Apex Legends is taking the gaming world by storm, with over 10 million players logging in to play Respawn's new battle royale game in the first day.That's partly because it's a free-to-play game, but it's mostly because it's really good and word of mouth has players all over the world giving it a go Apex Legends coins .It does so much right, it's almost a shame to write a piece about what it gets wrong; then again I've already gushed profusely in my first impressions piece, so now it's time to bring balance to the Force.

This list is about gameplay issues that don't have to do with performance. There are obviously numerous performance issues that Respawn needs to hammer out in the coming days and weeks, from game crashes to lag and framerate issues and random disconnects. These vary wildly from one system to the next, and I've encountered virtually none of them personally (lucky me!) So let's take a look at what needs to be changed about Apex Legends to make it even better, more competitive and less frustrating.

After a few days of playing, one thing I notice almost more than anything else is the bizarre weapon and ammo spawn rate. I've gone an entire match where the only weapons I've found are the Mozambique shotgun pistol (which I hate) and the Wingman pistol (which is a beast, but still just another pistol.) I've gotten into firefights without a single gun, even after looting several rooms and crates.

This is not okay. You should very rarely not have a weapon before you get into a gunfight with an enemy squad. It happens, sure, but it shouldn't happen this much. You should have a variety of weapons spawn no matter where you land, even if it's not a high or mid-tier loot zone. They don't have to be the best, most tricked-out weapons, but there should be a variety to choose from right off the bat.

Ammo is another problem. You just never find enough of it at first. Sometimes you'll build up a healthy stock of ammo, but sometimes you'll die in a fight because you only found one clip's worth of ammo. I'd make ammo spawns more generous but I'd also divorce ammo from backpack slots a la Fortnite. Just have a max ammo that can be carried for each type---heavy, light, shotgun, energy---and once you've hit that number you can't pick up anymore. Then just have your basic inventory slots and standard backpacks. No need for higher-tier backpacks if ammo isn't a part of that inventory. It's just a pain messing around with ammo to begin with. Stacks are pretty small. It takes up a bunch of space.

Not having it in your backpack inventory would also free you up to try more weapons and swap them out without having to replenish your ammo. As it stands, if I'm rolling with a shotgun and an SMG, I'll have just shotgun ammo and light ammo in my pack. I throw away all my heavy/energy ammo Apex Legends Items. But then if I find a good heavy/energy weapon I have to decide whether to get rid of my SMG and all its ammo and replace it with the new weapon which has virtually no ammo. It's just . . . not a great system.Meanwhile, you constantly find tons of junk when you should be finding more guns and ammo. I found at least a dozen sniper stocks before I ever found an actual sniper rifle, for instance.