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BETA [26/09/14] ... OFFICIAL [27/09/14]
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Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/OldStyleValhalla
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We invite you to be part of this new adventure that will take place in our oldstyleko server, our server will launch on Friday in tournament version (beta ) which will last only one day, who become nps top , top lvl and achieve certain goals , will get prizes that could be scrolls , trinas , etc. for the official server ... tHE official server opens SATURDAY September 27, 2014 , we wish luck to all

Los invitamos a ser parte de esta nueva aventura que se realizará en nuestro servidor OldStyleKO, lo lanzaremos este viernes en una version TORNEO (BETA) que durara solo un dia. Quien llegue a ser top nation points, llegue a ser el primer lvl 62, y logre otras metas que iremos mencionando, ganara premiso que consistira en Premiun Service, Scrolls, Trinas, etc .. para ser utilizadas en el server Oficial. El server Oficial abrira el SABADO 27 DE SETIEMBRE del 2014, Les deseamos suerte a todos.

Basic information

Version: 1099
Type: MYKO Hard Farm/PK
Level Cap: 70
Classes: Balanced (Female = Male)
Starting Level: 1
Starting Gear: Low Weapons
Master: Disabled [No Auto]
Level 62 Master Skill: [No Auto]
Level 70 Skill: [No Auto]

Skills information

Warrior: All Working Perfectly
All Working Perfectly
All Working Perfectly
All Working Perfectly
All Working Perfectly
Zones Information

Moradon (old)
Colony Zone (old with castle)
Dungeon Abyss
Hell Abyss
Private Arena
Events Information

Forgotten Temple
King Election
Castle Siege War
Lunar War
EXP Bonus

EXP Quests Information

Guardian of the 7 keys ( Disable)
Fallen Angel
Invade Enemy Nation
Reconnaissance Report


1 The ancient maps from moradon , breth , paiana , cz , lunar war .
2. It will be hard farm / expe only original quest 7 keys and fallen angel .
3 To not give preference to paper ( mage and bp) are all high class armor .
4 With respect to level is going to be hard , about 2 hours to lvl 40, one hour more to lvl 50 and 2 hours more to lvl 60 to 61 and 62 you will be more complicated. The jewelers will max +0
5. Only bosses will Drop chitin armor ( will be the Max armours )
6. To prevent people from getting bored camping for hours bosses will respawn in cz
7. Rate on upgrade , it will be easy to +4, a bit tricky to +5 , difficult to +6 and very difficult to +7 . The maximum +8 but will be almost impossible.
8. launch the beta one day before the official , will be a beta competition , those arriving first at level 62, which fall within the first top nps and achieve upgrade an item +7 will be rewarded with items of power up store . The beta will only last one day , a beta lightning tournament.

More info:
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/OldStyleValhalla