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W3CL Season 4 Final

Esta es una discusión para el tema W3CL Season 4 Final en el foro WarCraft 3, bajo la categoría Top Games; Size: 317 (unzipped) Code: DivX 5.1.1 Codec This is a "special" movie, so this is a "special" review. Indeed, this ...
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    Predeterminado W3CL Season 4 Final

    • Size: 317 (unzipped)
    • Code: DivX 5.1.1 Codec

      This is a "special" movie, so this is a "special" review.
      Indeed, this movie was made for English & French TV with one aim : to talk about warcraft 3 and W3CL 4 finals. Remember, last year the final took place in Paris, in the biggest CyberCafé in Europe, the Gate 104. It brought together 4kings and armaTeam, which has been defeated 5 to one by the english powerhouse.
      Now that I have presented the movie, I am going to describe, for your benefit, all the parts of this report.
    • Introduction of Warcraft 3

      First of all, a short part where beginners will be able to learn about the game, the races & units, the creators (how were they be inspired for the game) and so on. There is also a descrption of the ladder, which allows millions of people to link up accross the world, play, and check official rankings.
    • The W3CL and the Esports

      This is the first W3CL final played on LAN, since all the former finals were played through Internet. There is a little interview of Jens Hilgers, Turtle Entertainment Manager, who compares pc games & real sports. Then, aT-InToX & 4k-Grubby give their opinions about the event.
    • The missed Player and the cheats

      Recruited by aT, living in Russia, 15 years old, ranked #1 on the ladder... apm70 himself also know as aT-Deadman. But, sadly, due to visa problems he couldn't manage to be in Paris for the event. Therefore, his game against Grubby should have been played on the net. But Grubby didn't agree to play that match, due to the fact that apm70 was a former maphacker. After that, Grubby and Blatty explain how cheats can be used by people, and how can they change the entire nature of the game.
    • Teams presentations

      It's D day, the final is about to begin, but before, the famous aT.war3 manager, Llewellys, introduces the aT & 4k line-ups and the 5 matches.
    • Games & Strategies

      The commentator explains the first game facing Grubby and Shortround on Plunder Isle, nicely describes the maps tricks & creeping and the two players strategies. Grubby is one more time interviewed and tells why he enjoys this strategy. After Grubby's victory, there are some "man in the street" interviews where some of the french audience give their opinions about this
      exciting game ! It's now time to play the 2v2 on Avalanche, and it's another
      4Kings victory. After that, some players (Kaj, Grubby, Blatty, Zeus & Shortround) talk about the "apm" (actions per minute) and they all agreed about one thing : high apm do not mean victory. The game InToX vs Kaj on Turtle Rock is the next game, and everyone knows that this is the last chance for armaTeam to change the outcome of the W3CL 4 final.
    • Conclusion

      Finally, 4k beat aT 5 to 0. The two coachs give their opinions about their players, the games & their training, and that's the end..

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    Jaime Gálvez

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    Disculpa podrias decirme q Codecs tienes? xq no puedo verlo. Gracias
    Im comming for you, Napo is in his Austerlitz

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    Bajate el divx player viene con el codec

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    Ese video esta bravazo...como siempre Grubby dandole lecciones a los Arma Team.... ke gay ese CSm de apm70 ,,.........arrugador T_T buena jme por el dato 8)

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    Chevere el video!!!, apm70 no arrugó, tuvo problemas de visa como dicen en el video; alguien sabe donde se pueden conseguir mas de este tipo de videitos de progamers?


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    (si te inscribes tambien tienes la opcion de postear tus replays y que la gente opine de tus jugadas)

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    Cita Iniciado por Grothezk

    (si te inscribes tambien tienes la opcion de postear tus replays y que la gente opine de tus jugadas)
    bienvenido a warcraft !!!! :D :D :D

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