muerta y que si lo está Spencer sabe como revivirla o activarla. Pero como te digo, tendgo que jugar desde el 1.
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    Cita Iniciado por Baal Zak
    Cita Iniciado por -Hk-
    Pos sospecho que la intención de Spencer en todo momento era saber si un humano puede llegar hasta donde Lisa ha llegado.
    mmm Quién es Lisa? La mujer en la que experimentaron y que absorbe el virus Nemesis? Qué más se sabe de ella?
    Explicandotelo rapidamente amigo Baal Zak, Lisa Trevor es la hija del arquitecto que fue participe de la creacion de la mansion Spencer, George Trevor, por los trempranos 60's.
    Ahora, profundizando el tema, te lo planteo mejor con ayuda de los Files y Archives del Resident Evil Remake y parte de la propia historia de Umbrella en los diferentes primeros titulos.
    La esposa e hija de George Trevor fueron invitadas por el mismo Ozwell Spencer a la que pronto seria la obra maestra de George, inexplicablemente desapareciendo estas dos despues de su llegada, sin el pudor alguno fueron utilizadas como sujetos de prueba para el Virus Progenitor, su madre, Jessica muere lamentablemente, pero Lisa sobrevive, y se convierte con esto en el sujeto de prueba para todos los Virus de Umbrella a lo largo de 21 años.

    En 1967 George llega a la mansion, hace poquisimo recien elaborada, y se encuentra con Spencer, diciendole este que su familia fue a visitar a un familiar en un hospital, esa misma noche los dos disfrutan de un banquete en el salon de cena prinpipal.
    Spencer al dia siguiente lo conduce a George a un paseo por todo el recinto mostrandole lo bastosa que es su coleccion de articulos de arte. Diciendole que planea pronto fundar una compañia farmaceutica llamada "Umbrella", y convertir la mansion en parte en un hospedaje para sus empleados, por esos dias Lisa comienza a sentir los primeros efectos del Virus Progenitor inyectado dentro de ella pocos dias antes, y se pregunta donde se hallara su madre, y si por alguna razon habra podido escapar.
    Al dia siguiente Lisa y su madre comen juntas, pronto ella descubre que no es su madre aquella persona y se siente "diferente" por dentro.

    El 18 de Noviembre de 1967 George Trevor empieza a preocuparse acerca de su familia, llegandose a frustar por la escacez de telefonos en la mansion. Poco despues descubre la entrada a un tunel en el patio, y se pregunta la singularidad de este al no estar en el diseño original, derrepente varios hombres aparecen forzando a Trevor a marcharse, diciendole que el no deberia vagar por alli sin compañia.
    A los dos dias George se pregunta donde estaria la escopeta que su esposa le regalara a Spencer el dia de su cumpleaños, luego encuentra una rota en una de las habitaciones, pero no es la misma. La consternacion de Trevor crece y crece mas acerca del paradero de su familia; al comentarle a Spencer que desearia verlas cuanto antes, èl solo se rie y le dice que no tiene sentido el preocuparse.

    El 21 de Noviembre George hace maletas y es llevado al salon de recepcion, mientras el esperaba al anfitrion con uno de los hombres que le dijeron que no husmeara por el patio; de repente de la nada es inyectado con una sustancia que lo hace desfallecer, justo despues que aquel hombre de bata blanca le dijera que su familia habia muerto.

    Cito el diario de George Trevor / Resident Evil Remake

    "Eleven days have past since arriving on this estate. How did I end up
    like this? A guy in a lab coat came with a plate of skimpy meal and
    said to me, "Sorry to put you through this, but it's for security
    reasons." That's when it hit me. It all makes sense now.

    There are only two people that know the secret of this mansion, Sir
    Spencer and myself. If they kill me, Sir Spencer will be the only
    person that knows the secret.

    But for what purpose? It doesn't matter now. It's too dangerous here.
    My family... I hope they are all right.

