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Maple Story seria promocionado por MTV networks

Esta es una discusión para el tema Maple Story seria promocionado por MTV networks en el foro Maple Story, bajo la categoría RPG & MMORPG; Parece que Maple Story empieza a pesar comercialmente a tal nivel que MTV networks estaria interesada en promocionar el juego ...
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    Predeterminado Maple Story seria promocionado por MTV networks

    Parece que Maple Story empieza a pesar comercialmente a tal nivel que MTV networks estaria interesada en promocionar el juego en alianza con Nexon. aqui la noticia

    SEOUL (Reuters) - Youth entertainment group MTV Networks said on Thursday it would partner with South Korea-based game publisher Nexon to market Nexon's games in North America and have Nexon enhance its existing youth-oriented Internet site.

    The deal, whose value was not specified, was announced at the GSTAR 2006 Gameshow in Seoul.

    Long the undisputed leader in music and youth-targeted media, MTV Networks, owned by media giant Viacom Inc., has been making a strong push for online games as it competes with teen-focused Web sites such as, which was acquired by media conglomerate News Corp. last year.

    The deal "includes MTVN's marketing of the launch of Nexon's casual MMOG game titles in North America," MTV said in a statement.

    MMOG stands for massive multiplayer online games, which can support hundreds of players simultaneously through the Internet.

    "Two of the first titles to be marketed under the alliance will be 'Maple Story' and 'Kart Rider', which are already enjoyed by 50 million and 80 million players around the world respectively," MTV said.

    Nexon, in return, will use its technological knowledge to enhance MTV's Neopets Internet site and provide marketing support in Asia for the site.

    In August, MTV Networks bought Internet video and games company Atom Entertainment Inc. for $200 million. Also in August, MTV announced an online video advertising partnership with Google Inc. to create a new system to buy and sell ads for videos online.

    In May, MTV Networks paid $102 million buy Xfire Inc., a company that builds online game forums

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    Pero no es necesario que crees un tema por cada noticia que encuentres...

    The true jazz artist has to "wake up blank", "get it together" and "create a Masterpiece" BEFORE midnight.
    Groove you must, funk is with you !

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    si era necesaria esa pregunta por que si habran visto en el canal de NICK
    y en su misma web publican anuncios del juego de y por ende al hacer alianza comercial con nexon. tendremos spoods de nexom ( como es maple story y otro nuevo). 8)

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    no es necesario este topic ni el otro relacionado al tema, pues ya existe uno de new (que es noticias), o el de preguntas.
    en todo caso hubiera posteado en esos.

    MAPLEando pasa mis dias MAPLEando....
    No te concideras un bruto?? ->

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