Hello everyone BloodZone
I am new to the silkroad and the truth is that and work hard to carry out this major project


We have seen many servers fall and the truth'm too bored easily many servers
Tyria is based on "Silkroad Online" in 2009 and I think at that time was a great server
Tyria is a very simple and very difficult here I leave you server information

Server Details

  • Cap 100
  • CH/EU
  • Dynamic Exp (Low)
  • Drop x1 (Like isro)
  • Gold drop x1 (Like isro)
  • Drop Item x1 (Like isro)
  • The server runs on Black Rogue files
  • Sox drop x1 (Like isro)
  • Global Payment Method
  • CTF: Enable
  • Fortress War: Enable
  • Batle Arena: Disable
  • FGW: Disable
  • No stupid edits

Home Page: Tyria Online - F2P 3D MMORPG GAME
Facebook: Tyria Online
Register: Register Now
Download: Download now, Direct Download
Client Size: 800MB

Starter Pack

  • 200k SP
  • 60% Exp Helper
  • 100% Exp Helper
  • 20 Beginner Return Scrolls
  • 80 Beginner Scroll Of Movement
  • 28 Days Grab Pet
  • +99 Weapon & Set

Stackable Items

  • HP/MP Pots 200
  • Pills 200
  • Arrows/Bolts 1000
  • Tablets/Stones 50
  • Elixers 100

Alchemy Rate

  1. 100%
  2. 100%
  3. 50%
  4. 40%
  5. 24%
  6. 15%
  7. 8%
  8. 5%
  9. 1%
  10. 1%
  11. 1%
  12. 1%

  • Maximun is +12

SOX Droppable

  • Just like in iSro the SOX will be dropped by monsters (mobs).

Available Areas

  • Jangan
  • Downhang
  • Hotan
  • Samarkand
  • Constantinople

Available Fortress

  • Jangan
  • Bandit
  • Hotan

Business Model eCoins (Item Mall)

Party Matching

Party Matching
As you can see there are many parties. There is aswell a party you can join to level up together. And since it's just the beginning of this server, there aren't that much parties yet but it will be once you join this server.



Magic POP Until D9

We are very anxious to know to Tyria Online, we are very glad of this great project, I hope you like

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NOTE:Thank you for all BloodZone I hope you take a look at our project, take care hugs.
Best regards