    I've decided to escape... Jessica, Lisa, I pray you are safe

    A los 3 dias Trevor es encarcelado en una habitacion infestada de unas criaturas con semejanza a hormigas, George recuerda que el habia diseñado una ruta de escape para salir de este cuarto, pero a la vez se pregunta si esta es simplemente una mas de las pruebas de Spencer acerca de los secretos de la mansion.

    "How could I be so careless? I lost my favorite lighter, the one
    Jessica gave me for my birthday. Now it's going to be that much harder
    to get out this dark place.
    Nov. 13th, the date when my fate was sealed. My aunt was hospitalized
    just three days before that. Jessica and Lisa said that they were going
    to visit her. I wish I could be there with them.

    But wait, even as I'm writing my memory is coming back to me more
    vividly. Just before I passed out, I remember the men in the lab coats
    said something like, "Most likely your family is already..." I pray for
    their safety

    George al dia siguiente logra escapar del cuarto, pero no parece encontrar la salida de la mansion por ningun motivo, no teniendo tiempo para encontrar las llaves que nececita.

    "Somehow I managed to get out that room. But getting out of this mansion
    won't be as easy. I have to get past all the booby-traps. Tiger eyes,
    Gold Emblem... I have to try and remember for my own sake

    Trevor trata cualquier camino de escape posible, dandose cuenta finalmente que esta atrapado.

    "I've been everywhere. The laboratory with the large glass tubes filled
    with formaldehyde and those dark, wet and eerie caves... What can I do?

    At first I didn't want to believe my eyes. But that familiar high-
    heeled shoe in the corridor... It was like reflex. One name came to my
    mind, Jessica!

    I don't want to believe they share the same fate as me.
    No! I can't give up hope. I have to hope they're alive

    Al dia siguiente Trevor comienza a sentirse completamente deshidratado por no haber comido en dias. Empezando a arrepentirse de haber diseñado la mansion, se pregunta a si mismo como no pudo conocerla mejor.
    El 1 de Diciembre George encuentra otro camino sin salida, y se da cuenta de que si su familia esta atrapada es finalmente por su bien. En la oscuridad algo llama su atencion, prendiendo la ultima cerilla que tenia, rapidamente se da cuenta que aquel objeto es una lapida con su nombre tallada en ella. Entregandose a la muerte, finalmente Trevor ora por las vidas de su esposa e hija.

    "It was a dark and damp underground tunnel. And another dead end. But
    even in the darkness something caught my eye.
    Carefully, I lit the last match, I had to see what it was.

    A grave! But deeply engraved into the stone was my name!

    "George Trevor"

    At that instant, it all became clear to me. Those bastards knew from
    the beginning that I'd die here and I fell right into their trap.

    But it's too late now. I'm losing it. Everything is becoming so far
    away. Jessica... Lisa... Forgive me.

    Because of my ego, I got both of you involved in this whole damn
    conspiracy. Forgive me. May god justify my death in exchange for your

    George Trevor

    El 23 de marzo del 68 Spencer le anuncia a Edward Ashford y a James Marcus que planea fundar una compañia, Marcus no muestra mucho interes en las acciones de Spencer y se pone de acuerdo con cualquier cosa que este le plantee, mientras este pueda seguir continuando su investigacion acerca del Virus Progenitor.
    De alli la fundacion de Umbrella Inc. hecha oficialmente por Ozwell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford y James Marcus, como un encubrimiento a la investigacion de Bio Armas.

    Hago cita a continuancion parte del diario escrito por Lisa / Resident Evil Remake

    "I feel dizzy after that shot they gave me. I don't see Mom. Where did
    they take her?
    She promised that we would escape together. Did she escape alone and
    leave me behind?

    Nov. 15, 1967

    I found Mom. We ate together. I was very happy.

    But she was a fake. Not my real Mom. Same face but different inside.

    Have to find Mom. Have to give face back to mother

    I got Mom's face back.
    Nobody can have my Mom except me. I attach her face to me so she
    doesn't go away.
    Because Mom sad when I meet her without her face

    Nov. 17, 19 7

    from inside box, scent of mommy. maybe true mother there.
    stone box hard. It hurt. steel rope in the way.
    can't see mother becuz 4 stones.


    dadddy atached first
    momm atached scond

    iNside reD and sLimy
    whiTe and haRd

    not true moM wheRe

    dunno dadd
    found mum again

    whne atachd momMy
    she moved no more
    she screaming

    Jst want to b with her



    I mis yuo

    Como pueden haberse dado cuenta de la conexion de todos los hechos con la fundacion de la empresa, tambien deben de haberse dado cuenta de que casi el completo archivo viene del titulo Resident Evil Remake para GC, como los diarios y extracciones de la historia misma de Umbrella.

    Si van a empezar con un algun titulo de la saga chicos, haganlo con Resident Evil Remake, un buen comienzo para que puedan llegar a entender algo de la compleja maestria de historia que contiene Resident Evil.
    En aquel titulo hace su aparicion por primera vez Lisa Trevor, siendo un aliciente rival en cualquier punto del juego haciendo apariciones esporadicas como Nemesis, siendo esta invencible solo hasta el momento en que la enfrentas, encorbada de cuerpo, de extremedamente largos brazos con puños como martillos y un rostro desgarrador, teniendo en este los rostros de sus padres recuerdo, puede ser que hayan sido las imagenes de las viejas fotos arrancadas de ellos.

    La historia de Resident Evil es formidablemente equitativa como magnificamente magica .

    Por cierto, para todos ustedes que creen en la firme teoria que el simbolo de Umbrella es una sombrilla o algo que se le asemeje, erran queridos amigos.

    Es el escudo de la familia Spencer, tiempo atras habitante de Raccoon City y el Arklay Forest como sus alrededores.

    ex my, PG's, aC, intensity, backstab, [FINAO], dragoN, taLeNt

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    Cita Iniciado por o0o
    Por cierto, para todos ustedes que creen en la firme teoria que el simbolo de Umbrella es una sombrilla o algo que se le asemeje, erran queridos amigos.
    Pues para mí siempre será la sombrilla del horror :cry:
    Wow, buena info o0o, de verdad te pasaste . Al no tener el Cubo mágico, ese juego lo he probado pero por pedazos :( Todo eso de los files ahora lo tendré que leer en www.residentevilsh.com :o

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    Cita Iniciado por Baal Zak
    Cita Iniciado por o0o
    Por cierto, para todos ustedes que creen en la firme teoria que el simbolo de Umbrella es una sombrilla o algo que se le asemeje, erran queridos amigos.
    Pues para mí siempre será la sombrilla del horror :cry:
    Wow, buena info o0o, de verdad te pasaste . Al no tener el Cubo mágico, ese juego lo he probado pero por pedazos :( Todo eso de los files ahora lo tendré que leer en www.residentevilsh.com :o
    Hmmm ahora k e krezido maz 1 año maz exactamente i e madurado me e dado kuenta k debo darle una leida a mi jueGo favorito i kreo k ahora k me e dado un tiempo para buscarlo en bloodzone me di con la sorpresa que se a dejado de lado el topic i me parece que no se le deberia dejar asi x asi ojala que se retome la platika en este foto de RE...

    Bueno ziGuiendo kon laz noticiaz:

    BioHazard 4D-Executer:

    Biohazard 4D-Executer es un cortometraje de animación en 3D de 20 minutos de duración, producido por Capcom y basado en su popular serie de videojuegos Resident Evil. Más de 150 personas trabajaron durante 1 año para que viera a la luz, lanzándose en Japón hacia el 2000 para el parque temático Space World, aunque posteriormente se trasladaría a Mosaic Garden.

    La experiencia es parecida a la que creó James Cameron para los Estudios Universal de Florida con Terminator 2. Los asistentes, gracias a gafas 3D especiales, al movimiento de sus butacas y a los efectos 4D estereoscópicos, alcanzan un alto grado de inmersión en las escenas de la misma, lográndose con ello una experiencia única y completamente distinta a las proyecciones de cine clásicas.


    En una devastada Racoon City, un jeep de la UBCS recorre sus calles hasta las inmediaciones de un almacén abandonado
    Roberto: ¿Está realmente la doctora oculta en este infierno?
    Roger: Hemos obtenido la señal de su tarjeta de identidad... pero nuestra misión es confirmar que aun vive
    Claus: Con toda la comida que hay en esta área, es un buen lugar para ocultarse
    Norman: Quizá se la comió un zombie y escapó con su tarjeta
    Ed: De todos modos, veamos qué encontramos...
    Los cinco mercenarios se adentran en el almacén y, obedeciendo las órdenes de Claus, se separan para registrarlo en busca de la señal. Roberto encuentra un cadáver junto a una caja de fruta rodeada de bichos. Nota algo extraño, pero antes de poder avisar a sus compañeros unos tentáculos salen de la caja agarrándole con fiereza. Su grito alerta a los demás, que descubren horrorizados cómo una criatura lo destroza y lo lanza hacia un lado para enfocar su ataque sobre ellos. Casi sin tiempo a reaccionar Ed le dispara una granada que por suerte lo destroza en mil pedazos.

    En la confusión del momento, Roger avisa que la señal de la doctora vuelve a ponerse en movimiento, y los cuatro salen de inmediato a su encuentro. De lo que no son conscientes es de que junto a un tentáculo de la criatura destrozada hay una cucaracha que, al tener contacto con él empieza a comportarse de una forma extraña. El insecto avanza hasta una rata y se pega a su lomo haciendo cambiar repentinamente de conducta y orientando su rumbo en dirección a un cuervo muerto que yace en la calle. De la boca de la rata salen unos tentáculos que se introducen dentro del cuervo transfiriéndole alguna especie de sustancia que le hace revivir y alzar el vuelo en busca del grupo de mercenarios.

    La señal les ha llevado hasta la boca de una alcantarilla. Claus ordena a Ed que se quede vigilando, mientras el resto se adentran en sus profundidades. Nadie presta atención al cuervo que les vigila desde lo alto de una farola...

    En el sistema de alcantarillado, localizan un pequeño habitáculo a modo de laboratorio donde les ataca un perro zombie. Tras eliminar al canino dan por hecho que la doctora fue asesinada por él. Claus da la misión prácticamente por fracasada, pero Roger, al descubrir un PC, le indica que todo lo contrario. El verdadero objetivo de la misión encomendada por Umbrella era recuperar los datos de la terapia genética que la doctora había desarrollado para curarse a si misma cuando fue infectada por el T-Virus.

    Claus insiste en que hubiera sido mejor encontrar viva a la doctora, y es entonces cuando Roger le informa que al parecer, el tratamiento había fallado y la doctora huyo para que no descubrieran las consecuencias de sus investigaciones. La criatura a la que se habían enfrentado minutos antes era precisamente la propia doctora tras haberse transformado. Claus, que ya no aguanta tanto desprecio a la vida por parte de su compañero, le empuja de cara hacia el cadáver ensangrentado del perro y parte de nuevo hacia la boca de la alcantarilla alertado por un grito desesperado de Ed.

    Norman es el primero en subir, pero antes de llegar es destrozado por una criatura originada al fusionarse el cuervo con el cuerpo de Ed. Mientras esta baja, Claus escapa por los conductos hasta encontrar otra salida. Pero la criatura le persigue y le da caza poco antes de llegar a un coche abandonado. Cuando parece que todo va a terminar, aparece Roger conduciendo el jeep y atropella a la criatura, dando tiempo a que Claus suba y pueda dirigir el fuego de la ametralladora trasera hacia ella mientras huyen a todo gas.

    Por fin parece que todo ha terminado...
    Claus: Parece que te debo una, gracias por la ayuda. Pero sigo sin entender cómo es que Ed se transformó en el mismo tipo de monstruo que la doctora.
    Roger: Probablemente la infección se originó a partir de un animal pequeño. Los genes de Cameron se fusionaron con el virus y se regeneraron dentro de su cuerpo.
    Claus: ¿Se regeneraron? ¿qué significa eso?
    Roger: Sí, gracias al virus... la doctora se volvió prácticamente inmortal...
    Claus aprecia como una cucaracha sale por la ropa de Roger y se introduce por su oreja. Inmediatamente después, un tentáculo le atraviesa el pecho por detrás del sillón.

    La voz de Roger cambia súbitamente a la de una mujer, a la vez que su rostro
    se divide en dos...
    Cameron: Después de ser reducida a polvo en el almacén decidí observaros. Y mientras lo hacía me di cuenta que la compañía había enviado un equipo para apropiarse de mis resultados. Pero se convirtieron en perfectos conejillos de indias. Continuaré cambiando hasta que mi apariencia vuelva a la normalidad. Emergeré una y otra vez. Umbrella nunca pondrá sus manos en mis investigaciones...
    Claus sólo dispone de un segundo para darse cuenta de todo y exclama un alarido mientras decenas de tentáculos le destrozan el cuerpo...

    Fuente www.residentevilsh.com

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    Predeterminado Re: Historia de Resident Evil

    Gente aclarenme una cosa por favor, q aun sigo con la %$# duda. El Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2 y Resident Evil 3 se pueden jugar en Game Cube? Respondan pls!!

    C a l o ss;*

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    Predeterminado Re: Historia de Resident Evil

    Todos los que mencionas estan disponibles para GameCube segun Wiki.

    Corsair Carbide 400R Black + Corsair TX 650W V2 | ASUS P8Z77-M | Intel Core i5-3570K | Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB Black DDR3 | MSI Nvidia GTX 970 4GD5T OC | Seagate Barracuda 500GB + 1TB | Asus VG248QE | SteelSeries 6Gv2 | SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Heat Orange + SteelSeries Qck CSGO Edition | Xbox 360 Wireless Controller | Corsair Vengeance 1500

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    Predeterminado Re: Historia de Resident Evil

    porsiacaso ya vieron el video q sacaron los de resident evil regenaration algo asi esta bien chevere

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    Predeterminado Re: Historia de Resident Evil

    Cita Iniciado por spectre00 Ver mensaje
    porsiacaso ya vieron el video q sacaron los de resident evil regenaration algo asi esta bien chevere
    seguro te refieres a esto Resident Evil: Degeneration

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    Predeterminado Re: Historia de Resident Evil

    Muchas cosas que no sabia pude leer ahora pero mas que todo
    me hace recordar a los games que jugaba en play station

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    Predeterminado Re: Historia de Resident Evil

    Wow a jugar Resident Evil Remake, para conocer a esa flaka.

    Nunka imagine de un personaje tan riko en historia aparte de Wesker, Ada y el STARS brunch.

    Lo unico ke no me va, es por ke ella aguanto tanto? kisas ella si se la de a Mila Johobitch :p
    Vota por CrossPLay en torneo de Cosplays de FaceBook en:

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    por ahi

    Predeterminado Re: Historia de Resident Evil

    Cita Iniciado por Zparda Ver mensaje
    Wow a jugar Resident Evil Remake, para conocer a esa flaka.

    Nunka imagine de un personaje tan riko en historia aparte de Wesker, Ada y el STARS brunch.

    Lo unico ke no me va, es por ke ella aguanto tanto? kisas ella si se la de a Mila Johobitch :p
    ese resident evil remake es del 1 de ps1? o tambien se puede jugar n ps2? T_T solo e jugado el 2 .3.4. code veronica pero nunka la 1 T_T alguien k me diga si tambien se puede jugare RE 1 en play 2

    Un hombre fuerte no necesita saber su futuro, crea el suyo propio
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